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  • Thank’s Elaine for these wonderful morsels each month. These are not like the dry quizzes I had in college, but adorned with music, gustatory delights and humor. I’ll join this party every month!

  • Lachesis has :
    MIND – ANXIETY – health; about – own health; her/his
    COUGH – FOREIGN body; sensation of a – Larynx, in
    COUGH – MORNING – rising, after
    COUGH – MUCUS – Larynx
    EXPECTORATION – TASTE – metallic
    SLEEP – YAWNING – frequent
    SKIN – SENSITIVENESS – touch; to
    GENERALS – PAIN – sore, bruised
    GENERALS – PAIN – sore, bruised – Internally

  • Thank you wafaa. There was no foreign body sensation in her throat. “coughing up pennies” only because of the metallic taste, nothing else. And, I don’t think there was any information about expectoration being “easy” or difficult.

  • Hello Dear Elaine and Shana,
    My repertorization comes up with Lachesis as the top remedy, although there were a number of runner ups. I thought this was a bit of trick question as when you say, “coughing up pennies” my mind runs to “copper pennies” or Cuprum, which happens to be a good cough remedy.

    However, based upon inputting a number of rubrics:
    Taste metallic; throat taste metallic; Expectoration; metallic taste
    Speech and voice: nasal
    Cough: morning agg; waking on and after
    Cough; intermittent
    Cough; on waking
    Skin; pain; sore, bruised
    Skin, sensitiveness
    Generalities; pain; agg; night
    Generalities; yawning agg

    Runner ups: alum, rhus-tox, hepar sulph, merc, nux-v, sulph
    Wondering if a predominant theme or SRP should help make final decision?

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