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please tell me the ailments covered by medicine hirudo

please tell me the ailments covered by medicine hirudo

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Please describe all symptoms/ailments of person who could benefit from hirudo, it’s much harder to find that typical remedies. Thanks!

Hirudo is also known as Sanguisuga officianalis. It is often used for Hemorrhagic diathesis, especially rectal hemorrhages.

Hir. Hirudo Medicinalis. Sanguisuga officinalis. The Leech. N. O. Hirudinea. Tincture of the animal.

Burnett was the first to use Sanguisuga or Hirudo Medicinalis as a homeopathic remedy for hemorrhages. Dangerous hemorrhages have frequently followed the application of leeches and it has been ascertained that the leech does not merely bite, it poisons the bitten part in such a way as to render the blood in it watery.
Burnett had a case of persistent bleeding from the rectum, the blood being watery and all the usual hemorrhagic remedies having failed to arrest it, Burnett thought that Hirudo Medicinalis might prove a similar remedy. He had a tincture made and attenuated, gave the 5c potency and made a brilliant cure.
To make Hir., macerate the end of a leech’s head for twenty minutes in a mixture of sand and a physiological serum. Centrifuge the liquid and a green liquid residue is obtained, which is dried after the addition of thymol. The substance thus obtained forms the stock for the preparation of the potencies. W. Schwabe of Stuttgart, who prepared this stock, called it ‘Hirudin.’
The symptomatology was established by members of the International Homeopathic League, following the Congress in Amsterdam in 1961-62. Members of the British, American and Chilean leagues participated in the proving. The group from London, whose report was made by Reside, was made up of eighteen people, nine of whom were men and nine women.

Hirudo Medicinalis causes one to feel very lively and energetic, then exhausted suddenly, shivers, feels depressed. The condition alternates between well being and depression. Throbbing frontal or occipital headache. Tendency to bleed. Bleeds easily from all the orifices. Irregular heart-beat and congestion of the veins.
Gastro-intestinal malfunctioning with nausea, vertigo, diarrhea or constipation, (stools streaked with bright red blood).
Menses irregular and burning leucorrhea. Syphilitic hemiplegia and paraplegia. Progressive lacunar cerebral sclerosis. Myelitis, tabes. Transverse myelitis, preceded by intermittent claudication.
Aerophagy. Angina. Anal, bleeding. Aneurysms. Cervicitis. Colic. Conjunctivitis. Hemoptysis. Hemorrhages. Hepatitis. Jaundice. Leucorrhea. Ovarian cysts. Thrombophlebitis.
Allergic and psoric constitutions. Syphilitic. Hemophiliac types. This remedy is directed particularly, but not exclusively to phosphoric syphilitic and neuro-biliary types. Tendency to bleed. Planets: Moon.
Better from sitting from coughing. Worse after defecation. Worse left side, but not exclusively.

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