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Elaine Has Yet Another Dental Disturbance!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Another dental abscess with homeopathy to the rescue; try and guess the remedy!

Hi Mom!

Oh look!  It’s little Shana!

It’s time for the quiz again, Mom.  I can’t believe this year is half over.

Half over???? It was half over months ago!

Don’t look now, but I want to talk about…


James Taylor.  How did you know what I was going to say?

Because, you don’t have that many interests!

I happen to have plenty of interests!  Now, as I was saying….I know we have to get to the Quiz, but, James Taylor’s album, “New Moon Shine”, turned 26 years old last month.

No one cares, Shana!

Please do the dishes or something while I find my favorite song.

I will happily do the dishes!  (Geez, when’s the last time I said that?)

We used to have the cassette tape of “New Moon Shine” and I’m kind of attached to it.

Fortunately, we lost it!

Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs from that album “I’ve Got to Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout That”.

I don’t like it!

Mom! You’re supposed to be finding something to do!  And now, here is the one and only James Taylor!



Also this month a biopic called “Goodbye Christopher Robin” was made about Pooh creator, A.A Milne.  We should try to see it.

Where’s it playing?

The Ritz-5.

Oh, well that’s different.  Never mind!  Are you done with your announcements?

Real quick, I have a death to announce.  A musician named Laudir De Oliveira.

What kind of name is that?

It’s Brazilian!  He died last month of a heart attack.  He was the percussionist in Chicago.  I looked him up on the internet and it seems he played percussion on Joe Cocker’s “Feelin’ Alright”.

That’s a very percussion-y song!  I think we should play it, it’s really good!

You have Laudir to thank for that!  My favorite show, “House”, used it in season 1, episode 11.

How is it you grew up to be the world’s largest repository of nonessential facts?

He was also a session player on the Jacksons’ “Destiny” album.

How do you know all these things???  Before we start the quiz, I have another death to announce.  Jimmy Beaumont, lead singer of The Skyliners, died at 76.

We’ll hear their million-seller from 1959 in a minute; but right now, it’s time for…


The Hpathy Quiz!!!!!

Well Shana, it’s me in the quiz again!  As you probably know, I had another one of my “Tooth Emergencies” that I’ve been keeping a record of in these pages for God only knows how long—10 years maybe?  It was very unexpected — a gum abscess (I say “gum” because that’s where I saw it, I’m not a dentist so I can’t be anymore specific than that.  The affected area was the bottom front teeth, left side, causing a kind of numbness-like pain in the teeth, but very painful and extending to the jaw below.  There wasn’t much else to go on!  I noticed no sensitivity to hot and cold, but definitely worse on touch, biting down, chewing and I really just felt like my only hope was to have the whole lot of them pulled out and start all over from scratch!  I felt like the situation was out of control and nothing could be done about it!  So, yeah, that was the case!  But as soon as I took ___________LM/1, which I took frequently because of the severity, like maybe every hour or so, I started noticing a shift, like I was maybe really onto something!  And here I am roughly 3 days later and 95% better!  I can totally eat again!  Homeopathy rocks!  And you know, I’m one of the few homeopaths who even reports on dental cases!  Seriously, how often do you read a dental case in the Hpathy ezine, or anywhere else?  But what is worse than a toothache?  We have to know how to treat these things or heaven help us!  What do you think the remedy was?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

Now, as promised, live from 1974, a rather imperfect, but still great, video of the Skyliners with their 1959 classic, “Since I Don’t Have You”:

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