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Is there any effect of radiation on homeopathic medicines?

Is there any effect of radiation on homeopathic medicines?

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1.Does homeopathic meds. get spoiled or loose their potency when they pass through the airport security checks and X-Ray machines etc. I have to often travel by Air outside India and the med have to pass through X-Rays and machines etc. and even though I tell them they are Homeo med they do not oblige. If the med get spoiled what should be done to save them?
2.If we put the med phials of quite high potency and low potency in the same bag or box,whether the high pot med get spoiled or loose their potency by keeping them along with the low pot med?
3.Now a days plastic phials have become very common and convient to carry the hom med.Whether they become spoiled or loose their potency after some time? If yes how long they will remain fine? In emergency after a long duration of time,will they work?
4.In India a mushroom of Homm med manufactures have come up.Can you suggest some geniune and reliable manufactures.Generally in India, the top most Drs purchase their med from outside India?
5.In your journal very few articles are written about the Coronary Artery Disease and hypertention, whereas they are one of the biggest problems now a days and people are forced to go for Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery.I will be highly obliged if more space is given to such topics in future.
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1. I have personally talked to many frequent air travelers and they do not report any change in efficacy of the homeopathic remedies due to the brief x-ray exposure. Most prefer to carry their remedy kit in their hand luggage to minimize exposure.
2. I seriously do not know. My remedy kit often has vials with many different potencies and they all seem to work when needed.
3. I have heard anecdotes that medicines stored in glass vials have proved effective even after dozens of years. But there has been no study or anecdote about the plastic vials yet!
4. It is not true that top homeopaths purchase their medicines from outside India. There are too many manufacturers and since I have not used products from most of them, it would be wrong for me to recommend any one. Look for a big ISO approved company. That way the basic quality standards can be assured of.
5. Homeopathy does not treat the disease in isolation. And through our journal we try to present cases that reflect the holistic approach of homeopathy and the best way to get cures, whatever may be the name of the disease.

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  • Hi on a whim I bought radiation combination remedy from Helios pharmacy not to use you know just in case ever needed. Helios sent it wrapped in foil with instructions to keep away from other remedies.which I have done of course. just makes me curious 30c was the potency

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