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Magnesium Carb to Lac Ovis


Homeopath Ilana Dannheisser presents a case that was solved using the animal theory approach of Drs. Bhavisha and Sachindra Joshi.

Woman age 59 with various complaints including joint pains, plantar fasciitis, herpes and verruca. She is on thyroid medication for underactive thyroid. She had improved for some time on the remedy Magnesium carbonicum.  What bothers her in her life are mainly family issues. She likes the feeling of being in a large family, talking and joking together, but can feel like an outsider. In some situations, she feels she is the one who has to make the decisions and be the strong one. She says “I don’t want to have to be the strong one. I want to feel someone genuinely cares about me, like my mum did.”  Sometimes she just wants to be on her own but her children keep wanting her attention. If she has to go into a new group it is difficult to make friends. She would feel judged, “belittled” and humiliated. She has always felt “different” and “excluded”.  She would feel “inferior” and that they “will think I am inferior to them”.  When she had an injury and had to be looked after by her husband, she felt “I lost my independence, I was helpless”. About ‘independence’ she says “I am confident knowing what I am doing, but it’s good to have support if I need it. I don’t need it all the time, I am self-sufficient.”  She is very close to her  family, but she can also feel “taken for granted” when she has them all come for a meal and they don’t express appreciation.  When at school, she could feel pushed out of the social group. The feeling in that situation is “you are on your own, like an astronaut outside the space ship, aimlessly floating. Existence has to be in relation to the group, otherwise it’s pointless.”

She has dreams of being attacked by a tiger, or someone on a motorbike jumping on her from above. She dislikes dogs because they jump on you. She dislikes being high on a bridge where you can see the ground below (heights). She dislikes wide open spaces, feels threatened, a tiny speck in the space. She would rather “feel stuff around me.”

Analysis and relationship to the MAP:  From these points we see that her main issue is about being cared for, nurtured, supported and appreciated, which corresponds with Row 3 level of human development.  The animal expression comes through in her feeling others will think her inferior and push her out of the group, and her feeling she can be taken for granted by the others; she often has the feeling that people are taking advantage of her. These points, plus her strong dependence on the group, indicate the mammal subkingdom.  This is further confirmed by her sensitivity to who makes the decisions (the leader) and her desire to not have this position, and rather be taken care of. If in a difficult social situation she will not retaliate or talk back, she would rather leave and go her own way. The lack of aggression in her, her fears and dreams, indicate a prey mammal.   The remedy she received was Lac ovis (sheep milk).  Lac caprinum was also considered, but there was no need for her to have her own space, or to be in a high position which would be features of that remedy.

We can also see the relationship with magnesium, as the left side of Row 3, in her need for support, and her passivity when confronted.

Following Lac ovis, she went through a phase of return of old symptoms, and then felt dramatic improvement, especially at the emotional level. She has had to repeat at regular intervals, and has been able to reduce her thyroid medication. At this writing she has been on the remedy for two years and continues to improve.

About the author

Ilana Dannheisser

Ilana Dannheisser MSc RSHom has been practising homeopathy in London, England since 1996, having studied at the London College of Classical Homeopathy and the Dynamis School with Jeremy Sherr, then completing an MSc in Homeopathy in 2009 at the University of Central Lancashire. She has followed developments by Sankaran and other Mumbai homeopaths since 2001, and especially the work of Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi who have been a strong influence. As well as seeing patients, her mentoring and supervision of students form a very special part of her work. Ilana is one of the Pinnacle Seminars team and also co-developer of the ACT Homeopathy post-graduate course.

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