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Covid Sequelae Cases Treated with the Nosode Coronium

Written by Simone Fayeton

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton shares covid sequelae cases treated successfully with the nosode Coronium. Often well selected remedies had failed or only partially helped.

These cases of post Covid -19 with lingering symptoms recovered quickly from with Coroninum used as nosode.  I received doses of this nosode from Brazil  which a team of homeopaths made a proving of.  The head of the proving team was  Dr. Angela Augusta Lanner Vieira and Dr. Carlos Eduardo Leitão.

The material obtained came from samples of oro-pharyngeal secretions of 4 Covid- 19 positive patients. These secretions were then diluted in alcohol at 70 degrees, to make the virus inactive.

Pharmacists responsible for the preparation of the remedy: Dr. Ligia Chaves de Freitas Farias (pharmacy Atomo – Rio de Janeiro), Dr. Mauricio Lacerda Belém (pharmacy Dr. Nilo Cairo, Curitiba), Dr. Amaryllis Cesar (São Paulo).

Mr. B. Aj.
On 6/04/20
He caught Covid from his daughter. A little fever, cough < at night. He chooses Arsenicum (he is very fussy and anxious) on the protocol I sent to all my patients. He takes it for a week. But he continues to cough. He calls on 17/04: Since Tuesday 14, it goes back down in the bronchi. Sensation as if the air cannot enter for 20 seconds after coughing because the trachea flattens.

I look in the Radar: Collapse of the trachea: only one remedy: Phos.

Phosphorus 15CH after each cough.

On 20/04/20

He was well since Phosphorus.

This morning, the symptoms come back. He also has conjunctivitis: the eyes water, his sight has decreased.

Naja 15CH   – Naja did not help.

I send him the Coroninum nosode in 30CH, to be taken as soon as he receives it.

He took Phos again and felt better on the 22nd. He received Coroninum on the 23rd, and is much better since then. On the night of the 24th, he slept well. He reported that the head pain he had not told me about has disappeared.

On the 27th, he says he is getting better and better. Energy is getting better every day.

Mrs G Rf

Hypothyroid patient on L-throxine.  Covid end of October: Fever 38.5. No appetite Loss of 5 kg

Desire for nothing

Back shoulders, heavy


Tingling of the hands

Cold extremities.

TSH: 7,1, instead of 4,7 with L-thyroxine 50 one day, 25 the other.

Coroninum XM on 11/12/20

Review on 02/03/21

“It did me a lot of good quickly. The fatigue disappeared. I don’t know what a cough is anymore.”

Mr U Bc

March 2020 inappetence, cold aches in the back and shoulders, tingling in the thumbs, index fingers, middle fingers

Coroninum 30H

He did not reconsult, and I cannot reach him, but knowing him, I know that he would have come back if he did not feel cured. Indeed, on May 3, he told me that he had recovered his taste and smell to 80% and that his condition was still improving.

Mrs R Of

10 days of cold in October 2020

Coughs a lot

Extremely tired

Coroninum 30H on 04/11/20  –  Recovered very quickly

Mr R Uj. Patient – argentum nitr.

On 16/11/20

Tired, heavy legs, loss of taste and smell. PCR +

Coroninum 30H on 30/11/20

Recovered the same evening and he resumed his work (very physical) with enthusiasm the next day, and it held.

Taste and smell took a month to return.

Mrs. R Ui  –  Patient on Ocimum

On 13/11/2020

Chills without fever, stood in front of the fireplace.




Coroninum XM on 23/11/2020: rapid effect, spectacular.

Miss A Ra   –  A Silica patient

Sunday 12 and 13/12/20 no energy

On 14, headache, eyes, in the orbits, the throat tingles, mucus in the throat, dry throat.

She is very, very cold >   The shivers begin in the back, go up in the neck and the shoulders,

She is thirsty for large quantities.

She has taken Silicea 200 by herself, which improves her a little but she remains weak, clings to objects not to fall, she slips, twists her ankles,

She has lost her sense of taste and smell.

I see her on the 15th

Etiological symptom: She was very upset on the 9th “because I felt that Daddy didn’t trust me. I cried for an hour.

Hura brasilensis 9CH every 3 hours, then spaced out as it improved

On 12/21/20

She is much better. Taste and smell are coming back since yesterday evening.

Still a bit tired.

Coroninum XM

She is getting back to full health quickly

Mrs L Am – A Causticum patient

On 16/10/20: fever at 39°5. Cough.

She takes Gelsemium 30 CH on her own (chosen from my protocol sent to my patients in case of COVID: high fever, no thirst, trembling, weakness)

No fever the next day, but no appetite.

On the 22nd, liquid diarrhea.

She takes Causticum 30CH after each bowel movement.

