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Can we make changes or correction in the system?

Can we make changes or correction in the system?

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Thanks for detailed reply. However,if we agree to your views then can we assume that we can likewise also change the system and boundries as laid down by Dr.Hahnemann to incorporate the corrections,future research and need of time?
However, I ,personally, could hardly change any prescription under Dr.Sch.Biochemic therapy except potency on higher side.
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Yes! Why not? Words of Hahenamnn are not religious scriptures that can not be augmented. Hahnemann himself changed his own words many times during his life. If he was so open to growth, why cant we be?? BUT that does not mean tempring with the basic laws without any good reason, prescribing anything in the name of experimenting, defying all logic to satisfy your need for newness. That can prove fatal. Hahnemann gave us a scientific way to think about disease process and health. He did not lay any fixed boundaries. He just created a framework to work in. Clinically speaking, people have added support to this framework with their work by proving new medicines, creating
repertories, software, working on newer concepts of prescribing as used by Scholten and Shankaran. Hahnemann said what transpires within the body can not be ascertained (in context of remedy action). But newer physics is quite
close to providing us answers to many such questions that have plagued homeopaths of all times. For every science, growth in one of the basic characteristic. A science which does not grow, dies.

Think of it in this way. Newton did great work in physics. But if physicists had become dogmatic about his approach, they would have never developed Quantum Physics and they are already working on situations where the quantum physics does not hold. Somthing better may come up this way. Every science has to change with our chaning understanding of ourseleves and the universe around us.

You say u were not able to add anything to biochemic system. How hard did you try? What efforts did u make? What experiments did you run? What loop-holes did you trace in the system? The work of all these great people is too
mammoth for anyone to change or augment by wishing or by modest efforts. To add to their work, needs lot of genius, commitment, eccentricity, life-long hard work, and perseverance. You have to give all of yourself to the system, if you wish to contribute to it in a fundamental manner.

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