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Written by Cindee Gardner

Birth and death are both part of the cycle of life. Ease the transition whenever possible. Homeopathy has much to offer and every family should have a person that knows how to administer remedies from a good homeopathic remedy kit. Also, don’t forget to give other pets in the family a grief remedy for their loss.

Homeopathic therapeutics for Pets, and Those They Love

In 1973, I attended my first Homeopathic study group meeting in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. I’ve seen the coming and going of dozens of health fads and products over the years, but Homeopathy always stood fast as a proven medical science. Over the years, I’ve worked intensively to further my knowledge and, further still, to successfully apply what I have learned so that I might help others to treat themselves for a variety of physical and emotional ailments. I have been very successful as a practitioner, though I have not dedicated enough time or energy to treating myself. Out of necessity, this has changed.

Only days after the shock of the vicious attack on America, and the destruction of the World Trade Center, I suffered a pair of grief’s that were equally traumatic for me, on a personal level. I was driving my daughter home from lunch when my eldest son called me on the cell phone. He said that the neighbors Rottweiler had gotten out and attacked my cat. Isis was a very loving and gentle red point Siamese, and she was blind. Isis was my baby. I love all of my animals very dearly, but she felt more like a child to me than I ever imagined that an animal could. I raced into my driveway minutes later, and ran to the back yard. I was too late. Isis had drawn her final breath. Only days later,I discovered that I was betrayed by a friend that I not only opened my heart to, but also my home, family and my business. She stole from me, and in one of the few times I really needed a female friend in my life, her back was turned.

In the months that have passed, I have suffered more. I have lost another cat, Coco, and a ferret, Benjamin. They contracted distemper from a tiny stray who made its way into my living room, this past fall. In trying so desperately to save one animal, I have lost three. Needless to say, the combination of the these traumatic events dealt a harsh blow to my immune system, and in the last several months, I have come to rely on the healing powers of Homeopathy in my personal life as well as in my practice. I’ve used homeopathics extensively to help others who have suffered from loss and grief. This time, it was I who needed to take the edge off, and provide myself with some comfort and a clearer mind.

One of the indications for Ignatia, an extremely popular remedy for sadness, is deep sighing. I chose this remedy for myself because I felt as if there was a large weight on my chest and I couldn’t breath deeply enough. Ailments resulting from betrayal, disappointment, anger and grief from loss are some of the key reasons (keynotes) to reach for Ignatia. I used the remedy several times, daily, during the toughest times, and I felt a noticeable lightening of the weight that burdened my heart. The Homeopathic remedy helped neutralize the trauma, and made it much easier to go through the harsh times. I also have faith that my beloved pets will always be with me and this comfort was clearer after taking the remedy.

There are many benefits to using Homeopathy instead of just allowing life to take it’s toll on these not so pleasant situations. One reason to take Homeopathic remedies when you have a grief, is to support your immune system. Shock, grief, sadness, and even the nursing of loved ones can weaken your system and leave you more susceptible to acute illness, chronic disease or immune dysfunction. While doing case analysis for chronic disorders, we often discover a person’s genetic weaknesses surfacing after an emotional trauma. If you can neutralize that trauma right away, the whole state of your health can be changed. You may even stop a chronic disorder from developing.

The benefits of homeopathy transcend its application on human ailments. Administering a Homeopathic remedy to a sick pet can help it to recover faster, as well, and homeopathy shares an equally excellent success rate with an array of disorders. It is also a more humane treatment and has no side effects. A feeling of empowerment comes when you know you are helping a suffering or dying animal. When ones pet is suffering, the feeling of helplessness is one of the hardest parts, and while a caring, professional vet is definitely a plus, when there is nothing more that can be done, I believe in keeping your pet at home and allowing them to pass as peacefully possible. Homeopathy is also invaluable in this capacity.

Birth and death are both are part of the cycle of life. Ease the transition whenever possible. Homeopathy has so much to offer and is so easy to use that every family should have a person that knows how to administer remedies from a good homeopathic remedy kit. Also, don’t forget to give other pets in the family a grief remedy for their loss. Below, is a listing of some of the most helpful remedies, along with a few of their indications:

Remedies for depression, following grief:

Aurum metallicum – Depression after personal loss with feelings of guilt or betrayal. Person feels worthless and is in deep despair.
Causticum – Depression associated with the death of someone (including pets) close to the person. They become negative and gloomy and filled with anxious foreboding. He or she cries easily, especially over small things.
Gelsemium – Person is paralyzed with grief, usually after a loss. He or she doesn’t recover from the shock, finds it difficult to cry and becomes dull and sluggish. Gelsemium is also good for mild depression after an acute illness such as the flu.
Ignatia – Depression after a loss with shock, especially the loss of a child, parent, friend or pet. Person fights feelings of sadness around others by taking deep, sighing breaths and “swallowing” his or her grief.
Lachesis – Depression accompanying suppression of any emotion (especially jealousy) or during an emotionally and physically stressful transition such as menopause. Worse in the morning.

Remedies to aid dying animals/to help bring a sense of peace.. If there are any indications of pain or suffering, use Arsenicum in high doses if they are struggling to move or Opium if they seem to be in a trance…. Carcinocin – Alternate this remedy with Arsenicum if the animal has pains from advanced cancer. Lat M – Heart pounding, gasping for breath, terrified look, restlessness. Arsenicum – anxiety, restlessness, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, severe pain. Tarentula – backup to Arsenicum, death pains, suffocation, fear, agony. Opium – shock, delirium, pupils don’t respond, fearful, labored breathing, fright.

Blue Crocuses now bloom where Isis, Coco and Benjamin lie in my back yard. Although I miss their company, I will always cherish the times we were given together. They are mingled with the soil that brings forth beautiful flowers and I have learned the importance behind the phrase, “Physician, heal thyself.” I hope that my experience will empower others to use these remedies to heal, and to fully live their lives.

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Cindee Gardner

Dr. Cindee Gardner is a homeopath, Molecular Biologist, Herbalist, Nutritional Counsellor & Educator. She is certified from the Scientific Society for Molecular Medicine, holds a Doctorate from the University of Sofia, diplomas and certificates from the Bengal Allen Medical Institute and Hahnemann Academy of North America and a doctorate from NUPA. She also completed post-graduate work in herbal medicine. Dr. Gardner was awarded Fellowships with the Medical Faculty of Namur, Belgium, Bonn Germany, Sofia, Bulgaria, Bonn, Switzerland, Faculty of Biology at St. Kliment Ohridsky, Sofia, Institute of Molecular Biology Ltd. Hamburg, Germany and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She trained with Dr. Robin Murphy, Dr. Eizayaga of Argentina and Dr. Banerjea of India. /

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