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Role of homeopathy to remove the drug resistance

Role of homeopathy to remove the drug resistance

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Thanks. But I want to know the adverse effects in differant sence. When a person takes allopathic medicines for long, he may become some resistant to its toxic effects due to change in morphology of body cells etc. So these medicines are tollerated even in more quantities if taken regularily for long. Homeopathic remedies helps to stimulate or awakens cell functions so may remove this accumulated resistance. If this resistance is removed and also if allopathic medicines are taken in simillar quantities, then it may be possible this can lead to severe toxic effects as will be considered as increased/toxic quantity. Homeopathic remedies may make cells refresh like as of children. So pls inform accordingly.
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What a good question! Made me sit straight and think!

Yes, it is true that with continued medication, our body cells often become resistant to the action of allopathic medicines and the dose has to be increased to maintain the effectiveness.
It is also true that Homeopathy medicines can help eliminate such accumulated toxins and increase the sensitivity of the body tissues to the same substance. It has been scientifically verified too.
From here onwards we can only ponder what will happen in such situation. Sure, the body will respond adversely to the undue doses of the allopathic medicine. The danger is more likely if the allopathic and homeopathic medicines are directed towards same ailment or have similar tissue affinity. But my answer is hypothetical. We need some scientific tests to ascertain what will happen if..?. The good side is that if this hypothesis is right than it can be used to develop some protocol to minimize the use of allopathic medicines in some incurable cases where the use of allopathic medicine becomes imperative. This is all I have to offer. I cant answer this one to my own satisfaction, leave aside yours!

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