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Homeopathy distance learning courses in India

Homeopathy distance learning courses in India

Posted by: ankit samuel

I am doing bsc in medical lab 10+2i had physics chemistry and maths. I want to practice homeopathy professionally plz help.what about the foreign distance learning homeopathy courses. is it valid in India


I asked my Indian colleagues, and their feedback is:
“The only legal qualification to practice homeopathy in India is the 5.5 yr regular full-time BHMS course. No part time or distance education course is considered a legal qualification to practice as a homeopathy doctor.”

To start learning homeopathy through distance education, you can take this beginner’s online course

To learn homeopathy more deeply through an online homeopathy course, you can take this online homeopathy course

But in India you do need a BHMS degree to practice homeopathy. Good luck in your change of career.


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Thierry Clerc

Thierry Clerc LCPH, MSc practices homeopathy in Cambridge (England). He is a graduate of the College of Practical Homeopathy (London). Prior to this, he enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the telecommunications industry. When fate hit him with a severe bout of arthritis, he went back to France to see his old homeopath, and after prompt cure, decided to study and become one!



  • To,
    Respected Sir I Soahil Rizvi Graduate with Chemistry And I Like To Do Homeopathy Distance (Correspondence ) Course .So Please Send Me All Details Abut Course And Please Send Me Prospectus.
    Best Regard
    Soahil Rizvi

  • Sir, I want to study homeopathy. I am not a science student.presently doing maintenance job. Is it possible?

  • hi, I am interested study in veterinary homeopathy. am working as a veterinary inspector, in karnataka govt. pls guide me.

  • Sir, I feel it my good luck to know and watch the miracles of homeopathy.Unless you are serious with lot of passion towards the science it is difficult to enjoy learning and the good work of homeopathy.It will become our life line once we involve with our mind body and soul.

  • Sir,I went to allopath and homeopath doctors for my uncle who was suffering from UTI but with no result.Then i visited hpathy and looked for the medicine that would suit the symptom.And today he is fine.I am very much eager to learn homeopathy.I want learn to lessen the suffering not to mint money as it is being done by some homeopath in our area.Homeopathy is the perfect treatment for chronic and old disease provided you have patience for that.

  • hi,at present my age was 50 years but i am interested in homeo learning in distance mode.can u give the details of homeo colleges and fee structur and eligibility criteria and mode of examination.


  • Sir. I want to ststudy distances homeopathy. Is it possible ? I am graduate in science. Please send full information.

  • Respected sir.
    I am Dr.M.I.Durrani .DHMS passed 1985 and my age 55 I want to post greaduate MD course online
    I am practicing homeopathic doctor
    plz send me fee and other compleate details

  • Sir. I want to ststudy distances homeopathy. Is it possible ? I am graduate in science. Please send full information.

  • Sir, I want to be a homeopathic doctor in my life. but I’m a arts students. so is it possible. please help me sir please help me.

  • I also want to complete the distance learning programme of hpathy. Pls tell me how I can complete this course. Thanks

  • I passed,Diploma in Homeopathy from BSS and M. Sc. in Chemistry from ELLIM. Can I write Dr. Bikas Shaw in my prescription pad.

  • I m post graduate homeopath from sangli (MAHARASHTRA)
    Want to distance courses for animal in homeopathy
    There college,… Other data
    Being doctor can I direct give medicine to pet animals
    Is there any law… Like other medicine science

  • long back when in west bengal,here and there tried formulae how to surpass this homeo council cactus type iron band aound homeopaths who practice secretly. got experienced based certificate from one sathi homeo college bihar,on deep inquiry found college existed but derecognised long one bengali dada advised best is you get biochemic council certificate from mazdia situated on bangladesh border,passed their exam and got the registration certificate.on deep search now i find both these certificates are good for consolation.punjab close associates advised do not go in all pungebaji,take a 20 rupee water bottle in that put few drops of say arnica 30 put your own label say baba ara.avogadro has assured there is no lab to detect molecules beyond 12c potency as such there is no fear of sample sealing, moreover politician of that area has to defend babaji label barefoot doctors as vote power is supreme.arnica is circulation remedy and circulation wether of blood plasma flow or money circulation is good for health,one can then throw away cactus band.if arnica does not help refer the case to some pgi.this is king remedy who though sick say i am ok do not approach me what to talk of touch. next time when you ring their door bell,they will welcome you with hand shake offer coca cola as soreness is flushed out now bed not troubling the back.senior citizens can look into conium also if vertigo is main is go to a govt homeo dispensary as even registered homeopaths will not tell you name of remedy and they have also their baba codes a sign of professional rivlary.if purely self help attitude look into rs phatak precise materia medica,he was pundit of homeopathy,olden times pundits learned brahmins used to wear topi.

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