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Homeopathic medicines to improve the memory power

Homeopathic medicines ti improve the memory power

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I’m Mr.prasanna. I’m 23 years old.My problem is, i’m not able to score good marks in the exams because of lack of good memory power. All the students in our class were following immediately what my lecturer explains, but i have to listen 4 times or 5 times to grasp the same thing. Even if i read the same thing before going to the class , i am not able follow quickly. Every one in my class say that my brain is lke a “tube light”,and my brain is not sharp.

So i request you to suggest a medicene to sharpen my brain and also to increase the memory power.
Thanking you

hello Prasanna,

There is a law in nature that nothing happens without a cause. And that applies to medical problems too. If u have developed this complaint, it could not have developed without any reasons. And when we think of Homeopathic treatment, we think about the cause behind the disease, the susceptibility to acquire that condition.

There are many-many medicines in Homeopathy for your complaints like Aid-phos, Caust, Helle, Nat-carb, Nux-vom, lyco etc. But not all these will bring you the relief you want. infact, ideally only one of them (or other) will bring cure for your condition. And to find out the right one requires lot of hard work on the part of your homeopath. A detailed case-analysis is required which covers your disease condition as well as your physical and psychological constitution. Only after going through this process can a homeopath give your the ‘remedy’ for your problems.

I suggest you that you should visit a competent local homeopath and I assure you that you will soon see your performance, memory, and intelligence improving.

Good Luck,

Dr. B

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  • Hello sir,
    This is Arudhra , my father is an 58 years old he suffering with week memory. Like repeat talks, and he unable recognise peoples properly. The main thing is he won’t accept that he has week memory and he is not ready to consult a doctor. Please help me how can we overcome from this problem

  • sir ,
    i am 23yrs old boy .i have inhale whitner (kores brand) for 2 yrs . i have decreased my memory power.when i was 17 before inhale of whitner my memory was not so good but below average.
    my weight is 80. i have a little pain on my head when my pills (sleeping hours) not completed . sir suggest me medicines in tincture form to improve my memory and terminate my head ache.

  • You can use Flower Medicine Scleranthus, Chestnutbud 30 Size Globules each 5 gloubles once in four hrs per day. Improvement will be realized for memory power

  • Sir
    I am 17 years old.I memorise my study but after few hour I loss all the things please tell me any medicine to memorise my memory power

  • I am suffering from non communicating arrested hydrocephalus secondary to aqueductal stenosis and so I get too much headache ,weak memory power,not performing good in class,getting vertigo,ear pain ,unable to remember what I study ….

  • hi sir I am suffering from weak memory I can’t study I can’t remember anything my age is 23 ….pls help me

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