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Homeopathy for bipoler disorder

Homeopathy for bipoler disorder

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Are there any homeopathic medicines to treat bipolar disorder?

Hi Sherry!

If ur question is that simple, then my answer is “YES”, there are MANY homeopathic medicines which are (or can be) used to treat bipolar disorder. But if u wish to know about the treatment modalities, then I will have delve deeper.

To begin with their are many factors which come into play while treating a case of bipolar disorder. Firstly the type of bipolar disorder(whether its type I, type II, or mixed). Although from a purely homeopathic point of view this classification is artificial, it helps to know about the extremes a patient can take. This sometimes proves very useful in providing general management to the patient, esp in those with pronounced depressive propensity as they often have a suicidal disposition. Also, the actual ‘Intensity’ of symptoms helps is deciding the prognosis for a patient. Another factor that comes into play is the time for which the patient sticks with the homeopath. It often takes long time to cure such patients, often requiring a series of medicines and continuous supervision. The problem is that many such patients due to their extreme mood swings leave the treatment in between.

As a homeopath, then it is necessary to take the complete case, and try to find the individualistic and constitutional characteristics. Also useful is the family history. Even after finding a similar drug for a patient treatment of bipolar disorders requires patience from both the patient and the physician. But at the end of this long road, there is ‘Light’!

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