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Homeopathy for Students – ABC of Homeopathy

Hpathy Ezine, December, 2009 | Print This Post |

Some guidance from Dr. Bhatia about how to learn homeopathy and use Hpathy for it, for young homeopathy students.


I wrote most of the text below as an editorial for Homeopathy 4 Everyone in July 2007. The editorial has been modified to serve as a permanent guiding post for the homeopathy students accessing After the editorial there are some more guidelines about using Hpathy for your maximum benefit.

Dear Students of Homeopathy,

This message is dedicated just to you …and today I want to share some parts of my own student life with you.

Most of us start our career in homeopathy not by choice but by chance. We are either pushed into this mysterious world by witnessing a ‘miracle’ cure, or in countries like India and Pakistan, by the rat-race of becoming ‘doctors’. When we enter college, most of us have no idea about what quality and quantity of education we are going to receive. The lack of uniformity and standards in homeopathic education makes the task of evaluating the education even more difficult. Some of us (very few), are lucky enough to get good mentors who show us the right path. For most others, learning homeopathy is an uphill and often very frustrating journey.

In India, the focus of homeopathic education is more on ‘allied’ subjects (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology etc.) and even after spending five and a half years in a college, most students come out ‘raw’, as far as ability to practice ‘homeopathy’ is concerned. Clinical education is often missing or students get to witness single-symptom prescribers, who see 100 patients in a day, or they are exposed to multi-remedy and combination prescriptions right at the onset. It is a mad ‘rush’ – you go from one class to another, from one lecture to another, from one doctor to another with loads to study for every exam. There’s lot of stress on becoming a ‘doctor’ but hardly any focus on teaching the real art of case-taking, which needs ‘patience’ and ability to ‘observe’. The mind is not trained to see ‘beyond’ the allopathic diagnosis or the ‘keynotes’ of polychrests. There is so much focus on rote learning that most students spend nearly 6 years in colleges and still do not get a grasp on the most basic works of Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Farrington, Kent, Lippe etc. And a large proportion of them have no idea about the works of Vithoulkas, De Schepper, Little, Sankaran, Sherr, Scholten, Massimo Mangialavori, Ramakrishnan and the like.

Outside India, the story is not very heartening either. There are courses that vary in their duration from part-time ‘weekend-only’ course to 6 year regular courses. The curriculum is often designed by individual homeopaths, with hardly any uniformity in teaching. There are schools that teach you ‘first-aid’ homeopathy, others that focus on so-called ‘classical’ homeopathy, still others that are heavily influenced by one ‘school of thought’ or one ‘author’ or ‘method’ – be it Boenninghausen, Kent, Sankaran, Scholten, Facial Analysis etc. The teaching of general medicine is often nonexistent. So here again, most of us come-out of our schools ‘half-baked’!

My story is also no different. I was pushed into homeopathy by fate. Just like every other medical aspirant in India, I also wanted to become an allopathic doctor. Although my father used to give us homeopathic remedies, I hardly had any idea about ‘what is homeopathy’. But once the fate pushed me into this stream, I started enjoying it. I loved Organon and devoured it eagerly – probably dozens of times during my college years. But in general, I also became part of the same ‘race’ to become a ‘doctor’. Cramming Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, Gynecology, Medicine and all other routine medical subjects year after year. Teaching of homeopathy was limited to ‘mugging’ materia medica for exams and going through ‘question-answer’ notes for Organon and Repertory.

As a student I had a unique advantage, in that I had access to computers, Internet and International journals from my early student days. This led me to learn more about ‘modern’ authors and works that were not taught in our college. In fact, I was probably the only one in my college at that time, who was aware of the ‘existence’ of George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran, Jeremey Sherr, Jan Scholten, A.U. Ramakrishnan and other ‘popular’ homeopaths of modern times. Looking in hindsight, for most other students, it was like living in a homeopathic well, whose walls were made up of our curriculum and the ‘ideologies’ of our teachers. We were not allowed to experience the world outside that well.

Anyway, let’s move ahead. I was always ranked as a meritorious student, among the best in my class. Plus, I had better knowledge (as compared to others in my class) of Hahnemann’s work as well as of most modern authors. Clinically also, I apprenticed with homeopaths who were very ‘successful’ and used to see up to 120 patients/day. All this made me believe that I will be fairly successful. I thought I knew it all. I was so confident of my clinical success that before opening my first clinic, I once told my father – ‘Dad, you just wait and see. In six months, there will a line of people in my waiting room!’

I was wrong. The first 30 days of my independent clinical practice made me realize that ‘curing’ people is an entirely different ball-game. The ‘practice’ is not as easy as the ‘theory’ is. The ‘cures’ are not as frequent as we are made to believe. Case after case, I faced problems in remedy selection, potency selection, repetition, evaluating remedy response, case management and everything homeopathic. At the end of the first month I felt that I had wasted all my years in college and that I hardly knew anything about how to cure and how to manage a case successfully. I felt a darkness around me …and I lost most of my patients in the first 6 months!

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  1. Annu Giri

    April 27, 2013

    Respected sir,
    what else you shared its a true scene.I am a student of BSc in optometry and by chance i get admitted in this BHMS course. But as i started learning homoeopathy i cant resist myself by its influence. As you mentioned I too suffer the same no studies in colleges.
    I lost all my hopes and everyone suggesting me to pursue optometry. I must say that before reading this guidline i was feeling helpless and i was almost about to leave this homoeopathy due to lack of help.
    You definately give us hope and brighten the path which we have to pursue with honesty and with hard work.
    thanking u alot sir.
    (I did sucessfully the elementary course conducted by your before three months.
    I paid for the certificate but still i am waiting for it.
    please do the needfull sir)
    Annu Giri
    Patna( Bihar)

  2. vineeta

    May 30, 2013

    thank you for encouragement sir….as i had just given my first year exams and eagerly waiting for the result and in my vacations now i read alot about homeopathy and my way is to study from the begining and then only get the resul………….
    thanking u

  3. varuna singh

    July 8, 2013

    Respected Sir
    ,I hv dn my bhms degree from india.can u help i I can do my practise in srilanka?

  4. Akbar Ali

    August 27, 2013

    Dear Sir,
    Basically I am not a homepath but studying materia medica of different authors as hobby. Actually to be very true I am impressed by your artical for the reason that will enhance the interest of the students and new commers in this field and provide a guide line to achieve excellence in the field of homeopathy.
    Best Regards.


    September 24, 2013

    Respected sir,
    Thanks a lot 4 such an inspiring article…the things narrated by you were the same what iam going through as a student of 2nd year……i will follow the suggestions given by you by making my basics strong……… as to become a good homeopath………i request you to keep encouraging the buds of future homeopths by your cases…..I thank again

  6. santosh patil

    February 20, 2015

    Thank you very much for your precious experience sir

  7. Profile photo of Nuzhay


    March 3, 2015

    Thank you, sir. I appreciate what you have told us. I guess we must learn to comprehend practical process as well as the whole theory of homeopathy.

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