On the 27/10/20, she consulted me, as I advise on my “protocol”, in case it doesn’t work or they don’t know what to choose.

Since this morning she has diarrhea again. She is very tired.

She is still coughing.

She is neither hungry nor thirsty.

She is trembling inside

Pain in the right hypochondrium.

Thick, white, “disgusting” tongue.

Ears are blocked

Seeks to be quiet

I give her Coroninum 30 then Gelsemium 200, 3 days in a row.

28/10: news on the phone: she is less exhausted, (she could do a crossword) less sleepy, coughs less. She speaks without coughing on the phone.

On 11/12, her husband tells me that she has been in great shape since the dose of Coroninum.

Mrs B Em –  A Causticum patient

She got the coronavirus on March 29, 2020, from her husband.

Big fatigue, cough, Loss of smell and taste.

Serology + in June.

She took Bryonia on the advice of another patient of mine who had received my “protocol” which gave a progressive improvement of the symptoms.

Then she took Causticum 30 ch

On 11/05/20, her energy returned a little, but she felt slow, not dynamic

Her sense of smell and taste returned

Mucus, less and less.

Causticum XM

On 03/11/20, she still feels tired, has small coughing fits, mucus in the back of her throat

She has a dental infection and I prescribe Pyrogenium 30 CH which is very good for the infection. And I send her a dose of Coroninum 30ch for the aftermath of the coronavirus;

On 05/02/21

She says that the last dose did her a lot of good very quickly, that she recovered her energy very quickly after Coroninum, her taste and smell came back and at the end of November she was not coughing anymore.

She still feels tired in the evening, she wants to be quiet.

Coroninum XM

Quickly the tiredness disappeared, and also the pain in the hollow of her armpit.

Mrs D Ej

On 02/11/20, she tells me on the phone that she caught Covid from her son, (cured by Ammonium carb). She had a high fever. But she was so mentally confused, that she didn’t think to call me and she was hospitalized. PCR+.

BP 8/5. Hepatic balance disturbed.

She was given heparin injections.

I sent Coroninum 30, which she took on 6 or 7/11, on her way home. After the dose, she no longer had a fever.  She slept less, regained her strength: “every day I spent more time on my feet, I had a good appetite, I wanted to do things. But I was still tired in the evening.

I sent her Coroninum M  –  She improved quickly, and resumed her gardening activities, with good energy.

Mrs. P An

She does not specify the date of the beginning of the troubles. Loss of taste and smell. PCR +

No fever. She took Gelsemium

Tired. Pain in left kidney. (before she had pyelonephritis)

Coroninum XM

The next day the pain in the kidney was gone

10 days after the dose her sense of smell was back, sense of taste a few days later.

The PCR test, 8 days later was negative

Mr D Ap – Patient on Cistus

On 01/02/21, consult by phone

Fever 38.5 since last night, headache, very tired

Feeling of great cold at night

Diarrhea, intestinal gas.

Having few precise symptoms, and encouraged by the good effects of Coroninum, I sent a dose of Coroninum XM

Everything passed quickly: “The symptoms were over the same evening I received the dose.”

Mrs P Oe   Patient on Carbo fullerenum  (Carbon 60 proved in 2002 by Misha Norland) This remedy had pulled this lady out of a deep burnout in 2002 and she happily takes it again whenever she is tired.

PCR + Loss of taste and smell. Sinusitis. Very tired. Sleeps badly.

Coroninum XM

“It was magic, I recovered my form as if by a switch on-off” (expression found in the proving: “it was as if I had an on-off button. “NS B21

Dr. Philippe Couleru, born in 1935, retired for 24 years. Personal testimony:

“Tested + at the end of December and I isolated myself, and was fed by my wife for 8 days, before she was contaminated and rushed to hospital in serious condition.

“I was left alone, unconscious, and not rehydrated. My children discovered me and rushed me to the hospital. I was completely knocked out, had lost almost 10 Kgs, and was unable to walk. No pulmonary signs.

The biological check-up panicked the hospital staff who infused me and overfed me with proteins for about ten days before sending me to rehabilitation. I stayed there for 5 weeks and then was taken home.

That day (beginning of February) I took the 1st dose of Coroninum received from Dr Fayeton in Le Puy: I was able to walk in the apartment the next day. Then the 2nd dose 8 days later, and I felt just like before this illness.

(On 02/06/21, he complains of sciatic pain and I send him another dose of Coroninum, without effect 3 days later)

Mrs C Oc  – Patient on Uranium

Develops COVID on January 22, 2021: fever at 40, slow pulse, painful cough, feeling that the bones are broken. She chose from my list Pyrogenium, Bryonia, Eupatorium, which she alternated.

