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A Bad Cold Threatens Kellys Family Christmas

Try and guess the remedy!

Back by popular demand, I give to you once again, Kelly Young, with yet another sick child.  Yeesh!

Thank you, Elaine, for that emotional introduction.  It’s great to be back.  As always, the Hpathy audience is the greatest audience in the world!


This is the case of my 7 year old son, Emilio Rodriguez.  The cold and flu season arrived early this year, mocking the majesty of Christmas.  The glistening of the tree-tops, the excitement of a brisk sleigh ride in the new-fallen snow, the promises of joy…

Excuse me, I’m sorry, but, did you say, “Emilio Rodriguez”?

Is there something wrong with that?

Oh dear!  With a nice Irish name like Kelly, nobody’s going to believe that your son is named “Emilio Rodriguez”!  This is bound to create confusion in our quiz section.  It’s important that our cases be easy to follow.

You’re so right, I never thought of that!

Don’t worry, all beginning homeopaths make the same mistake, not thinking their case-names logically through.

How about, “Shanahan O’Hannity”?

I can’t handle it.

What about “Blathmac O’Riley”?


Blath means flower.

No one cares, Kelly!

OK, OK, what about “Conan O’Brien”?

A little strange, but ….

OK, so my little seven year old “Coney” started coughing late one night, waking him from sleep.

By the next day, he was coughing more and by that night, a lot!

He was very thirsty, chilly, had no fever and was pale.  The cough was productive but not too deep.

He had a stuffy nose too.  I started Phosphorus 30c (3 doses by bedtime).

He awoke around 11:30 pm, coughing, sweating and very red faced and crying.

He had a tummy ache–passing much wind and very sensitive to light.  He had a headache.  I tried zapping the phosphorus without much luck, so, I guessed it wasn’t an aggravation.

I then gave a single dose of Belledonna 30c and he fell asleep immediately.  This is a very good sign! No more coughing until he awoke in the morning.  I repeated the Belladonna first thing.

Later that afternoon, I noticed him wanting to lie down more.  He was tired and said he was dizzy.  I repeated the Belladonna 30c with no improvement.  I re-thought the case, thought about the new symptoms and the fact that he was no longer thirsty.  After consulting with Elaine, my most wonderful, thoughtful, learned, helpful homeopath…


…and reasonably-priced, I gave _________ 30c.

He quickly improved, dizziness and fatigue subsiding.  I continued for 2 days with _________30c, in water, with succussions (pounding the bottle) before each dose and he appears well.  Another major cold averted!!!  Thank you, homeopathy, the magic of the season is ours again!


If you know the remedy, please write to Elaine at [email protected].  The results will be in next month’s ezine.

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