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Effect on cell receptors in case of drug resistance

Effect on cell receptors in case of drug resistance

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Many thanks for your reply!
I think that, on prolonged and continious accumulation of any substance/element in our body system, a resistant to same is built-up by the system effecting furthur metabolism of the same to protect the cells from its toxic/excessive effect. The best example may be as in INSULIN RESISTANCE. Now I want to know if Cell Receptors are effected/related with Homeopathic/Biochemic Remedies?
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Hi Vijay,

It is true that body does use many protective mechanisms to counteract the effects of any toxic accumulation in the body. Increased elimination through urine, sweat etc, calcification, decreased receptor sensitivity are just few of those mechanisms. There are many more. So far, there has been no scientific study which documents the effect of homeopathy medicines on specific cell receptors. The only studies that are related to this (that I am aware of ) are related to the use of arsenic alb and plumbum met in cases of arsenic and lead poisoning respectively. In both the studies homeopathy medicines increased the rate of elimination of toxins beyond known physiological limit.

What I believe is that homeopathy medicines will not have any one sided specific action on cell receptors. There is nothing physiological in them to go and act at the cell receptors directly. They can work holistically to help body increase the elimination of toxins or to correct the metabolism and as these take place the receptor sensitivity will naturally come back to normal.
Lastly, I must say, you sure have an inquiring mind!

Best Wishes,
Dr. B

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