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BHMS Homeopathy COURSE Admission, Scope, College List

Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Information about BHMS homeopathy course, scope, admissions, college list

I want the detail information of the course BHMS. Which are the subjects offered? Is there any scope for it? After getting the BHMS degree what we can do in future? Can we do M.D as in MBBS? If yes then in which subject? Can we do surgery ? Can I become a surgeon? or just a specialist? These are my doubts. please give me detail information about it. please reply me. Waiting for your reply.
Yours truly

Dear Vaisahali,

BHMS stands for Bachelors Degree in Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery. In India this course is equivalent to MBBS. It is a 5.5 yrs course, which includes 1 year internship. The subjects that are taught to students in BHMS course are Homeopathy philospohy, Materia Medica, Repertory, Pharmacy and all other subjects that are taught in MBBS like Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology, Pathology, Microbiology, Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Preventive and Social Medicine, Surgery, Medicine, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Psychology etc.

After doing BHMS, you can do MD in following subjects at present – Materia Medica, Organon/Philosophy, Repertory, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Practice of Medicine, Psychiatry. But you cannot do MS, i.e., you cannot become a surgeon.

The scope in the field in only limited by your own potential. After graduating in homeopathy, you can work as a government doctor or have your own private practice. You can also teach in a homeopathy college (more than 180 in India). You can also go into research by joining CCRH. Financially and socially, the scope is limited by your own potential. Plus the joy of curing that homeopathy can give, can rarely be felt in other systems of medicine. In all government departments, homeopathy doctors are paid salary which is equal to their allopathic counterparts.

To start learning homeopathy through distance education, you can take this homeopathy elementary online course

To learn homeopathy more deeply through an online homeopathy course, you can take this online homeopathy course

But in India you do need a BHMS degree to practice homeopathy.

You can find a list of homeopathy colleges here

Some other questions that get commonly asked –

Can I do BHMS if I am from Arts or Commerce stream?

No. You need to do your 12th with Science-Biology to get admission to BHMS.

Can I do BHMS part time or from distance education?

No. It is a full time regular course. In India no part-time course or online course or distance education course is considered a valid legal qualification to practice homeopathy.

How to take admission in BHMS?

Each state/University conducts it’s own entrance exam. Contact the college where you wish to take admission to know more. Also, private colleges offer seats on management quota too.

Best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • Hi Dr,

    My sister wanted to persue MBBS & then do MD to be an gynecologist but due to some reasons she couldnot take up MBBS & wishes to do BHMS this year.

    Can u please guide me if she does BHMS then can she do MD & become a gynecologist & serve as an gynecologist exactly same as an doctor who has done his/her MBBS & MD as an gynecologist.

    Awaiting eagerly for your reply.

    Thanking you in advance

  • After doing BHMS you can only do MD in homeopathic subjects. You cannot become a gynecologist or a surgeon. One needs to be an MBBS for that. Homeopathy works on a holistic philosophy and specialization for ‘parts’ is against its fundamental basics.

  • dear doctor

    m rup….
    m nt able to decide wht to do next in life i.e. go for MBBS,BDS OR BHMS…

    pls tell me which of them has more scope in india as well as in abroad. nd if i do BHMS,BDS do i have 2 give separate exam outside or not.

    please help me to decide wht do next??

    please doc

  • Dear sir,
    I am Rahul, a student of BHMS, 1st year in Mumbais college. I want information about this course and the subjects. Is there scope in it? after getting BHMS degree what we can do in the future?

    • Sir maine BSc (biotechnology branch complicated )se kya hei aur mei ab BHMS course karna chahunga to BHMS course kitane year ka hoga our fees kitani hogi BHMS course mei scope privet government sector mei I am calling mp state

  • Dear Sir,

    With due respect it is stated that I am a student of BHMS second last year from Abbott Homeopathic College Abbottabad. I have some information about this BHMS Degree for my best future. Sir tell me what scope of BHMS degree in Pakistan and forgeign country.


    Mujeeb Khattak
    BHMS final year
    Abbott Homeopathic Medical Collage
    Abbottabad. (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Pakistan.

