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Revisiting: Paula McCartney Has Breast Problems!

Did you guess the right answer to last month’s quiz!

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OK, so first of all, I asked Paula for an update and she wrote:

Sorry I haven’t written.  No relapses. Breasts are back to normal. The constant fear and worry is gone. That is the best part.   Thanks Elaine!

So first of all, we didn’t get too many answers, did we?  No one seemed to know what to do.  Well, let me begin by saying that whenever you hear that the tumor or breast lump is “hard as a rock”, your first thought should be that the patient has cancer and the remedy is ConiumBut we have an etiology here that we have to consider.  Who wants to come up first and solve the case?

Hi Elaine

Hi Adriana!

…greetings from Slovakia! The first remedy that crossed my mind was Phytolacca so I am going to stick with it for now. Am I right?

Well, Phytolacca often comes up as a breast cancer remedy!  But Paula gives us a clue, she says her silicon breast implants might be leaking….

So you gave her Silica?

Yes!  But P.S., Silica is a breast cancer remedy too!  It covers both contingencies.  And it so happened that in repertorizing, Silica actually covered everything in the case–all symptoms in bold: breast swelling, hard lumps, worse pressure, etc.  Here is the Repertorization chart:

Revisiting: Paula McCartney Has Breast Problems! 1

That’s quite a confirmation, you have to agree!  Oh look!  The rest of the Slovakia Gang is here!

Hello, Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!!!

I have been pretty busy when I have found that it is a high time to send our responses to the April quiz.

Everyone is late this month!  (Or maybe just confused.)

Miroslav votes for Belladona:

The dynamics of the whole case, symptoms and modalities point to Belladonna.

Well, I can understand that you saw redness in the case and thought of belladonna.

Jitka votes for Belladona:

Modalities – worse, touch, jar,

noise, draught, after noon, lying down.

Mastitis – pain, throbbing, redness, breasts feel heavy; are hard and red.

pain worse lying down. Belladonna, desires lemonade.

We are quite sure that this time our answers are right. ..:)

You are?  Well, look; what does our remedy HAVE to have in order for it to be the right remedy?  Which is another way of asking, What is striking about this case?  The remedy has to have swelling of the breast, it must have hardness, hard like a rock, hard tumors or lumps or nodules.  We must have worse motion and worse pressure and the sensation she mentioned was ‘stinging pain’.  Belladonna is only a 1 for stinging pain, and it is absent completely under hard lumps/tumors; so, because of that, we don’t like Belladonna; “hardness” was an important part of this case!!!

Also, your rubrics: you’re too free with your choices; like, for example, she says she’s worse lying on the breast so you picked “worse lying down”.  No, she’s not worse lying down.  She’s worse lying on the painful side; or, “worse pressure” would be another way of saying that.  And does she actually say she’s worse touch or worse being jarred?  No.  Does she say she has mastitis?  No.  Does she say anywhere that she’s worse for a draft of air, worse noise, worse afternoon?  Does she say the breast is throbbing?  No, she says the headache is throbbing.  You have to be much more careful about choosing rubrics (Repertory headings).

All we know is this: her breast is swollen, it’s hard, and she has a hard lump which is worse pressure, worse motion; plus, there’s a stinging pain in her breast which she mentions under the question about “mentals”:

  1. The mentals:
    irritability, I want company but I don’t, the pain is in stings, then it subsides, I am pessimistic

That’s all we know about the pathology.  Oh, and one other thing, there’s a presumption that the cause of her problem is her silicone breast implants.  So, what’s the remedy?  Silica!  And by the way, Silica covers everything in the case–hard breasts, hard tumors, swollen breasts, worse pressure, worse motion.  And stinging pains.

Thanks, Elaine– Jitka

So, here’s the deal.  I actually had to “repertorize” to come up with the answer.  I thought of Conium right away!  But Conium wasn’t worse pressure, and that bothered me.  So I decided to take the trouble to repertorize–which means open up the Homeopathic Repertory, our book of symptoms, and look for the rubrics in the case and see which remedy covered all of them.  And when it came up resoundingly for Silica, I said, “OMG!  Those silicone breast implants!!!!!”  So, it’s like Robin Murphy always says: Etiology–it really matters, it can tell you all by itself what the remedy is.  OK, see ya next time! 

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis

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