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Female feels pain after intercourse

Female feels pain after intercourse

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65 years age female with large belly feels pain after intercourse

A number of conditions may cause pain and / or discomfort during sexual intercourse. These conditions include:

Vaginal Infection

Certain vaginal infections, such as vaginal yeast infections and trichomoniasis, are often present without noticeable symptoms. However, during sexual intercourse, the rubbing motion of the penis against the va-gina and genitalia sometimes causes the symptoms of these vaginal infections (stinging, burning) to intensify. Genital herpes sores are another frequent cause of pain during sex.


Vaginismus can cause both deep and superficial pain and is a common cause of pain during sex. It’s a spasm of the vaginal muscles, caused mainly by fear of being hurt.
This spasm is often so painful that intercourse is impossible – sometimes for years.
Some women with vaginismus have never been able to have full sex or even use tampons. They also tend to be very fearful of vaginal examinations and so may never have had a smear test.
Vaginismus arouses strong emotions, and women who have it are often very angry with partners, doctors and themselves. But the condition is no one’s fault.
Common causes include:
– a restrictive upbringing, in which the woman was brought up to view sex as nasty or dirty.
– an upbringing in which the woman was given the idea that the va-gina is very narrow and so sex must be very painful.
– a background where rape or childhood sexual abuse has taken place. Experiences like these understandably make women fearful of sex and of being hurt.
– painful vaginal infections.
– unease with their partner – perhaps at an unconscious level.

Other causes like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Endometriosis or lack of lubrication due to too fast penetration (without foreplay) can also cause pain during and after sex.

It would be better for you to consult a good gynecologist and homeopath to find the root cause of the problem and then address it in a holistic manner.

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