  • dear dr
    i would like to do bhms. For that i need your suggestion. Can you please say the importance for this scope. Can I be a gynecologist after this and at last is it better than mbbs. Waiting eagerly for your reply. When is the counseling date in hyderabad
    waiting eagerly for your reply

  • hello doctor,
    i am a 12th class student of HSC board and i want to join bhms college in Maharashtra but i am not having any information about bhms like how many marks we need in CET or like what percentage is required in 12th standard.
    so please sir help me……….
    plz iam waiting for ur reply……
    thank you

    your student

  • Hello sir, I am Dr. Manohar, completed my BHMS from India and now I am in UK with my wife as she came here for her higher studies. Now I am looking for a job but had many problems to find my field related job. As I practiced before in India for 8 years as a doctor in my own clinic, I wish to do job related to my profession. Can you guide me in this respect?. Reply soon.

    Thanx and regards

  • hello sir
    i am bhms student of nshmc&h in bhopal i want information of this course and whats importent corse after bhms pls inform me thanks…..

  • Hi all !!!
    My name is Vinay Joshi !! I a mechanical engineer with an experience of 3 yrs !!
    1) I also want to pursue BHMS but i had not opted for biology in 12th board !! So can i get admission in BHMS ?
    If not ,what shall i do ??
    2) Is there any part time BHMS ?? If yes , plz let me know , so that i can do it along with my job !!


  • Resp sir,
    I have passed BHMS 3yrs back and wants to know that is there any scope or job on BHMS basis in abroad?and in which country i can try?please reply me on [email protected] or 09449139449
    Reply soon

  • Sir,

    I need comformation. But cousine would like to learn BHMS course. She is 24 year old and she did computer science group in +2. It’s possible she will study BHMS course right now. If it’s what is procedure to apply. Could you please help us.

    Thanks in advance

  • Respected Doctor,
    I am engineering graduate working in a software field and already in my 30s. Due to some recent experiences and meet ups with some experts in Homeopathy I am becoming more and more interested in this field so much so that I would like to practice it myself. I understand my background and my age is not something very typical to be doing BHMS. What are my options?

  • dear doctor….

    i want to know that..after doing bhms…..can i become a eye specialist

  • Scope of Homoeopathy depends upon not just the potential of the individual but also his circumstances, family and financial. I have 2 friends who are homoeopaths – one is rich and practices homoeopathy 12 hours a day, (it does not matter to him if 1 or 2 patients visit him for consultation in a day), his father has brought that place for him so he does not have to pay any rent or any bills; he is also studying for M.D as he wants to appear for it externally. The other friend is an average lower middle class fellow who started earning from his final year by joining as a houseman, he continued in that same hospital during and after internship along with attending clinic of homoepath; he was already thinking about repaying the debt that he had borrowed from a bank for his education. At present he works as a medical officer in 2 hospitals in 2 different shifts as his practice could not take off (financially) and being under debt he had to switch his career to allied treatment.

    Now here both had desire to practice homoeopathy but one could do it easily thanks to his parents being in good financial health but the other had to alter his direction due to financial circumstances.
    So it is not simply down to Potential; desire and determination. These words seem good for novel or movie but in reality people do need that little bit of luck; that little bit of financial buffer.

    Of course it is same for any other profession but more so in medical profession because it takes time to develop that trust in your patients; and to seem out that time that initial period you sadly need Money.

  • Dear sir
    I complied 12th science .I get 94.89P.R in this year. after this which course I will join ?Please tell me.

  • Hello Dr,
    I wanted to persue MBBS & then do MD to be an gynecologist but due to some reasons i couldnot take up MBBS & wishes to do BHMS this year.

    Can u please guide me if i do BHMS then can i do MD & become a gynaecologist & serve as an gynaecologist exactly same as a doctor who has done his/her MBBS & MD as a gynecologist.

    Awaiting eagerly for your reply.

    Thanking you in advance

  • Respected sir,
    sir can a BHMS doctor become a specialist in gynaecologist….???
    waiting for ur reply sir..

  • “Respected sir
    I completed my 12th standard. Is bhms a better option to have good career. Plz reply. Waiting eagerly for ur valuable suggestion.’

  • sir i want to do bhms corse. I haved studied vocational (dpt) its a diploma physiotheripy. Can i was aligable to do bhms. Can i take admiten in bhms pls reply me soon sir.

  • sir , recently i wrote first year exams but i failed in two subjects can i eligible to second year to study the failed subjects and second year correspondingly pls reply me soon sir . iam from andhra pradesh ntr university.

