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Healing a Golden Retriever

Written by Pat McKay

Homeopath and animal nutritionist Pat McKay presents a case of a Golden Retriever that she treated for numerous health problems including brain cancer. Both homeopathic remedies and herbal medicines were required.

Lilly sF Golden 12 yr 55#

Lilly had a brain tumor that appeared in January of 2018, and she is doing beautifully; I just had to share her case.

When I first started in 2015 with Lilly, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever, you can see by her photo she wasn’t all that healthy, especially for her age.

My very first requisite is that all dogs go on my Nutrition Program: 90% raw chunks of meat, 10% cooked vegetables, and BIO-8-Powder & CLO-3-Pearls.  Additional information on my Nutrition Program is available on my website:

At that time, 5/9/15, her main complaint was a yeasty odor, red rash on her abdomen, craving warmth, itchiness over her entire body, and projectile liquid stools.  I started with one dose of Podophyllum 30C for the stools, and in two days gave one dose of Arsenicum album 30C for the rest of the symptoms. Ars alb 30C was repeated on 2/28/16.

On 3/30/16 my client emailed to say that Lilly was having trouble walking, limping on her right front leg.  I have seen this symptom so often I know that the weakness in any of a dog’s legs is more often than not tied in with vaccines, depending on whether the vaccine injection was given in which shoulder or which hip.

On 4/11/16 I suggested she start Amazon Tonic III, an Alpha Omega/HerbHealers herbal product available from Ecuador.  Here are the two links for the Amazon Tonic III and the Amazon Black Salve:

I suggested she order both products. I suggest the Black Salve when a lump can be seen externally; if there is no indication externally, I suggest the Tonic III.

Starting 5/30/16 Lilly was given 1/8 teaspoon of the Tonic III daily for one month.

During that month Lilly was also given Rhus tox 30C, 6/19/16, when her itchiness returned with a vengeance.  Her leg and the itchiness both improved; Rhus tox 30C repeated, 8/02/16, and Rhus tox 200C given 11/22/16 & 12/18/16.

On New Year’s Eve 2016 out of the blue, a great cleanout, another bout of projectile stool: gave Podophyllum 30C again only because the “clean out” continued too long.

For the next two years, Lilly did very well, a few remedies here and there: Pulsatilla, Lachesis, Thuja, and Sepia.

On 1/27/18 & 1/29/18, the client sent these photos of Lilly:

An allopathic vet diagnosed brain cancer 2018.

On 1/30/18 the Black Salve was applied & 2/2/18 you can see the hole the Black Salve created. 2/19/18 already healing

And one dose of Calcarea carbonica 30C was given on 01/30/18.

The Cansema/Amazon herbal products do not interfere with homeopathic remedies; in fact, they work very well together.

On 3/21/18 she was given a dose of Causticum 30C.


On 5/30/18 a dose of Lachesis 30C

On 6/20/18 a dose of Lachesis 200C.


With just a few symptoms here and there, she was given a series of Sulphur:  Sulphur 30C 8/17/19; Sulphur 200C 8/31/19, and Sulphur 1M 10/25/19.

Lilly has not needed any remedies since the last dose of Sulphur.  I occasionally hear from my client only to tell me that Lilly is still doing very well.  She is now 12 years old – DoB: 1/3/08

Pat McKay
39 years experience in animal nutrition
35 years experience in classical homeopathy
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As we heal our animals, we heal ourselves!

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Pat McKay
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