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Hepatitis B Positive Became Negative – A Case Presentation

Hpathy Ezine, November, 2011 | Print This Post |

The author presents a case of Hepatitis B turning ‘negative’ with homeopathy.


Age – 40Yrs Male

From : Aurangabad District.

Occupation : Agricultural Work.

Date – 03/01/2011

K/C/O Hepatitis B with Jaundice.

Presented with History :

Fever with chills only in night and feels fresh in day.

Nausea < Morning Waking after.

> Eating After and Vomiting After.

Thirsty with dryness of mouth during fever.


Appetite – Reduced.

Desires – Sweet, Spicy food, Meat, Eggs, Boiled milk.

Aversion – Fish, Cold Milk,

Thermal – Hot.

Sleep – Disturbed Due to Tension Of his business not giving proper profit.

Mind :


Kind to superiors and hard to inferiors

Thinks his business will be suffer losses.

He gives money to other people and thinks that they will give him money in the future when he needs it.

Investigations :

HbsAg – Positive

Haemogram – Hb – 15.0 GM%

TLC – 6700/

Platelet – Adequate

Rapid Malarial Test – Negative

KFT – Blood Urea – 15 mg/dl

Sr . Creatinine – 0.8 mg/dl

LFT – SGOT – 867 I.U/dl

SGTP – 768 I.U/dl

T.Bilirubin – 27.9 mg/dl

Alk.phos – 163 U/L

USG Abdomen – Mild Hepatomegaly with tiny Nodes at the porta.

Borderline Splenomegaly.

Partially Distended GB with thickened echogenic wall F/S/O Hepatitis

Scanned copy of Reports : Before treatment

Diagnosis of disease – Hepatitis B

Phase of disease – Acute reversible

Diagnosis of Miasm – Psoric

Diagnosis of Remedy – Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Natrum mur

Selection of Remedy – Lycopodium 200 2 doses + S.L for 7 days.

Follow Up :

Date – 10/01/2011

Appetite does not improve.

Vertigo after standing

Dryness of mouth with thirst

LFT – SGOT – 540 mg/dl

SGPT – 565 mg/dl

Sr.bilirubin – 20.8 mg/dl

Alk.Phos – 160.0 U/l

Remedy – Phosphorus 200 one dose + S.L 15 Days. ( Appetite was not improved by previous remedy and it is used as intermittent Remedy )

Scanned Copy of LFT Report of 10/01/2011 –

Hepatitis B Repeat Done 10/01/2011 –

Follow up :-

Date – 25/01/2011

Appetite – Improved

Weakness >++

Vertigo – >>++

LFT – SGOT – 151.84 mg/dl

SGPT – 168.02 mg/dl

Sr.bilirubin – 14.0 mg/dl

Alk.Phos – 230.67 U/l

Remedy – S.L 15 days.

Scanned reports of LFT 25/01/2011 –

Follow up :-

Date – 08/02/2011

Feels better

Appetite Improved more


Vertigo after rising from site

Remedy – Lycopodium 200 one dose. ( As Alk.phos increased above that of previous report. It was 160 and now became 230.67)

S.L 15 days.

Follow up –

Date – 28/02/2011

Appetite normal

Weakness >>>+

Weight increased

No Nausea

LFT – SGOT – 42 mg/dl

SGPT – 48 mg/dl

Sr.bilirubin – 2.2 mg/dl

Alk.Phos – 110 U/l

Remedy – Lycopodium 200 one dose +S.L 15 days. ( Previous dose had made improvement in LFT)

Follow up –

Date – 05/04/2011

No complaints except slight weakness

LFT was normal

HbsAg – Negative, it was confirmed in two different laboratories.

Remedy – S.L

Scanned copy of HbsAg – Negative which is confirmed in two laboratories.

Comments :- Constitutional Lycopodium 200 was used with one intermittent dose of Phosphorus 200, again followed by Lycopodium 200 twice which gave best result with Negative Report of HBsAg.

Sanjay Padole

Dr. Sanjay Gavaji Padole M.D "“ graduated from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and Shri Bhagwan Homoeopathic medical college, Aurangabad. He worked as Resident medical officer at Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital Aurangabad and trained at Homoeopathic Education And Research Institute, Dr Kishor Mehta. Vileparle, Mumbai. Since 2003 he"™s has had his own clinic at Mit hospital Cidco, n-4, Aurangabad,Maharashtra, India. His special interests include Indian mythology.


  1. pradeep kumar

    June 1, 2015

    Hi, all of these patients are in phase of acute phase of hepatitis b,,, so they clear the infection by them self,,by their own immune system,, but is there any medicine to clear chronic hepatitis b.

  2. Prity kumari

    June 14, 2015

    Please suggest a doctor in patna for hepatitis b positive patient.urgent

    • danish

      June 22, 2015

      I want.that adress for treatment.and any contact no mam please very urgent requirement

  3. sushil

    June 20, 2015

    Sir Iam Very Sad Every Time Because I Have Hepatitis B Positive What Is The Best Treatment Please reply

  4. Ajay

    June 28, 2015

    I want.that adress for Hbsag treatment.and any contact please very urgent requirement

  5. Geetha

    June 28, 2015

    Hi, I want the address of the doctor who has cured hepatitis b of the case mentioned in this forum. Its very urgent as my mother is diagnosed postitive. Kindly provide the contact of the doctor . pls

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