  • Respected sir,
    I am doing my final year BHMS in bangalore, i would like to know, what is the scope of doing MD courses outside india, and are there any forums or websites which give details regarding this?
    – thank you

  • sir iam diploma pharmacy certificate holder can you admision for bmhs course please send detailes

  • sir,i want to know….after doing msc in in medical physiology after bhms…can one join as a permanent professor in any mbbs/bds/bhms/ayurvedic or nursing colleges???

  • i hav not attempt for neet ,i want admission in 1st yr bhms can i get admission or i hav to waste my 1 yr nd wait for next yr

  • hello sir,
    i hv cmpleted BHMS,i want to go in a research field,cai i go with this,,,,if yes,,,plz give me the possible options for this,,,,…..
    Thanks sir

    • BHMS stands for Bachelors Degree in Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery. In India this course is equivalent to MBBS. Its a 5.5 yrs course, which includes 1 year internship. After doing BHMS, you can do MD in the following subjects at present – Materia Medica, Organon/Philosophy, Repertory, Paediatrics, Dermatology

  • hi sir, i just now completed 12th hsc with totally confused regarding courses.can i become orthopaedist without doing mbbs? and i need to know whether bhms is valuable one?

  • Sir after which course I can do OB/GYN expect MBBS sir please tell me I am waiting for your reply

  • sir, i have just passed out 10th
    i am very much influenced by homeopathy since i was in 4th standard.
    i want to know which all exams do i have to appear for after 12th to get into a homeopathy institute..
    and also if there is any good homeopathy college in chandigarh, or punjab. eventhough i stay in mumbai i want to leave this place and study in either of these states….
    also, is it important to do pg after B.H.M.S
    if we dont do it, then whats the harm??
    one more thing, if i want to study abroad, where and which college should i go in?
    for practice after B.H.M.S can we go to abroad?
    and even for pg, will we get better education than india?
    urgently need your reply, as my father needs all the details!
    kindly help sir!! waiting for your reply 🙂

  • Dear Sir,

    I have done B pharmacy and my current age is 28 .Can i be able to approach for BHMS in maharashtra pune and take admission this year please let me know the procedure if i can

  • Plz sir advice me..
    I m in intership (hom.)
    Can I will go to u.s.a for homoeopathic post graduation? ???
    After pg can I will job there as a doctor????

  • sir can u tell me which course is better either BHMS OR PHARMA-D i got 20,000 my eamcet rank sir pls sir help me i am in a lots of confusion pls sir I M WAITING 4 UR REPLY TO MY EMAIL ID [email protected]

  • I’m now going to study 1st year BHMS,I want an proper information of , whether an homeopathic doctor can perform operation after completion of his/her MD in homeopathy……………..

  • Respected Sir, i want to pursue career in bhms would it be a good choice and what scope does it have in India

  • sir I completed 12th after dat I’m interested in bhms course but some people says dat no scope in bhms so pls tell bhms valved or not I’m waiting for ur reply pls tell all procedure of admission?

  • Sir I completed BE civil .but I would I like to join bhms.but I am not biology student at 12 what can I do to do join bhms
    Pls kindly I am waiting for your reply sir

  • Sir,i just cleared my last year of BHMS from pune.And about MD in psychiatry. Does this branch have good scope or future In homeopathy?? Plz kindly rpy sir

  • dear sir, i have completed can i do b.h.m.s. or m.b.b.s after b.pharm.. its a possible or not? after b.pharm can i do b.h.m.s or m.b.b.s? plz give me a reply…

  • Respected,
    Sir I have completed 12th and iwant to join bhms
    So I should write neet exam compulsory or can 8 get ranking on kcet.

  • hello doctor,
    i have complwted my 12th class of HSC board and m waiting for my rezults…..n I want to join bhms college in Maharashtra ..but i am not having any information about bhms like how many marks we need in CET or like what percentage is required in 12th standard.
    so please sir help me……….
    plz iam waiting for ur reply……
    Plzzzz…m Requesting U All…
    Replyy me..on the given mail..
    http://[email protected]
    thank you…

  • sir.
    i’am just pass 12th std. i have interstest to do BHMS . but some people say BHMS has not scope in futer life .plz . tell me’s true or not.

  • Sir I decided to study bhms but now suddenly I have come to know that bhms students can not do ms is that true ?if at all it is true what should I do to do ms after bhms and pharmacology course ???? Please rply me sir thank you !

