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Is there any relation between the action of biochemic and vital force?

Is there any relation between the action of biochemic and vital force?

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Vital force is an important aspect considered in homeopathy and the science of same is not yet clear.Can we assume that 12 tissue salts(along with other tissue salts)may represent this vital force? These salts are similar/vital tissue salts as present in our body & the imbalance or balance of these is reponsible for the disorders or health respectively. Furthur, why these salts should not be considered as REAL SIMILIMUM being similar and vital to body system in nature.
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Being Vital and being Vital Force are too different things. Biochemic theory does say that an imbalance in tissue salts is responsible for diseases. This does make them vital. But the concept of vital force in homeopathy has quite a different meaning. First of all, Force represents energy, whereas biochemic salts represent tissue salt supplements (tangible, physiological). They can not be considered same even logically. Even if we consider that tissue salt deficiency is responsible for most disease forms, there has to be something which maintains the tissue salt balance in healthy humans. There has to be something, the deviation in which, results in those salt imbalances. THAT dynamic energy, which keeps us alive, keeps our body functioning as unity and in harmony, is the Vital Force that Hahnemann talked about.

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