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Aggravation after over-dosing with Lycopodium

Aggravation after over-dosing with Lycopodium

Posted by: Harinder Singh Bhangoo

Dr. B
My son (27) seems to be suffering from problem of over-medication of lycopodium. He was given lycopodium, which I am convinced, was the correct remedy. It was working fine and he was improving. Lyco 10M was repeated about 5/6 times at interval of 2 to 3 months. Thereafter one of the homeopaths adviced that he should take LM0/6 potency. He was asked to take dry dose of 5/6 pills of LM0/6 every day, which he did take for 1 month, one year back. The symptoms present worsened and those which had cured, returned again. Thereafter he tried to antidote with camphor 30. It did not work. Then he tried lyco 6c. There was slight improvement but again it was statusQuo. He tried Nux 30. there was again some improvement, but again statusQuo. Now even the lowest potencies aggravate the symptoms. The over-madication has not produced any new symptoms, but it has made him overly sensitive to lycopodium remedy. What should he do?

Hello. and sorry to hear about your son’s problem. There are other remedies that can be used to antidote lycopodium, such as Pulsatilla and Causticum. However, I do not have enough information on the case to advise the best way forward. In some cases, when you have such a response to a remedy, this may be because there is “an obstacle to cure”, something in the case that prevents your son to self-heal. This could be nutrition, drug toxicity or the need for a new remedy. My suggestion would be to see our homeopath again and ask him for a clear explanation and a plan.

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  • Hi Thierry,

    My mother took Lypodium 200c twice a day for a week and it has aggravated her symptoms. She cannot sleep at night. Has restlessness, lost confidence, has burning sensation in her abdomen, loud rumbling sounds and emptiness in her stomach.

    What’s the best antidote for this?

    • Dea Natasha,
      Sorry to hear about your mother issue. You can try giving back Lycopodium 200C dissolved in a big glass of water, and drank slowly – this is actually how I prescribe most of the time now as this significantly reduces the likelihood of aggravation (for more info on this approach, check Elaine’s posting here –

      If this fails, it is worth considering that the body has responded to lycopodium by showing a new symptom picture – or showing what needs to be cured: all of the symptoms seem to point to digestive issues, and maybe an infection or an issue with your mom’s diet – while Lycopodium cover a lot of the symptoms, you could look at other big remedies, like Arg-Nit, China, Nux-Moshata or Carbo-Veg… in that case, it is worth having your mom’s case taken in detail and analysed.

  • Sir I am 24 year old I take Lycopodium Clavatum 200 last1 month and after that I feel excessive coughing and ulcers in mouth that can be it side effects plz suggest appropriate medicine for for increase self confidence and excess angriness

  • Sir I am 54 years old, I have taken lycopodium 30 ,6 pills a day for four days. Insted of reducing the symptoms are increased, ( urine and body sweat smell). Please suggest me what to do.

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