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Can high homeopathy potencies lead to death?

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Posted by: marek

Dear Sir,
So far I was thinking that homeopathy is the safest way of treatment, which is not making any harm. But few days ago I have found this: it was written that giving continuously a remedy in potency too high for the body (higher than the level of central disturbance) can lead to the death of a patient.
Is it possible that any remedy can does it?

Death per se is unlikely with the homeopathic remedies. The maximum that can happen is that the person taking an non-indicated remedy for too long ends up proving the remedy, that is produces some symptoms of the remedy. But they should be temporary and reversible in most cases.
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Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • Dear Sir, I have been using homeo medicies since 8 years for my kids and found the results rather satisfying. Recently I heard that lead is used in preparation of these medicies and long term use in not safe. How true is it and is safe to use homeo medicies for long duration.

  • We should know as Dr Kent relates the possibility and danger of a Homoeopathic drug MIASM. Dr Kent says that if a person has a homoeopathic drug miasm they will never get rid of it. They will take it to the grave. Also the book: What we must not do in homoeopathy, states that is possible by the wrong use of homoeopathic drugs TO MAKE A PERSONS LIFE UNLIVABLE. As Kent says if our remedies are powerful enough to cure cancer, they are powerful enough to cause harm.

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