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A Case of Vaccinosis – A Chronic Urinary Infection in a Dog

Written by Szecsődi Ferenc

Homeopath and veterinarian Szecsõdi Ferenc presents a case of vaccinosis in a dog, resolved entirely with Tinus Smits’ Detox protocol.

Vaccinosis is a set of symptoms that occurs after the administration of a vaccine. This is a case of vaccinosis in a dog. The case was solved with homeopathy.


Case taking



Rea- American Staffordshire Terrier, female, 1 year old.

The owner made an appointment with a veterinarian homeopath, because Rea had a chronic urinary problem. I went to the owner`s home, where I took case.


Observation of the dog: When I arrived, she looked at me, and sniffed me. I sat in the armchair. Rea came to me, sniffed me again and then she put her head on my leg. I petted her and she enjoyed the petting. Then I turned my back to her. Rea came to me and touched me with her nose, because she wanted attention. I turned around to face her. She put her right front leg on my leg and wanted petting. I petted her again, and then ignored her. She has gone away. When Rea didn`t pay attention to me I threw my keys on the floor. She looked at me, then she looked at the keys. She didn`t show any fear. Suddenly I started clapping. She looked at me, and she watched as if , what is happening? Rea didn`t show any fear again.


Homeopath: What is the problem with Rea?


Owner`s story: The first problem is urinary infection, which often comes back. Each time Rea gets an antibiotic treatment. The antibiotic “cure” lasts 2 or 3 weeks. During the treatment she is good, but after a few days, the urinary infection is back. A bacteriology test was done. The result was: Proteus mirabilis. (facultative pathogen bacterium) Always, when she has the urinary infection, she smells strongly. She has an unpleasant odor.

The second problem is alopecia, which is present during the urinary infection. It is prominent on the abdomen, on the ventral side of the neck and behind the ears.


Homeopath: When did the problem start?

Owner: It started after vaccination against rabies. It was on 14.9.2013. After that she started frequent urination. Sometimes in her urine there were blood drops. At the end of urination she felt pain. She manifested it with yowl. So we started visiting veterinarians, but till today, we didn’t find the solution for our dog`s illness.


Homeopath: What kind of individual is Rea?

Owner: Rea is very good with our children. She is self-confident and hasn`t any sign of aggressiveness. When we go for a walk, she sniffs other dogs and then they play. She is very kind. Rea perceives noises, but she seldom barks. Rea doesn’t have fear either from petard (fireworks) or thunderstorm. She is very stable. When we travel by car, Rea is waiting for our command to get in or out of the car. During the traveling she is calm. She enjoys the outdoors and likes the snow. She likes company. Rea has a good relationship with our cat, too. When she is left at home alone, she never makes a mess.


Homeopath: Does she have any rare and/or peculiar symptoms?

Owner: No, she hasn`t. For Rea the whole family is Alfa.


Homeopath: What about the food?

Owner: She eats the same as we do. Sometimes she eats granular food. She likes soup. She isn`t choosy. We read on the web, that bean and peas isn`t good for dogs. Hence, she doesn`t take these foods. She likes cake too.



Rea is a balanced dog and knows her position in the family. Therefore, she doesn’t need a constitutional homeopathic remedy. Her problems, recurrent urinary infection and alopecia, started after vaccination against rabies. Disease which is caused by the side effects of vaccines is called vaccinosis. The vaccine disturbed the vital force of the dog. The symptoms of this dog appeared in the urinary system and on the skin. To heal Vaccinosis we use the Detox therapy invented by Dr. Tinus Smits. The protocol which is used in such situation is: nosode made of the vaccine against the rabies in potency C30, C200, 1M and 10 M. Every 7 days we administer one dose of each potency. If any symptom appears after administration of a given potency, we will repeat that potency after 7days.


Detox Therapy and the Evaluation Of Case


25.4.2014. Nosode C30 was administered.

Two hours after the administration, Rea urinated involuntary in the middle of the room. Involuntary urination did not repeat.


1.6.2014. Nosode C200 was administered.

Two days after the administration, Rea was out for a walk. During the walking she had frequent urging to urinate, almost every minute. When she got back home, she was falling asleep. The next day she did not have a problem. Because potency C200 caused aggravation, I decided to repeat it.


8.6.2014. Nosode C200 was administered again.

There wasn`t any reaction.


15.6.2014. Nosode 1M was administered.

Two hours after the administration, Rea urinated about 10 drops of bloody urine. This situation did not repeat.


22.6.2014. Nosode 10M was administered.

There wasn`t any reaction over the next 7 days.


29.6.2014. Rea is cheerful and very well. There are no longer any urinary problems and the alopecia is gone as well.


After 12 months, follow up over the phone revealed that Rea is very well.



This case is a good example that vaccination, beside its positive effects can cause disturbances in the body. The disturbance can show itself through a wide range of symptoms. Homeopathic treatment is very efficient in such cases. In the case of the dog Rea, the symptoms were correlated with vaccination, and after the Detox therapy, they disappeared.

About the author

Szecsődi Ferenc

Szecsődi Ferenc (DVM) was born in 1963 in Becej, Serbia. He graduated in 1989 from the Veterinary Faculty at Belgrade University. In 2002 he started to study alternative methods of healing. He is schooled in chiropractic, hypnosis, the Silva mind control method and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In 2008 he graduated Veterinary Homeopathy in Budapest, Hungary and is a member of IAVH. In 2011 he graduated from the four year Homeopathic School “Hahnemann” in Novi Sad. Serbia. In 2015 graduated from the Master Level course in Novi Sad that was organized in collaboration with the “Other song academy” from Mumbai, India. Szecsődi is a lecturer at the Veterinary Homeopathic School in Budapest and also at the “Hahnemann” School in Novi Sad. He has been leading the Veterinary Homeopathic School in Belgrade, Serbia, since 2012. He applies the Sensation method in both his human and animal cases. Szecsődi studies the writings of Indian homeopaths, such as Rajan Sankaran, Jayes Shah, Dinesh Chauchan and Mahesh Gandi. He lives and works in Becej, Serbia.

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