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Five-Year-Old Saved by the Aggravation Zapper!

Another great quiz from Elaine.

Shana, we are finally back to our old format!


So, no more “completely different” quizzes?

No, Shana, the whole thing seems to have backfired!  People went screaming out of the building!


They did?


It may be the best way to clear a room ever devised—better, even, than yelling, “Fire!” in a crowded theater!


I had no idea!  Wow, that IS impressive; I’ll have to try it!  So, if we’re back to normal, does this mean you have another case?


Indeed, Shana, I do!


Whose case is it?




Mine????  Oh no, not again!!!!


Shana, think of yourself as a valued asset to the homeopathic community!


Can we just get this over with?


Well, fine!  Now, it all started just about half an hour ago.  You were in the potty…..


Bathroom, mom, bathroom; I’m not five years old anymore!


Are you sure?  When did that happen?


Mom!  OK, let me help you with this because you’re having trouble getting started!  I was in the bathroom and I called out to you and I said, “Mom, can eating spicy food give you diarrhea?”  And you said, “Yes, it can.”


So, I came running in with a dose of of a remedy in the 30C potency.


But it didn’t do anything.


So, I came in again and looked at you.  Actually, you were hard to miss; you were completely bent over!  Your back was parallel with the floor!  I said, “What the heck is going on here?”


And I said I was having sharp pains.


With that, I came back with ______________________200C, one pellet.


It actually made me worse!!!


That it did; and while that would have caused your average homeopath’s head to explode, I knew exactly what to do!


I remember!  You said, “This is a job for….THE AGGRAVATION ZAPPER!”


And you said, “What the heck is that?”


Well, what is it?


It’s totally Diane Fuller’s invention!  I went to the kitchen, turned on the cold water, took out a medium size disposable cup, filled it with water, dropped in a pellet of what I gave you, _________200C, waited a second, then dumped it out and refilled it with water 12 times, then gave you a sip of the 12th cup!  It took about five minutes: you straightened up, sat normally, peed, and it was all over, case closed!


Then I went back to watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”.


Hey, you said you weren’t five years old anymore, you lied to me!


If anyone knows what the remedy was, write to my mom at [email protected], the answer will be in the January, 2011 issue–see you next year!


I knew you hadn’t stopped being five!  Actually, the answer is right here, click below:

Revisiting: Five-Year-Old Saved by the Aggravation Zapper!


Mommmmmmm!!!!  By the way, I think I’m feeling better.  Is it safe for me to eat pizza?


P.S.  I thought about whether or not to even include this, as it has no bearing on the remedy selection; but, what do you do when a case relapses?  Well, that’s exactly what happened here!  A few minutes ago, Shana was back in the bathroom again!  I said, Oh no!  What to do now?  The last dose aggravated, remember?  But, I still had the antidoting dose in the cup–I hadn’t thrown it away!  So what did I do?  I stirred the cup with a straw and gave her a sip.  Guess what?  It worked right away, no aggravation!  On her way out of the bathroom, Shana said, “Can I have my pizza now?”

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • I do not know if I understood well your quiz, because English is not my native language, but if Shana had to lean backwards to relieve the problems with colic, so her remedy was Discorea Villosa. Jitka

  • It is Dioscoria Villosa according to the modality bending backward amelioration.
    If you give the similimum it will not relapse. For the similimum you have to take the DISPOSITION and THERMAL , THIRST in account. As these are not described here, so according to modality, the medicine is DIOSCORIA VILLOSA(not the REMEDY because remedy is specific for a person)

  • aggrevaction zapper is fake and did not work on sensitive peoples i have tried this method i have an aggrevaction of selenium 30c i have use this dump and refill method and i am still aggrevactingb
    first time i have used 12 glasses than 24 ’48’120’200 with still not worked

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