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New practice, not enough information from patients

New practice, not enough information from patients

Posted by: Dr. Gauri

I have recently started my own practice.The problem is lack of details from patients due to various reasons.Recently i got a case of primary nocturnal enuresis in a child of 7 yrs.He came with his father who wasnt very much aware about patient’s details.All i could gather from observation & from the history was that he is a obedient child,doesnt get angry & is ready to do work told to him be it sweeping at home or getting anything from outside.Even if scolded for anything he would be quiet for few minutes & then was normal as if nothing had happened.He is a very restless & fidgety child,in the clinic also constantly was shifting on the chair thought didnt touch or fidget with any of the things in clinic.In his answers he seemed to take time,registration or comprehension of questions was slow.His anwers were weird,when asked what do you’ll do in school he said,”Teacher asks me to erase board or write on it,I do that.Or if she asks me to keep some book in other class I go & then when next teacher comes & scolds me for not being on class I tell her why i was out.”On asking about his friends in class he 1st said the total no. of children then on re-questioning after 2mins he said 10friends.He spoke comfortably with me.He gets 70 to 75% marks in his class(3rd std).His fatehr kept saying he is a normal child no complaints or bad things about him.Physical generals he drinks only 2 or 3 glasses of water/day,profuse perspiration(but no specific area).His family except mother eats non-veg but patient has never tasted it.Could you kindly guide how to I go about such cases. In this case how should I come to a remedy???

Even though it seems as though there aren’t enough details, you can often find “3 legs of the stool” in any history. Here you have nocturnal enuresis, a child who’s very obedient and never gets angry, and who changes his answers, perhaps thinking you want to hear something different than his first answer. You can consider a remedy such as staphysagria, which is known for mild, yielding patients who often have unexpressed anger.

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