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Homeopathic remedies for panic attack

Homeopathic remedies for panic attack

Posted by: Prema

Can you please suggest some Control freak homeopathic remedies. “If I can control I’m fine, I’m calm but when I go out even to my friend or relatives I don’t get full control, which gives me panic attack”
Looking forward to hear from experts. Thanks in advance

This is too little information to prescribe a homeopathic remedy. The best remedy will need to fit the totality of symptoms and you have about 50 remedies under the “panic attack” section. Is it better, worse from company, during a time of the day, or under certain circumstances… what would be the action taken when a crisis occur?
The big ones are Arg-Nit, Kali-Ars, Carc, Phos, Gels and Lyc, with the first two have a good “control freak” picture. Here is a short description:
They may help for acute. However, for chronic issues, in my experience, there is also a sugar-balance issue, people get over-sensitive because they blood-sugar make them hyper, or there is a deep-down trauma that needs to be addressed. It is best to have a one-to-one consultation to ensure a proper case analysis, prescription and case management. A professional homeopath should be contacted as homeopathy should help for your condition. For information, here is a list of recognised organisations:

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  • allopath doct. says I have panic attack.
    Chest oppression, tightness.
    Feel oppressed behind sternum.
    Too much belching.
    Heart beat increase when climb high
    Pain back, burning, stabbing, under back rib. First pain started Right. Now both left and right side of behind back ribs.
    While talking, increase face-jaw tensed, as if stiffed, can’t open mouth fully.. stiff jaw near ear..
    while talking with eating something food opressed in throat as if it will enter wrong way/ trachea/larynx.
    Sometime when trying to sleep, but sleeplessness, as if breathlessness trouble to sleep.
    sometimes, stiching pain in abdomen.. upper abdomen feels oppressed..
    Sweat in hand palm.
    please, help me with homeo medication

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