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Should i opt for sulphur of continue Calcaria?

Should i opt for sulphur of continue Calcaria?

Posted by: Ros Ivison

I know someone who is a Calc Carb constitution. She did quite well on Pulsatilla at first, but initially did even better on Calc Carb. However, she keeps suppressing a lot of symptoms.

Since last September and before she has taken several lots of antibiotics for tonsillitis, tooth absesses and cyctitis. She had several travel vaccs in December and had typhoid, yellow fever and other, plus malaria prophylaxis all at once. She had acne on her face which she suppressed and recently, I have discovered that she has renal colic.

This sounds like direction of cure in reverse to me.

Do you think that a dose of Sulphur may help reverse the effects of antibiotic and vaccine suppression or is it best to perhaps continue with the Calc Carb but in an LM potency rather than anything stronger, so that she is getting a daily dose?


Hello NaturalHealth,

Yes, the direction of cure is definitely reversed here. The disease is moving from lower plane to higher plane. You will not be able to cure this person even with daily repetition if she keeps suppressing her symptoms. You need to make her an informed patient before you give her any medicine. You need to tell her what cure means, what suppression means, what are their consequences, what is the direction of an ideal cure etc. Unless and until the person is ready to help herself, you will not be able to help her much.

Giving Sulphur or any such medicine will not have much effect unless and until you have come across a block and the case is not progressing with the correctly selected remedy. If the case is responding to the medicine selected on the basis of totality, there is no need to try anything else. You can definitely use LM potencies here if the patient is sensitive in general.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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