Author - Simone Fayeton

Two Cases – Vomiting & Sterility

Dr. Simonne Marie luc Fayeton shares two Aethusa Cynapium cases. One is of repeated vomiting, loss of weight in a man of 24. Another case is of sterility in a woman after 3 years of oral contraceptives.

Aethusa Cynapium

Dr. Simonne Marie luc Fayeton shares a case of Aethusa Cynapium in a woman of 78. Cervical, lumbar, sacral and gluteal pains and bulimia were among the problems being treated.

A Difficult Case of COVID-19

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton shares a difficult case of Covid-19 in a woman of 63. The patient’s symptoms included intense fatigue, sleepy, no appetite or thirst, tremors, dizziness, visual disturbances, pain in the muscles of...