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Homeopathic medications for blood pressure

Homeopathic medications for blood pressure

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I am suffering from Blood Pressure . Is there medication in Homeopathy ? Please advice.

Hello kamar,

I had been out of the city for a few days and hence the delay in replying to your query. The first thing that you need to understand is that increased blood pressure is a not a disease in itself. We might call it a disease if normal beings had no blood pressure at all and then you develop it! The blood pressure depends on various factors like diet, hereditary, stress, occupation, exercise etc. So when the blood pressure is raised, it is not without any reasons. and the reason lies not in the blood pressure but in the factors that dictate it. So getting the blood pressure down forcefully is a very artificial approach that allopaths take. The right way is to recognise the causative elements and treat them properly. if there is no reason left for a raised blood pressure, there would be no raised blood pressure.

Homeopathy has a lot to offer you. You need to visit a good homeopath, who will prescribe you the remedy best suited for you after a detail case taking. Take care not to go to a homeopath who prescribes combination remedies/multiple medicines/mother tinctures etc for lowering your blood pressure. That would be as bad as allopathy!

Wishing you health,

Dr. B

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