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Treatment for eye floaters

Treatment for eye floaters

Posted by: marios drett

Dear Dr.B

I am 23 year old male and for the last 7 months I have eye floaters(muscae volitantes-like black spiders)which really bother me a lot. I was examined by eye doctors and all said my eyes are perfect! I am in good health overall. I have been taking Calcarea Carbonica for 8 days now but there has been no improvement yet!Please help me!
Thanks in advance!

Asking for more info :[email protected]

Hello marios,

I have answered questions related to floaters previously so I would request you to search the previously answered questions. The treatment of Muscae Volitantes depends upon the cause. Floaters can occur due to variety of reasons about which you can find on the Net. They may be acute or chronic. They may be related to the eye or may be reflective of general prostration or pathology. The treatment will depend upon the totality of your case. Usually floaters respond to homeopathy treatment in nearly 100% cases, unless and until they are caused by some irreversible pathology.

I can not comment on your use of Calcarea carb as I am not aware of the basis for this prescription. There are many other medicines which cover this condition and only the medicine which covers the cause as well as the totality of symptoms will be able bring about a curative result.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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  • I have suffered floaters in the eyes for seven years now. Though they are bothersome I am not bothered by them anymore. Unfortunately they appear getting worse.

  • I have had floaters for several years. After I had Lasik surgery (3 years ago) I had a huge flood of floaters in my right eye. I went to the eye doctor and they saw a little tear in the retina which they did laser and correct. But the floaters are still here and they block my vision. There are some really dark ones and then a web of others. I am nearsighted and the lasik was to make the right eye see distance and the left eye to see close. The right eye had the most change done to it. I am 60 years old and in excellent health. I am looking into homeopathics and cell salts.

    THank you – Sharon

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