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Interstitial Cystitis Solved with Bambusa Arundinacea

Written by Kavita R. Chandak

Dr. Kavita Chandak shares a case of interstitial cystitis with in a woman of 29, with Bambusa Arundinacea.  Delusions “arms stiff” and “everything will fail” helped lead to the simillimum.

This was a woman of 29 diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in August 2021. She said “Since 5 years I have to pee every 20-30- minutes. It gets aggravate before and during menses as well after sexual intercourse. I do not understand from where this much urine is coming as I pass a profuse quantity though consume less water.

I get severe pain in lower abdomen near my uterus when the urination ends. This pain goes to below in my genital region and in back near the monkey bone. Urine comes out even when I sneeze. My friend said, it is common after labor but this problem started two years after my son’s delivery. Sometimes it burns.”

The color of urine was usually normal and there was no other distressing symptoms like itching and smell.

It was difficult to prescribe on such a small set of symptoms. I tried to get more data to understand her core. She said I want to be best. “I do not like to do mistakes. If you visit my home even in midnight, you will get to see a perfect clean home.

I want everyone should keep the things at their fixed places. If we are not punctual, whatever we have achieved will fail. I shout on my children it they do not follow my rules. Same reason is behind the fights with husband. When I get angry, I just remain in bed for hours and feel alone. I do not understand why people do not change wrong habits. I know we will get whatever is written in destiny, we have no control on our life but at least by improving ourselves we will be in good position.”

I further inquired about any physical symptoms. She said “I have severe pain in body. I think it must be bony pain as my hands and lower portion of my back are always painful and difficult to move. It gets worse in winter and I feel better if I do hot fomentation. My neck is all the time painful restricting easy movements. My doctor said it might be due to long time spending with computer. He suggested physiotherapy but still I am not free from the pain. I feel pity myself. I am a homemaker and mending the home. It is not so much hectic job but I always feel weak and tired. I am very sensitive, crying for small issues.”

Her menses were regular and adequate. She had breast pain before menses and fearful with the thought of lumps and future cancer.

Analysis and evolution

During the interview, I understood that I am dealing with not only the interstitial cystitis but with the obstinate perfectionist. Obviously a persistent, urgent need to urinate, throughout the day and night with pain in pelvis are the clear-cut symptoms of interstitial cystitis.

It most often affects women and can have a long-lasting impact on quality of life. Although there is no cure, medications and other therapies may offer relief.1.

Rubrics considered-

Urination frequent, menses during, Urine copious, Urination, involuntary, sneezing agg,  Bladder pain extending to vulva, extending to Coccyx, Bladder pain in waves,  Bladder pain, stitching during end of urination, Delusions:  everything will fail; arms very stiff; as if born tired, Fear, mammae lumps in; weeping from weakness.

Bambusa Arundinacea, Alumina, Apis Mel and Nux Vomica came up. Though Bambusa covered the maximum symptoms, I wanted to be sure about mental the plane.  After digging further, I got few mental symptoms, which confirmed Bambusa.

Bambusa is a remedy reputed for joint pains with cold aggravation and warm amelioration.

The Bambusa patient is a combination of perfectionist, bone and joint issues, stiffness, weakness, burn out sensation, irritability, weeping and the striking symptom that everything is a part of destiny.

MIND – DESPAIR – destiny; everything is controlled by – Bamb-a.

This patient wants that her family should follow her rules.

We have  below a rubric in Bambusa:

MIND – DESPAIR – supported; wants to be


When this woman gets angry, she remains in bed for hours. Alone.

MIND – BED – remain in bed; desire to

adam. alum. alumn. ant-c. Arg-n. arge-pl. aur-m-n. BAMB-A. choc. coca con. cupr. dream-p. dros. falco-pe. Hyos. kali-p. Kola merc. olib-sac. phasco-ci. plut-n. podo. psor. puls. rob. sal-fr. Sil. symph. verat-v.

She feels pity for herself as she is suffering from body ache and tiredness all the time.

MIND – PITIES herself – pains; for the – bamb-a.

I felt that her symptoms inficated multiple remedies like stiffness of Kalium, joint symptoms of Rhus tox, perfection of Arsenic, domination of Nux Vomica, weeping of Pulsatilla and fatalism of Nitric acid.


Bambusa Arundinacea 200 one dose.

Follow up after a month-

Stiching pain at the end of urination reduced.

Irritability reduced.

Desire for perfection was same.

Bambusa Auundinacea 200 one aqua dose.

Follow up after two months-

Urine frequency reduced.

No burning or stitching pain.

Hand movements are not restricted.

Mental picture same.

Bambusa Aurndinacea 1M one aqua dose.

Follow up after four months-

Urine issue was better.

No aggravation before and during menses.

If you will see in repertory chart, Bambusa did not cover these symptoms .If our selected remedy is perfect, it address the immunity, which improve those symptoms, which are not even listed in remedy literature. Homeopathy never treat any disease, it treats person in the disease!

