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Diagnosis and cure of hernia

Diagnosis and cure of hernia

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dr.b can hpathy cure umbilical hernia i was told by a hpath that up to 2nd stage it can be far is it true ‘n’ how can the stage b detected. r there any tests? if yes pl let me know.

Hi Mickey,<BR

There are basically three types of umbilical hernias:

1. Exompholos(omphalocele) – this occours due to failure of all or part of midgut to return to the coelom during early fetal life.

Depending on the severity it can be ‘minor’ or ‘major’. This variety is not amenable to medical treatment and surgery is necessary.

2. Umbilical hernia of infants and children – This is a hernia through a week umbilical scar. It is much more common in males.

This form is known to respond to homeopathic medicines like plumb, nux-v, calc etc. But the results are controversial as upto 93% of such cases can be cured with conservative treatment(masterly inactivity) without any homeopathic or other medicine. We still need some comparative clinical trials before we can say for sure that Homeopathy has a proved advantage in such cases.

3.Paraumblical hernia of Adults – In adults, this hernia is actually a protrusion through the linea alba just above or sometimes below the umblicus.

This form usually requires surgery due to formation of adhesions within the hernia sac.

As far as tests are concerned, we usually do not need any elaborate tests to diagnose a case of umbilical hernia, as the swelling is often clearly visible to eyes.
Even if the swelling is very small, its nature can be deduced by feeling an expansile impulse on palpation of the swelling when the patient coughs.

If you are interested in more details I suggest you read some standard text on general surgery.

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  • For umbilical hernia symptom experienced in naval part in children calc.carbonic a is very effectve

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