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Repertory Expert by Drs. Shanu Salim, Ginu. D. Mohan and Genesis. D is Reviewed by Dr. T. Chandra Madhavi

Repertory Expert by Drs. Shanu Salim, Ginu. D. Mohan and Genesis. D is reviewed by Dr. T. Madhavi Chandra. The book is a review of more than 84 repertories and more than 13 computer repertories.

Title:  Repertory Expert – A New Experience on Understanding Repertories

Dr. Shanu Salim M.D (Hom.),
Dr. Ginu. D. Mohan M.D (Hom.),
Dr. Genesis. D M.D (Hom.)

Edited By:
Dr. V. Sathish Kumar M.D (Hom.)
Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Repertory, Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu

ISBN: 978-93-5407-323-6
Published By: Dr. Salim’s Center for Homoeopathic Healing, Kozhikode, Kerala

No. of Pages: 1000 Pages
Price: Rs.950/ Copy
Edition: First Edition
Year: 2020

A Note of Appreciation by: Dr. MANSOOR ALI K. R, Professor, Department of Repertory, Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Calicut

Foreword by: Prof (Dr). ESWARA DAS MD (Hom.), PhD, MBA (Health Care), Project Coordinator, National Homoeopathy Research Institute in Mental Health and Former Director, National Institute of Homeopathy, Government of India

Introducing before you a reference book for the subject of Repertory:

Repertory Expert’, first edition, 2020. This book consists of all the essential information in a single work that helps to save time and gain knowledge about the subject. The main purpose of the book is to serve definite knowledge to someone who needs a support to learn the subject “Repertory”.

During the course of Graduation/Post-graduation, especially at the time of exams, UG students/PG scholars are compelled to depend more upon the original repertories than any other reference books. The data given in such reference books are also sometimes incomplete, where some of the important topics and repertories may not be available and some of them need corrections.

If we need to learn about a repertory in detail, we should approach the original repertory. However, it is very difficult to refer to each and every repertory within a short period and of course one should access the library for it, or else we should keep all of them along with us to refer to when necessary, which is nearly impossible.

All the above said issues have been solved by this book, which is a synthesis of every unavoidable explanation concerned with the most important repertories and related topics. This book collectively includes only the verified data concerned with the repertories, directly taken from the source books.


  • A reference book that discusses all the essential topics regarding the field of Repertory.
  • Review of more than 84 repertories and more than 13 computer repertories.
  • This book includes three parts such as: Part I – Introduction; Part II – Repertory; Part III- Miscellaneous. Well-briefed index, word index and bibliography are made available.
  • This work contains more topics and their well-elaborated explanations, up-to-date, than any other contemporary books available.
  • The data presented in this work are confirmed by verifying the source books, of course according to accessibility to the original books.
  • Recommended for UG students as well as PG scholars to study about repertories and understand the philosophy linked with the subject, also useful to prepare for competitive exams.
  • The well-known basic repertories as the name denotes, are given with detailed explanation regarding its chapters along with some of the important rubrics from different chapters being introduced.
  • The contents are arranged in such a way that it makes the reader more comfortable to go through it.
  • A uniform schema is followed in the second part of the book that deals with repertories, which makes the approach easy.
  • A special feature “Repertories at a Glance”: The preliminary data of all the repertories are indexed in a table that helps to fresh up the details at a glance.

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Madhavi Chandra

Dr. T. Madhavi Chandra, B.H.M.S., M.sc (Psy)., Associate professor
Department of Case taking & Repertory, Venkateswara Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Chennai.

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