Veterinary Homeopathy

It’s a Dog’s Life

Written by Andre Emond

A happy ending to a hopeless dog case with little to go on.

In July of this year, our maid told me she was about to make the decision to end the life of her family dog – 5 years old – because there was no other solution according to the veterinarian who always had taken care of her pets.


1. He walks only on his two front limbs for the last three weeks.

2. He is not complaining of major pain.

3. He received a lot of antibiotic injections (4) without any result.

Emond: What happened?

Owner: Don’t know. He was doing his usual routine in and out of the house.

Emond : Out of the house?

Owner: Yes, we let him go outside, but he always comes back after few hours.

Emond: You know what he is doing when outside?

Owner: Like any dog you can see on the streets.

These were the only parameters I could use after the conversation (not a consultation.)

Well, ambulant dogs (and there are many in Mexico City) when not contributing to the pollution of their immediate surrounding are searching for food and water where it is available.

The only analysis I could make is:

— Limbs paralysis after intoxication: (Food and/or water).

— Extremities, paralysis, lower limbs

— Painless condition on touching or stretching the limbs.

That is why I did not consider a car or any kind of other physical trauma.

— Catching breath (sometimes)

— Refuses to eat even his favorite premium snack.

Not much to go on with Mercurius homeopathic software:

I gave to the maid a little envelope of Arsenicum album 12 CH (5 pellets) to insert in the dog’s mouth.

Arsenicum was chosen over Rhus-tox or Sulphur because of the high probability of intoxication. A day and a half later he started to walk and eat normally. He had his happy tail and was jumping on the children as usual.

Skeptics will say: NO, NO, these are the effects of antibiotics!! Well guys, with a clean, rapid and strong recovery, sorry but I JUST DON’T BELIEVE YOU!


I presented this case because of the obvious positive change in a highly menacing threat to a poor beast, showing during the last week (catching breath and refusal to eat or even drink) with no chance to recover, according to the vet himself.

And for the skeptics, obviously there was no psychological brainwashing and no other physical treatment (surgery or whatever) that would have promoted a recovery. Antibiotics proved to be useless if not harmful in this case. On the contrary, during the last days before the homeopathic action, vital energy loss was accelerating (remember the catching breath and the refusal to eat or drink).

Depletion of vital energy was rapid and so was the recuperation. Those are emergency signs which need an immediate response.

Arsenicum showed to the animal etheric body the correct response to be taken in order to restore his normal activity. That is what a homeopathic remedy should do when correctly selected. I took a chance, that’s true, on choosing an intoxication remedy (why not a kidney, liver or intestinal problem) but knowing what a dog can freely do on the street of a big city I made my choice.

About the author

Andre Emond

A little treatise of Astrology written by a French astrologer who specialized in the Hermetic Medecine. (Th. Teresthenko 1964 ) led me to Homeopathy. In 1971 I attended a Naturopathic School (Ecole d’Enseignement Superieur de Naturopathie du Quebec) and meanwhile in a Pharmacy well known for its homeopathic specialty in Montreal I learned how to handle acute cases (a dozen each day.) After two years I was working in an herbal and homeopathic store to familiarize myself with plants and principally (Mother tinctures Q). I then studied homeopathy at the Centre Homeopatique du Quebec in Montreal. Later, both schools engaged me to teach the use of mother tinctures, as well as acute case taking. I practiced homeopathy for at least 20 years in Montreal and Quebec City. At the beginning of 2000 I moved to Mexico City and since then only help people who request my services. No publicity, no charge (most of the time).

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