On the 3rd day, nothing more, except a weariness. But she has not recovered her taste and smell.

February 24: Artemisia Annua Africa 12CH, every day.

She recovered her taste and smell the same evening. The fatigue disappeared in a few days.

I did not need to send her Coroninum.

Manon, born in 2005 – Patient on Guano

She had a “big flu” in February 2020, she spent her time sleeping, even eating was an effort and she coughed a lot. It lasted a week, and another 3 days tired, with a big cough.

She sees me on 31/03/21, for small red pimples on her face, thorax and abdomen which itch. That lasted 4 days and at the same time of she got frostbite like symptoms (since January 2021) which she had never had.

These 2 symptoms are reported in some forms of COVID 19 proving.

I assume this is a minor recurrence of Covid.

Coroninum 30H.

The itching disappeared in 2 days, the red pimples in 4 days, as did the “frostbite”.

Mrs. B Ru. – Patient on Tungsten

On May 14, 2021, they were at the home of people who had COVID. The next day, high fever, enormous fatigue, headaches.




She comes to see me after 9 days, because she remains tired, depressed, discouraged, oppressed, cold. She wears a heavy jacket while the temperature is mild.

Psorinum 200, two doses 24 hours apart.

The next day, an email:

I feel like I’ve been resurrected! The dose of Psorinum had a magical effect!

I’m back in shape and in good spirits. This morning, I was able to work in my garden!

Thank you. I am amazed and continue to speak highly of this medicine to those around me (evangelical environment that imagines that homeopathy is of the devil). So much the worse for those who refuse to believe and trust… It is like faith.

About the author

Simone Fayeton

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton was born January 1935. She did her medical studies in Paris, and earned her medical degree 1960. From 1977- 1983 she taught Homeopathy in Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales. She studied Unicist techniques with Dr. Mureau in Belgium and later with Dr. Schmidt in France. In 1983 she met Dr Alphonso Elizalde Masi. In 1984 she became Founder and President of Association Française pour l'Approfondissement de la Doctrine Hahemanienne.


  • dear dr. Simone, I am very happy with your publication. I guess it is the first one with the Coroninum. I ask you how did you received it and how did you make the Coroninum XM, I guess it is 10M.

    In April, the first Coroninum seemed not to be working that well and so we got 3 more secretions, from people that was ill in April, in Rio de Janeiro. We dinamized the first potencies in serum, and then mixed to the first 4 secretions, making what we call Coroninum 2021, that seems to be better again. If you wish I may send it to you.

    All my best, Amarilys de Toledo Cesar

        • Dear amarilys,

          Yes I am interested in the remedy Coroninum or “Coroninum2021” which is described as even more powerfull in the mentioned cases.

          I tried to order it at the farmacy in brasil but because I do not have an brasilian tax-number I could not finish the online order.

          My adress:
          Michael Diekerhof
          In den Wiesen 21
          66679 Losheim am See

  • Dear Dr. Fayeton,
    is the remedy “coroninum” 30CH you used the same as one could get by farmaciacurare in Brasil?
    If not where could I get it?
    kind regards
    Michael Diekerhof

  • I am also so happy and excited with your excellent reports ! Your work will do good for many others , I am sure!
    I am very grateful for the determination of dr Angela e dr Carlos along with some others very dedicated doctors.

  • I wonder how this nosode compares to the covid nosode called CV-19 which we have had available in USA for about a year now..? Interesting reports, thank you!

  • Dear amarilys,

    Yes I am interested in the remedy Coroninum or “Coroninum2021” which is described as even more powerfull in the mentioned cases.

    I tried to order it at the farmacy in brasil but because I do not have an brasilian tax-number I could not finish the online order.

    My adress:
    Michael Diekerhof
    In den Wiesen 21
    66679 Losheim am See

  • Thank you for these interesting cases. I would like to procure the remedy as i am unable to get my hands on it in the Netherlands. Can that be done.
    Kind regards Gabrielle Zeevenhooven

  • Hi. Dr. Simone,
    I have 72 yrs male pat from covid, he was on intravenous antibiotic (6weeks)and oral antibiotic(1 month), he is getting better, but he is still on oxygen, his chief complain is when he take off his oxygen his oxygen is ok in the ranges of 92 but his pulse which is usually in the 50 then jump to 75 sometimes to 100, I gave him carboneium oxygenatum 1m in water doses, but no avail, he is still complaining the same, MD said he has a fistula in his lung which need to be operated and closed up, I do not agree with him, he cough only after eating, he is very quite does not want to talk, he will communicate with kids but not much with adults. look depress, I try phos 200 then 1M , he said no work, then I try tubeculinum 1m still no work, what do you think in this case? thank you.

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