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Maria’s Nightmare

Try and guess Maria’s remedy!

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Hpathy Quiz!  Permit me to introduce my sidekick, Shana, who is here, as usual, with her important announcements.

Mom!  I think everybody knows who I am!

They do?  Wow!  You must be famous!  Can I have your autograph?

Shouldn’t you be watching the Impeachment Hearings?  I think everybody wants to hear about the big event from last Saturday night, the Elton John Farewell Concert at The Wells Fargo Center!

If you say so; just try to keep it moving, alright?  We have a very special guest in the Quiz this month, and she’s waiting patiently backstage but I doubt that we can keep her waiting much longer!

Mom, I have a feeling Maria wants to hear my announcements too!  So as I was saying…  this is Elton John’s last tour as he is getting ready to retire!  So it was my last chance to see him.  The tour is called the “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour after his big hit, “Good-bye Yellow Brick Road”.  In fact, I think I’ll be playing that by him and his surprise guest, Billy Joel.

Could you possibly play it now?

I will Mom!  First, I just wanted to add, I got an Elton John t-shirt for 20 dollars in the parking lot.

You make it sound like a drug deal.

I also bought his book from Target (It was 30% off) and I think I’m on chapter 5.

Fascinating as this is…

And I also have to mention this amazing coincidence:  You were driving me to work on Monday, and the radio was in the middle of “Benny and the Jets” when we turned the car on! (Elton’s opening song.)  Then, on the way home, when we stopped at the post office, WMGK started playing “Tiny Dancer” just as we pulled into the parking lot!  How is it even possible to hear an Elton John song twice in the same day?  What are the odds?

About 1 in 1.  

And now… here is Elton John and Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden with “Good-bye Yellow Brick Road”:


I should also mention that this year, “Sesame Street” turned 50, and “Wallace and Gromit” turned 30.

Though admittedly Earth-shattering, we have to start the Quiz! 

And now if we can possibly bring out our special guest, Maria from Greece, who will tell us about her horrifying experience in Dream Land… I give you now, on the Hpathy stage, the one and only… Maria!  (Pay attention because you will have to guess the remedy!) 


Hi Elaine, and thanks for letting me be in the Quiz this month!  I wanted to tell you about my very vivid nightmare.

Uh-oh, I don’t like the sound of this!

I was dreaming these kind of dreams when I was 23 and it was awful.  It seems
it is the same pattern again.

I saw ordinary *people* trying to convince me to go with them for a

Ha!  A likely story!

…and when I did, they trapped me in a very narrow room, like a
cave and when the door of this room was beginning to close, these
people took the face of scary devil/vampires!

I wish people wouldn’t do that!

And wanted to eat me with their sharp teeth.

So inconsiderate…..

The sharp teeth is the scariest part for me.  I was shouting prayers in my dream to make them go away, and it worked.


Their goal is to make me to go with them, to become evil or something like that.
At first those people were old women, then ordinary men and at some point the Pope!

I knew it!  I’ve always been suspicious of the Pope.  Why does he dress like that?

I was very scared and couldn’t sleep afterwards, I was afraid to go to the other room in the dark.  These kind of dreams drove me crazy in the past but with homeopathy they went away.  Now it is here again, not as scary as before, but they make me very upset.
I always have been afraid of Saint’s paintings, that they will come alive as vampires or demons at night.

I hope I am making sense.  What do you think?

I’m thinking _______________30C in water. 

Wait a minute.  Are you still afraid now?  I hope so, otherwise, how will we know if the remedy is working?

I’m still afraid!



Next day:

Elaine, ___________________30C worked!  I slept like a baby! 🙂

Just call me Saint Elaine… or not.

So, listen, everybody, what do you think the remedy was?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know!  The answer will be in the next ezine.  Bye, Maria!

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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