  • Sir
    I like to take bhms.
    Everyone is saying it has no value and I want to sit at home simply with that degree. I am waiting for the allotment now
    Plss help me with it reply sir

  • Hi…m a person got defeated by destiny …I prepared so much for neet this year even I scored 450+ in dat…but due to high general cut off I was unable to get a govt seat…my financial conditions are not in favour of a private medical college
    ……my father is saying to have admission in bakson college as fees of bhms are relatively low than bds and mbbs….he thinks that I should apply for medical officer exam or any govt post after doing bhms…just tell me if I can do something good in bhms I.e, it’s scope paying scale and all…can I have a govt job after completing dis degree n yes m ready to Give my best in spite of anything…reply as soon as possible

  • Sir,I am Studying in dhms complete after apply bhms.from bangladesh student visa in india appy bhms.

  • I have one doubt… I’m a student.. but im worked homoeopathy agency in 5years.. I know basic medicines.. dilution and mother tincture and cosmetic products… I eagerly join to college in studied homoeopathy.. but only I’m students.. I’m complete my degree and i have joined homoeopathy college?????

  • Respected Sir,

    I just joined BHMS course .
    I want to know that ,
    1) Is this course is equivalent to MBBS in INDIA or abroad?
    2) Can I do all the thing which one MBBS student can do after completion of BHMS course?

  • Sir i have one question for becoming a duty doctor (RMO) in any multispecialty hospital hospital BHMS or, BAMS degree people are eligible?

  • Hellow sir I m passed out hsc science physics ,chemistry,and biology but my totally marks 106/300 and now I m 27 years old can I do BHMS course can I eligible,Please give me reply …..?

  • Hello sir. ..I am bhms student. …recently I was failed 2 exam then also supplementary…then before I was failed in 1 St yr. ..then I repeated again. .then now I had depression again I failed 2 nd yr. .what can I do….can I leave bhms or any new course or continue. .?…pls tell me ..

  • Sir, your information is very good. I have to clear my doubt. I was 40 years old. I am house wife. My qualification is MSc in Microbiology. bzc group in intermediate. I am interested to do BHMS direct from college. Can I have any chance. tell me all details and limitations about qualification and age etc if any and course duration and fee particulars and how to apply etc…
    Waiting for your reply sir,
    Thanks & regards
    Padmaja sudhakar

  • dear sir
    after completing bhms is there any chance to do job in out of india like america dubai qatar like that

  • Hello sir i have complete my BA in Art. but i have interested in BHMS. can is possibly for me.
    i want to admition. please suggest me.

  • Sir,
    I m not not prepared for NEET and I don’t know which exam is to be given for going in homeopathic division is their any other exam needed to be cleared for this or with the selection in NEET we are provided with option we need.
    Waiting eagerly for ur reply

  • What are possible Courses a Homeopathic undergraduate can do in USA?
    When Should he or she start applying for course in USA?

  • What is the entrance for bhms ? And if neet is mandatory​ for bhms then how much is the cut off

  • Hello sir still now I have completed 2nd puc
    I want to become an Scanning doctor means diagnostic laboratory
    so what I have to do
    and which course is essential

  • Is there NEET entrance exam for M.D. after completing B.H.M.S.?If yes what I should do after B.H.M.S.?

  • My sister wanted to persue MBBS & then do MD to be an gynecologist but due to some reasons she couldnot take up MBBS & wishes to do BHMS this year.

    Can u please guide me if she does BHMS then can she do MD & become a gynecologist & serve as an gynecologist exactly same as an doctor who has done his/her MBBS & MD as an gynecologist.

    Awaiting eagerly for your reply.

    Thanking you in advance

  • I Want to take addmission in BHMS and I have get mhtcet entrance exam mark 70 pls call me it is future for my life

  • Hii Sir,
    How To take admission for BHMS.
    What are the Imp. Dates for Online Registration?

  • hello sir,
    I have recently completed BHMS. I am going to usa in august. But I want to study there, Which courses i can study there.

  • I can take bhms course i wrote both neet and ts eamcet 2017exam but i am confused that through which bhms seats addmisions are taken . So plzz.. tell me

  • Can a homeo seat can be grabbed by scoring 300+ Mark in neet 2017-18? Is homeo is easy to do plz clarify

  • Hi..
    If you fail in 1st year study of BHMS Degree, say 2-3 subjects, will you be promoted to next year or have to wait to clear those subjects till next year ?

    please let me know.

  • Dear Sir,
    I am a 35 year old Arts Graduate, working an a NGO. I want to study BHMS and start practicing Homeopathy medicine for the rest of my life. Kindly guide me on this. Thank you.

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