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Airconditioning at Mastery Charter School Really Blows!

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Shana, don’t look now, but it’s time for another exciting hpathy quiz!

Who’s the poor patient this time?


Oh no! Not me again! I don’t want to be the patient anymore! I want to be the one who gets to say, “Mom, Dr. B wants to know what’s taking you so long!”

Granted, that IS an important post, Shana; but, think about it, the whole world will benefit by hearing your tale of woe.

If you say so. Do I have a choice?


Alright, then. Ahem! It all started in a 5,000 watt radio station in Fresno, California….

Cut! Cut!!!! Cut!!!!! Shana, excuse me, but that’s Ted Baxter’s acceptance speech from The Mary Tyler Moore Show!

So it is, how silly of me! What I meant to say was: It all started at “Career Day” at Mastery Charter School.

That’s more like it! Now, as I’m sure you’ll remember, when I dropped you off at school in the morning, you were fine. But when I picked you up in the afternoon, it was quite apparent that you had a headache! Such an unusual sight to see you slumped over in the car, supporting your head with your hand, it was distressing to me! I asked you, “What does the pain feel like? For instance, is it a sharp pain? A dull pain? Or does it cut like a knife?” And you said….

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

And I said, “N’ n’ n’ n’ n’ n’ n’ no, pick one!” and you said, “sharp pain.” So, noting also that it was on the left side, I gave you Bryonia!

And it didn’t work.

I was very disappointed! Bryonia has always worked so well for you in left-sided headaches with sharp pain, I was really at a loss until you started telling me how cold it was in Mr. Stundon’s room!

The airconditioner was on full blast, and I have him again for algebra next year! In fact the whole school was cold!

Stupid school! Well, then I knew exactly what the remedy was. Do you see how important etiology is, Shana?


Never mind. So, I asked you if you had ______________ 30C in your remedy kit.

All I had was 200C.

It seemed a bit much, but, you have to go with what you have, right?

Right, and needless to say, it worked! Really fast too.

The potency turned out to be perfect. And we repeated the exact same remedy a few hours later when your headache came back and it worked again! So listen, gang, what do you think it was? Write to me and let me know ([email protected]), the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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