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Homeopathic medicines to increase the sperm count

Homeopathic medicines to increase the sperm count

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Hi SIR, please help me to get a good homeopathy medicine to increase the sperm count as my doctor has informed me that my sperm count is quite less and bcos of which i am feeling hurt. Would appreciate if you could advise me a good medicine so that i can get it from INDIA at the earliest. Thanks and Regards

Hello Siva,

Low sperm count is not a problem in itself…it is the effect of some other problem(s) that u might have. There are lot of reasons which can decrease sperm count like excessive smoking and drinking, wearing very tight undergarments, drug abuse, diabetes, many allopathic drugs like steroids, and those used in treatment for arthritis and cancer, a varicocele, undecended testis, and even genetic factors.

What you must understand is that if there is some active reason like these, then it needs to be remedies – like start wearing lose boxer shorts, abstain from smoking and alcohol, reduce allopathic medication if u r taking any etc. apart from these take a healthy diet and do some light exercise daily. There are lot of medicines in Homeopathy which can help you increase your sperm count but I cannot suggest you any medicine as I do not know the reasons behind your low sperm count.

And lastly, there is nothing to feel hurt about that diagnosis. Low sperm count does not question your potency or manhood. The only problem you can have is that if your sperm count is very low (way below 20 million/ml) than getting a child concieved in a natural way may prove difficult. But that is not a very big problem now a days. You always have the option of going for in-vitro fertilisation (test-tube baby). But I would suggest that you pay a visit to a good local homeopath to get your problem solved.

Wishing you health,

Dr. B

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  • sir main hasthmaithun ki wajah se dimaaghi aur jismaani weakness mahsoos kar raha hoon aur kisi sexy cheez ko dekhte hi sperm nikal jaata hai
    main 20-21 saal ka hun aur mera mera mizaj garam hai aur mere ghar ki hawa mein nami hai koi homeopathic medicine bata dijiye
    meri shaadi hone wali hai taki main apne partner ke saamne aharminda na hoon

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