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Aug 2019 – Ask the Holistic Vet

Written by Deva Khalsa

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa answers questions about Craniomandibular osteopathy, anxiety after treatment for Babbesia, a carsick border collie, hemangiosarcoma, and a fractured leg.

Dear Dr Khalsa,

I have a 19 week old West Highland Terrier female 12 lbs. She has been diagnosed with Craniomandibular osteopathy (CMO). She is currently not in pain as her diet includes lots of natural anti-inflammatories. But the only treatment offered is steroidal management of pain. I was looking for a homeopathic remedy that may lessen the accumulation of bone and possibly aid in its reabsorption eventually. Phosphorous possibly? Looking for your wisdom on this matter.  My other Westies have seasonal allergies and dramatic reactions to even one flea bite. I plan on purchasing your book the allergic pet today. If the breed specific reaction to flea bites is not covered maybe you have some advice on that as well.

Thanks so very much, very grateful for your insight,

Stephanie Leavitt

Dr. Deva Khalsa:

Hi Stephanie,

The remedy that I would start with is Hekla lava, beginning with low potencies and moving up potencies through the treatment.  It has a distinctive effect on the jaw-bones. Start with something close to 12x potency at 4x a day for two or three weeks and then go to the 30x potency at four times a day for one month and then go to 200x twice a day for another month.  You can also, if you see some improvement, go up to the IM and 10 M potencies.

Dear Khalsa,

I just learned about you (on [email protected]) and I hope to find advice and maybe a remedy for our 8 month old Terrier (Airedale) female puppy. As of April, she was diagnosed with Babbesia and went through a powerful chemical treatment with Imizol (imidocarb) one shot/ intravenous and then another 7 days of Clindamicine (oral administration). The symptoms of Babbesia are gone, but what remains is anxiety. Our feeling is that she was affected by the drugs because she started to drink large quantities of water over 21 days and moreover became anxious. She gets scared at any noise and movement around her, is restless and hard to control. She is nervous and sleeps poorly – many times awake during the night, looking to get a corner where she can sit and feel safe. The blood test looks normal, but she is not her normal self anymore.  I’m looking to get some homeopathic remedies for her, however no more chemicals. On the other hand I learned that Ledum 200C, Hypericum  200C and Borrelia 30 C remedies can help in case of Tick bites – but can it be used also for dogs?

Thank you

Lizica Fenesan-Mithras

Dr. Deva Khalsa:

I would go with Arsenicum album or Phosphorus. They are both anxious and nervous and both thirsty. I would begin with the Arsenicum album as it can be a tonic on the entire body. Start with 6x and give it four times a day for 10 days or so and watch for subtle changes.  Then go to 30x four times a day for two weeks or so and see how she does. If you see improvement but things are not yet normal go up in potency again to 200c at twice a day.  If the Ars alb seems to do nothing you can do the same kind of thing with Phosphorus.

Greetings Dr. Khalsa,

We have a 4 year old Border Collie who has become carsick whenever we’ve attempted to travel with her. She lays on the floor of the car and salivates, and may urinate and will also vomit. She’s otherwise healthy. We wish the whole family including our dog could be together on trips. Can you suggest remedies to try? How often and when should they be given?

Thank you


Dr. Deva Khalsa:

Cocculus indicus is a great remedy for carsickness. You want to use it along with some behavior training. Begin at 6x four times a day and after 5 days just put her in the car and take her out once a day for 3 days (keep up with the remedy this entire time).  Then put her in the car and go up and down the drive for 4 days. Then take a little ride just around the block once a day for a few days. Keep giving the remedy and increasing, very slowly, the amount of time she is in the car.

Hello Dr. Khalsa,

After a fall, my seven year old cat was diagnosed with a hairline fracture in her right rear leg.  Is there any way to speed up healing?  She’s normally a very active cat and loves to play.

Thank you


Dr. Deva Khalsa

Symphytum- give 6x, 30x, 6c, or 30c four times a day for two weeks and that will accelerate healing quite a bit.

Dear Dr. Khalsa,

I am writing you in the hopes you can suggest something for my 12 yr. old Greyhound, Monix who I’m dreadfully afraid has cancer (again).

He has developed a tumor on his right front leg near where he had one removed just below his elbow (he has had two hemangiosarcomas on his legs which were removed surgically at the ages of six and seven) .

This tumor first appeared in May of this year and seems to have stayed relatively the same size (that of a handball) after growing very aggressively for the first three weeks. I elected not to have the tumor biopsied due to his age and the fact that the protocol would have been the same regardless if it was benign or malignant as he cannot undergo anesthesia again.  (His recovery after his last dental cleaning was very slow and he could barely get up during the first seven hours afterwards.)

The tumor is warm to the touch and is a darker color than his surrounding skin.              I have been putting Black Seed Oil on the tumor during the day (twice) and a baking soda / dark syrup mixture (Kelmun Protocol) at night (which I bandage then remove in the morning).

He is afraid of loud noises, dances before his dinner, sings in the morning, is very passive with other Greyhounds, sweet natured, loves to have his stomach and neck scratched / rubbed, spins in place when he gets excited while playing, and always greets us with a special bark if we’ve been away for even a little while.

I would be so very grateful if you have any homeopathic ideas which might help.  We call him our little puppy (he’s 79 lbs.) and is loved so very, very much.

Thank you

Christl Garrison

Dr. Deva Khalsa:

There is something wrong with this case because a hemangiosarcoma is pretty deadly.  The dog might be hypothyroid and that might be why there’s weakness in the legs. Or the dog might be old but the dog actually needs a thyroid test and to have a fine needle aspirate of this mass to find out what it is. And I don’t trust that the past ones were not hemangiomas, which are more benign. With some cases there is absolutely no good simple homeopathic remedy.  They first need a work up.  A full CBC and chemistry panel with the T4 and free T4 to check the thyroid.

Also, have a fine needle aspirate done to see if it is a malignant melanoma or enandiosarcoma. The latter of which often goes to the spleen. Different cancers behave differently. If it was a localized cancer, the cancer salve can be used. If the thyroid is low, the cancer will just keep growing because the thyroid is very important for the immune system.

I’ve commonly used a cancer salve for small, discrete mast cell tumors on the skin. The area is shaved and then a nail file is used to very gently abrade the skin- perhaps one or two gentle swipes on the tiny mass. After this, typically one or two applications of the salve on the small mast cell tumor will totally eradicate it.  A larger mass will need more applications, of course. Cancer salves are also useful for squamous cell carcinoma. Cansema Salve, containing zinc chloride and the herb bloodroot, is one of my favorite salves. It’s sold by Alpha Omega Labs and they also provide guidance and advice at no charge.

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