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Revisting: “Mickey Moose” Has The Sneezies

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Revisting: “Mickey Moose” Has The Sneezies. Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

This it is, people, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Answer to Last Month’s Quiz!!!!! 

To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – “Mickey Moose” Has The Sneezies! 






Nux v.

Kali bich.


Almost everyone liked Arsenicum for this case; but, if this were truly Arsenicum, a remedy whose mental picture we know so well, wouldn’t we expect to see the typical Arsenicum clinginess, need for company, anxiety, fear of death, restlessness and need for constant reassurance? But, we don’t see any of that here, so we truly have to wonder. What I saw was the irritability Nux vomica is so famous for, “marked irritability”, the patient said.


A lot of you, no doubt, thought of Arsenicum when she said she was Sipping hot drinks frequently; but, if a drink is truly hot, you HAVE to sip it, don’t you? So we can’t really use that as a symptom. What can we surmise from the drinking information? I surmised that hot drinks ameliorate! I said to Alan Schmukler, our editor, “Alan, here’s the case: lots of sneezing, extremely chilly, better heat and irritable.”  “Nux vomica,” he said. Well, I’m thinking Alan should get the Synthesis Repertory we’re offering as a prize because the one reader who did guess the right remedy didn’t bother to say who he was! Thanks a lot, “Anonymous”, IF that’s your real name!


By the way, for you Pulsatilla voters (probably because of the thick yellow mucus and evening aggravation), Pulsatilla is soooooo much worse for heat, and this patient craves it, that we can’t consider Pulsatilla. You could say the same thing for Nat-mur; yes, they can be chilly and sneezy but not better for heat and hot drinks. People, please pay attention to the modalities! Don’t discount them, they are very important! Sometimes the modalities alone lead us right to the remedy: Worse draft of air (even turning over in bed is intolerable because it creates a minor draft), what remedy comes to mind right away? Nux vomica! Morning aggravation, what remedy comes to mind right away? Nux vomica! Noise aggravates/better complete quiet? Nux vomica! Plus, “Ailments from cold weather” is not associated with Pulsatilla and Nat-mur; but, suits Nux vomica fine!


What else goes for Nux vomica? Nose runs during the day/ stops up at night, and the ATTACKS of sneezing, so very characteristic of this case, (“fits of sneezing”, she said; which in “Repertory Language” is, “Sneezing, paroxysmal”). See my chart below.

Revisting: "Mickey Moose" Has The Sneezies 1
Alan, since our winner failed to say who he was, maybe we should offer the Synthesis Repertory to the winner of our next quiz. 🙂  Thanks everyone for voting, see you next time!

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