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Homeopathy vs. Conventional (chemical) treatment for serious diseases

Homeopathy vs. Conventional (chemical) treatment for serious diseases

Posted by: Kumar

Dear Dr.Thierry Clerc,
Sorry one more relevant question.
Frankly speaking, some doubt remains in the mind of patients for taking homeopathic treatment for serious diseases. Should we consider taking homeopathic treatments like it: Where some chances are there(less serious stage) OR where no chances/posibilties are there(from conventional treatments)?
Best Regards.

Hi Kumar,
I think my others responses may help you.
For serious issues, I would always recommend to see a specialist (be it homeopath or allopath) and if required that the homeopath works hand in hand with the allopathic doctor if this is what the patient wants. At the end, we are here to help the patient and provide the right information but respect their choice on how they want to be treated (homeopathy only, allopathy only or both).
By experience, if there is risk of life and the homeopath or patient do not feel comfortable, then allopathy can work, and homeopathy can be used afterwards to reduce any side-effects.
In any forms of treatments, there are pros and cons (for allopathy – poisoning), and for this reason it is not important to set rules but guidelines, and use common sense.
Having said that, there are a lot of reports about “miracle cure” from serious disease.. if the homeopath and the patients are both comfortable, then it can be relevant to try in this specific case. Look at some materia medica or browse the Hpahy site.
I hope this helps.
PS – also, I am not a doctor, I practice in Europe where the 4-year qualification does not allow you to use this terminology if you have not complete a qualification of allopathic doctor in parallel. To see more about my experience though, you can check:

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  • Dear Sir,
    My mom lost 90% of her vision due to incurable disease called Starget disease (retinal disease). There is no medicine for this in allopahty. Is there any remedy in Homeopathy.

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