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Dry Mouth: Easy Quiz, Not-So-Easy Answer!

This is a really short quiz! But you’re gonna have to think outside the box to solve it!

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Award Winning Hpathy Quiz!!!!

Mom, is this, by any chance, another reference to the Lifetime Achievement Award you won from Dr. B? 

 Oh no… why would you think that????

Oh gee, I don’t know, it’s just a wild guess!  But I have a very important Death Report to get to and I think it will be a bit of a doozy.

 I would prefer if it were a bit more of a don’t-zy!

 Mom!!!!  That was sooo funny I forgot to laugh.  And don’t forget to post my birthday pictures from April.  Should we save that for last to cheer everyone up?

 The Death Report?  You want to save the Death Report for last to cheer everyone up???

 No, Mom!!!  My birthday pictures!  Now, coming to the Death Report…and oh, by the way, The Rolling Stones…


 …are to be congratulated on the 50th Anniversary of their most famous album, “Exile on Main Street”.

 Never heard of it!

 It’s the album “Tumbling Dice” is on!

  Oh, well that’s different.  Never mind!

 Now as I was saying… There’s actually a really interesting 2010 documentary (believe it or not, I’ve never seen it) called “Stones in Exile”, and the 50th Anniversary of this album seems like the perfect time to buy it!

 Aaaaah!!!!!  How much is this going to cost me????

 It’s only $9.99!  And don’t worry, Mom, I’ll be paying for it with the gift card that Wonder Woman sent you for winning that Lifetime Achievement Award!  Now if there are no further questions….  The Stones were tax exiles at the time and the place in France where they were living didn’t even have a recording studio.

 (Gasp!)  Is that the end of the story?

This year is also the band’s 60th Anniversary (first milestone without Charlie Watts, sadly) but probably a good excuse to re-read Keith Richards’ book, Life, again.

 Yes, that doesn’t sound like a waste of time at all!

 The Death Report

Mom, I hope you’re sitting down for this.  In March, we lost Fred Johnson, the bass singer of the Marcels.  Fred is second from the left below.  Lead singer, Nini Harp, is on guitar.

 OMG!  Fred Johnson is the voice you hear at the beginning—and at the end—of their monster hit from 1959, “Blue Moon”.


 It’s a Doo-Wop Classic!!!!  And it’s probably the most recognizable bass line in all of Rock ‘n’ Roll history!

 You’re not going to try to sing it, are you?  Oh no.

 Bom B’ B’ Bom B’ Bom B’ Bom Bom B’ B’ Bom B’ B’ Bom…

 Mom, that’s enough!  Only Fred Johnson can do it!  He sure left his mark on the world of music.  Apparently that record bumped Elvis off the charts!

Fred Johnson will be missed but always remembered.  He died at 80.

 In March we also lost former Drifters member Bobby Hendricks at 84, he joined the group in 1957.  He was meant to replace Clyde McPhatter.


Here he is live on PBS, from the ’90’s maybe, joining bass singer Bill Pinkney, leading the Original Drifters on “Drip Drop”:

 You can post my birthday picture now.

 I bought Shana a James Brown t-shirt for her 30th birthday:


And now for the Quiz!

This is an incredibly short quiz, and you might even think, “Hey, Elaine!  There’s not enough information here to prescribe on!”

Well excuuuuse me!!!!  Here’s our patient now, Mrs. Marie Attoinetti, from Brooklyn…

 Is that her real name?



 Elaine, the dry mouth came back after trying to eat hummus again.  It is now a chick pea allergy.  What do you suggest?

 I suggest the following: _______________________6C.

 Will do.

 Let me know what the results are.

 Elaine, the remedy worked!!  I could probably use one more dose maybe. I just took one dose yesterday but the dry mouth is so much better!!!

 OK, “Marie”,  just make sure that the first dose has really stopped working, OK?


 Alright, that’s it!  Write to me at [email protected] and tell me what the remedy was.  The answer will be in the June ezine.



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