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Coughing Up Pennies

Another intriguing Hpathy Quiz; try and guess the remedy!

Hey Mom, we’re ON in Five, four, three, two and…..Cue the Quiz!

Shana, don’t look now, but, the Quiz Answer is in!  Click below, everybody!

Revisiting: Coughing Up Pennies


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  • Thank’s Elaine for these wonderful morsels each month. These are not like the dry quizzes I had in college, but adorned with music, gustatory delights and humor. I’ll join this party every month!

  • Lachesis has :
    MIND – ANXIETY – health; about – own health; her/his
    COUGH – FOREIGN body; sensation of a – Larynx, in
    COUGH – MORNING – rising, after
    COUGH – MUCUS – Larynx
    EXPECTORATION – TASTE – metallic
    SLEEP – YAWNING – frequent
    SKIN – SENSITIVENESS – touch; to
    GENERALS – PAIN – sore, bruised
    GENERALS – PAIN – sore, bruised – Internally

  • Thank you wafaa. There was no foreign body sensation in her throat. “coughing up pennies” only because of the metallic taste, nothing else. And, I don’t think there was any information about expectoration being “easy” or difficult.

  • Hello Dear Elaine and Shana,
    My repertorization comes up with Lachesis as the top remedy, although there were a number of runner ups. I thought this was a bit of trick question as when you say, “coughing up pennies” my mind runs to “copper pennies” or Cuprum, which happens to be a good cough remedy.

    However, based upon inputting a number of rubrics:
    Taste metallic; throat taste metallic; Expectoration; metallic taste
    Speech and voice: nasal
    Cough: morning agg; waking on and after
    Cough; intermittent
    Cough; on waking
    Skin; pain; sore, bruised
    Skin, sensitiveness
    Generalities; pain; agg; night
    Generalities; yawning agg

    Runner ups: alum, rhus-tox, hepar sulph, merc, nux-v, sulph
    Wondering if a predominant theme or SRP should help make final decision?

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