Placebo given.

Follow up after six months-

Joint pain aggravated due to winter.

Mindset was same.

She was happy that urine is not frequent though it was cold weather.

I asked her, what would happen if she or family members do not keep things in the  proper place?  I wanted to understand why this obsession is there. She said, whatever we achieve can be long lasting with good habits. Our mistakes make us a failure and then what about the future? It will be spoiled!

Bambusa Aurundinacea 10 M one aqua dose.

In the beginning, we prescribe by considering a few mental and physical symptoms but later on as you go further in the case; the remedy itself teaches you more and more.

Honestly speaking, I was not aware of the mental picture of Bambusa before meeting this patient. I used Bambusa mostly for joint pains and arthritis.

Follow up after nine months-

She said, “After the last medicine urine frequency increased for 10-15 days. I called on your helpline and they suggested to wait and watch. Later on, it went off gradually.  Now I am free to go anywhere without the fear of urine urgency. “

No irritability or joint pains. Not crying anymore.

I asked about fighting with husband. She said “I want everyone should be perfect for the betterment. If they follow it, they will grow. If not, it is their loss. I cannot change their destiny!”

Although her obsession, dogmatism and dictatorial behavior reduced, the issue  around destiny was still shouting- I am Bambusa!

The patient has high esteem with a fixed thought process and straightforward behavior. We can solve pathology in the affected sphere but we should not expect 100% changes in the mind. The basic nature cannot be changed, as it is not the part of pathology, it is the patient’s original thought process.

I gave her Placebo.  Her physical symptoms got relieved and mental picture was also stable. In hypersensitive patients, if we keep on going with high potencies, they may aggravate and we lose whatever we achieved. Remember, homeopathy has the power to create what it can treat!


I do not go with the patient’s diagnosis usually, as I look behind the diagnosis. Interstitial cystitis is considered an incurable disorder. In the above case, homeopathy not only solved this so-called incurable disease but also changed the patient’s mind, reduced her irritability and expectations of others.

Homeopaths require double diagnosis. Diagnosis of patient and diagnosis of the remedy. Like that only, our remedy should also be double justified.

Relief from physical disorder is not enough when an internal volcano keeps on burning the patient. Always select a remedy, which can address all dimensions of the patient and you can justify every symptom with Materia Medica and repertory.


About the author

Kavita R. Chandak

Dr. Kavita Chandak is a passionate young homeopath honored by three Golden Book of World Records for treating kidney disorders and success in a case of mucormycosis. She is an author, international trainer and speaker. She specializes in autism, psychiatric disorders, kidney diseases and cancer. She is a scientific committee member at Duzce University, Turkey and LMHI 2022. She is invited as speaker at many national-international seminars and conferences. Recently she spoke at a New Zealand conference 2022, Russian international conference 2023 and will be presenting in Latvia conference, 2023, Joint American Homeopathic Conference 2023. She is invited as keynote speaker at the 76th LMHI Colombia. She authored eight books- Health Vs Disease, Homeopathic Guide for easy and busy practice, Healing Woman with Homeopathy, Homeopathy is fun; dedicate and learn!, Homeopathy is Logic and Magic!, OCD, hypochondriasis and depression- Homeopathy has the answer! Psychiatric diseases- causes and cases,
Uncover the mystery of schizophrenia with different homeopathic approaches. Online courses How to Master Psychiatry with Homeopathy, Womanhood and Homeopathy, Homeopathy and Autism – In and Out. For her socio-medical contributions she received various prestigious awards including the recent ‘Excellence in Homeopathy-2022” by Email- [email protected] Website-


  • Dear Dr. Kavita R. Chandak,
    I read with big interest your treatment of case of Interstitial cystitis and I hope that you could help me also. I am a 83 years man, one year after a treatment with direct irradiation of an advanced aggressive prostate cancer without metastasis. Four months ago I got severe symptoms of a frequent(10-15 minutes interval), persistent, urgent need to urinate, throughout the day and night with pains in the whole urinal channel, pelvis and in the anal sphincter due to a recidivism of a chronical anal fissure after the irradiation(2 Brachytherapy treatments with a 2 weeks interval between them, done in a university hospital in Sweden, at 4th and 18th January 2022. After a treatment of my cystitis with antibiotic (the Dr. said that “I could be drown with antibiotic in an endless treatment), Betmiga 23 mg, Tribudat 200 mg, Alfuzosin 10 mg and 6 instillations with Na bicarbonate, my urologist sad to interrupt all these medicines due to a lack of results and use a motion of the internal muscles and diapers as a way of reflexes interruption. I am a perfectionist and I am very disturbed of these disorders. I would be very grateful if you could prescribe a homoeopathic treatment in my case. Unfortunately We can´t receive in Sweden any form of medicine from countries which are not EU members. With my best wishes, Sterian

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