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Moringa: ‘Incurable’ Breast Cancer in a Woman of 33

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton treats an ‘incurable’ case of breast cancer in a woman of 33. Lac c, Sepia, Dendroaspis and Moringa all came into play.

She entrusts the newborn to her mother and leaves on a trip.

Woman born in 1945 that I have been treating since 1978, the first time after a catastrophic mammogram: “strong suspicion of a neoplastic process developed in the superior-external quadrant of the right breast” (April 6th 1978). The tumor was enormous.

She refused any treatment, despite the doctor friend who had made the diagnosis, especially since he was devastated by what he had discovered and told her husband: “In any case, treatment or no treatment, she is lost.

She came to me and the tumor melted, thanks to Lac caninum. Other remedies were necessary for the follow-up, especially Sepia, (she left on a trip after her first delivery and entrusted the child to her mother, as if indifferent to the child’s fate. She is unbearable with her husband, she does not like sexuality), but I will never put her in good health.

It is funny to report that 10 years after this story, I read the mammographic report of 1978 on the phone to a gynecologist, to see her reaction and she told me:

“It is very serious, it must be operated urgently”. I thanked her for the advice, without saying that this report was dated 10 years earlier and that the patient was doing well. Well allopathically speaking, but in fact not well:

Excessive coldness, pain everywhere, hemorrhoids, chronic asthenia and above all a terrible mood, which is so bad that the husband takes refuge in prayer, but although she is very pious herself, she reproaches him: “he should better help me”.

Desire to travel

“I dream of travelling, there I can finally be myself, there I am able to live. I realize myself elsewhere. The first child, once born, left for two months on a trip, leaving her with her mother: “They told me: It’s absurd, you won’t do it. I said, this trip, I prepared it, I will do it. I was annoyed that the travel agents, seeing me pregnant, did not take my project seriously”.

Impression of never having loved her children, of having done everything out of duty.  I am not helped, I have no shoulder to lean on. Nobody understands me.

Dreams of a huge wave that carries her to the beach and brings her back, it’s nice.

Main theme: Denied, doesn’t count, not helped.

I feel terribly denied, I am not taken into account, my desire, my word, what I am. Nobody takes care of me. I feel hatred, anger.

The husband says: she criticizes all the time, she is aggressive, she always sees what is missing.

She says: I am accused, I do not know how to defend myself. My husband never defends me. He tries to explain to me that the other is right against me. I feel I have no capacity to face a fight.  My mother has never defended me.

On the themes of being denied, doesn’t count, isn’t helped

I give : Dendroaspis XM (Black Mamba Snake)

29/11/10, almost 6 months later
I am much better in all. After the June dose, my return to Paris did not tire me. I feel like a vital force, I set off, I dare, I undertook tidying up that I did not do anymore. I organized meetings with the family. I have accepted commitments in the parish, catechism and baptism preparation. I have a thirst for life. Thirst to give happiness and to please.

I discovered the joy of living. I said to myself, others have always known this, how lucky they are. I had to make the decision to sell a piece of land by the sea, a piece of land owned by my mother, who could no longer move there. It posed family problems. Everything went well, I was helped a lot by my daughters in the negotiations, in the wording of the administrative letters. I was congratulated, whereas it was likely to make quarrels of families.

She asked for a dose on 20/03/11 and 23/05/11, after which she was in great shape until December when she asked for another dose by mail.
Dendroaspis 24000

However, her mother dies in October 2013, bequeaths her house to her, which seems to her a reparation for the lack of love she has suffered all her life, and she finds herself facing unworthy manipulations from her nephews who want an exorbitant compensation for this house. It will have to be sold.

She is distressed, she feels alone. “The nephews are screwing me up. They suggested that I manipulated Grandma. I’m sick of it. I can’t defend myself. I go into states of anxiety for no reason, I can’t sleep anymore, I’m facing a mountain. The house, it is necessary to empty it, it is a mountain, It is necessary that I attack the mountain “.

I don’t have the energy to empty the house, to put all this on sale, a mountain to transport, to level. My mother had said: you will never sell the house. It will be sold. The house, I have all my childhood in it, my affectivity will be shaken when I will empty it.

Rx : Moringa 10.000
On the theme of entrusting the newborn to her mother to go on a trip to the end of the world, of selling the house, of having to empty it, finally of the suffering of not knowing what people are really like, I give her:

In addition, on the subject of not knowing how to collaborate with others, according to Guy and Ute’s hypothesis, she only saw faults in a loving husband (which made Sepia cure her cancer, but not her bad temper, which on the contrary, got worse), and in the people of the company where she worked, who were all Jewish.  She said: “I am not anti-Semitic, but these people are unbearable. She could not be anti-Semitic, because she was a practicing Catholic, but she could not collaborate with these people whom she did not understand, nor with the husband, since he was retired, that is to say, still at home.

I suffered for the husband at each consultation, and thought he would die before her, so much he took the reproaches. As for loving her children, how could she, since she did not perceive their own identity, their essence?

Moringa suffers from the fact that she can identify things and people, but only according to their transitions, their accidents, never according to their being, their universality, and the senses that only have access to singulars can deceive her until she can no longer identify precisely what she wants to know.

