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Homeopathic vs. Conventional treatment for Cancer

Homeopathic vs. Conventional treatment for Cancer

Posted by: Kumar

Dear Dr. Thierry Clerc,
How much we can depend on homeopathic treatments for cancer especially for that stage, when cancer can be treated with conventional system? Should we take chance in it?
Best regards./Kumar/India

Dear Kumar,

Chronic issues are difficult. For chronic issues, I would always recooment to see a specialist and if required that the homeopath works hand in hand with the allopathic doctor if this is what the patient wants. At the end, we are here to help the patient and provide the right information but respect their choice on how they want to be treated (homeopathy only, allopathy only or both).
For cancer, one would have to check the speed of cancer spreading, and how homeopathy has worked for this specific cancer, to see if this is the best opportunity.
When I teach, I remind people that we are here to help the patient, and that the patient need to take their own decision with honest advice. For cancer, in Europe, the vast majority will go for allopathic treatment, and homeopathy and nutrition can greatly help go through the side-effects of the treatment, increasing their vitality. I have no problems when patient want to do that.
Some patients will want to do it through only natural ways, and if the cancer is not spreading too fast, I would be happy to help them, as long as they have it checked.
In any forms of treatments, there are pros and cons (for allopathy – poisoning), and for this reason it is not important to set rules but guidelines, and use common sense. For cancer, beside homeopathy or allopathy, it is necessary that the patient deals with their diet, and with any emotional issue that may disrupt their vitality.
Having said that, there are a lot of reports about homeopathy being sucessful for tuberculosis. Look at some materia medica or browse the Hpahy site. You will find a lot of information about cancer and homeopathy on hpathy – for example –
I hope this helps.
PS – also, I am not a doctor, I practice in Europe where the 4-year qualification does not allow you to use this terminology if you have not complete a qualification of allopathic doctor in parallel. To see more about my experience though, you can check:

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