It is indeed in my patient of the secondary psora of Moringa.

On 17/12/13, on the phone
I have started to empty the house. I am starting to tackle the big mountain. I have the energy for it. I’m holding it together. I’m okay.

01/14/14 on the phone
Good energy; 10 days of moving. Back pain. Overall better.
Basic question: who am I? I can’t see who I am, I see all my weaknesses.

On 04/04/14
She took Moringa 50,000 on January 24.
“It just keeps getting better. It gives me a punch. I can see things clearly, what I have to do doesn’t worry me anymore. I have energy.

But a big fatigue hit a month after the dose.

– What happened?

– Just when we thought we had a solution, they attack on something else to get more money. Where am I going to get the money? I will have to draw on my own money; I will have assets, but I don’t have cash. I’m afraid of bad people. A crazy anxiety took hold of me.

– You don’t really know them?

– I know them for not being good people, so I know what they might do to me. It’s like when I’ve had trouble in my job. All of a sudden, I come across a decree from the administration: Ms. X is no longer part of the institute. I was appointed elsewhere. It was a political story. You can never know what your opponent has in mind. I didn’t have the knowledge to say: they want to go there. It scares me not knowing where they’re taking me. I am completely at their mercy, their hostage. They’re the ones running the show. They will take me wherever they want.  I have been denied by my mother, by my brother, now by my nephews. I want to run away. I am nothing, I do not exist.

– I understand that the bottom of your anguish is: I know they are bad, I don’t know what they will do to me.

– Yes, I don’t know what else they’ll come up with. They didn’t get it right the first time. They had a plan and they followed it. That’s why, from the beginning, they refused to talk to me.

– You know they’re evil, but you don’t know what’s inside them and what can still come out. Do you know the bottom of yourself?

– Oh no, I don’t even know who I am, it must be bad, I want to wipe them out, never see them again. I’m not merciful, it’s eating away at my soul, I’m totally at odds with what I want to live.

– Hasn’t this lack of knowledge of the other person’s background always been the cause of your difficulties as a couple?

– We never know the other person. It makes me suffer all the more because my husband is someone who does not reveal himself.

– Your anguish today is of the same mode as the one you had during your difficulties at work.

– Those were political stories that had nothing to do with me. I couldn’t defend myself anywhere. I was being used. I was first thrown into a structure where I had to do all the work of the boss’s mistress who got the glory. I was lied to…

– You lived in fear

– I am afraid of everything, of the dark, of dogs, of geese.

– Dogs, geese, you don’t know what they’ll do.

So Moringa did very well until the bad news a month later?

– I shook it off afterwards with the little kids on vacation.


On the phone: she cancels her appointment because of an L4 fracture (she had already fractured D9-D11 two years ago) that she made while playing tennis or something.  Events don’t get better, but she thought she was “reacting pretty well.

“I tell myself: welcome the events, you’ll see the end of it”.

She will resume on 12/08/14 Moringa 50300, on 22/05/15 Moringa CM, (“Moringa gets me out of trouble”) on 21/09/15 Moringa CM

On 04/14/16 on the phone, she tells me: ” I am amazed by the effect of the dose  “.


They went to live on the ocean in her mother’s house, she calls from time to time (about once a year) to have a dose of Moringa, which always does her a lot of good, especially since she has lived through great tragedies: the husband had a stroke when he learned of the death of his brother, she had to put him in EHPAD. He has moments of dementia, especially since during the confinement, he did not understand why she did not visit him anymore.

Miasmatic dynamics:

In fact the problem of the essence is found in all her miasmatic dynamics.

In egotrophy, she goes on a journey without taking into account the unique essence of this newborn baby that came out of her, not her mother.

No doubt Sepia passed on her egotrophy, which had allowed her to seduce her husband: at the time, perhaps he felt understood by this egotrophic Moringa woman in her depths, that’s why, remembering her happiness, he put up with her thinking: she’s sick. (I can’t ask her anymore).

In egolysis she feels painfully denied “they don’t take into account what I am”, that is to say of her unique essence. She was in heterolysis when she denigrated her husband in front of me, who did not help her properly, and complained about the bad collaboration of her Jewish co-workers.

“I am not anti-Semitic” is heterosis in disguise. After the first dose of Moringa, she asks herself the question, “Who am I? I can’t see who I am, I see all my weaknesses.

She has gone into psoriasis: she tries to know her personal essence, and only sees the accidents, her weaknesses, suffering from not seeing her wonderful essence. She has lost the common sense that would allow her to see the whole of her personality with its qualities to be developed and its defects to be corrected.

About the author

Simone Fayeton

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton was born January 1935. She did her medical studies in Paris, and earned her medical degree 1960. From 1977- 1983 she taught Homeopathy in Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales. She studied Unicist techniques with Dr. Mureau in Belgium and later with Dr. Schmidt in France. In 1983 she met Dr Alphonso Elizalde Masi. In 1984 she became Founder and President of Association Française pour l'Approfondissement de la Doctrine Hahemanienne.

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