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Stewardess Flies The Unfriendly Skies!


Just what a flight attendent needs is a bladder infection! What homeopathic remedy did she take?

Shana, it’s time for another brilliant and exciting Hpathy Quiz!  You don’t have any of your usual “announcements”, do you?  Good!

Mom!!!!  Excuse me, but I am just getting ready with my announcements now!

I’m very excited to announce that the 1998 Cartoon Network series, “The Powerpuff Girls” turned 20 this month.


Shana, this will probably come as a complete shock to you, but…No one cares!!!!!

I’m pretty sure Krista cares….

Oh great!  Now we’re writing for one person!

Maria probably cares…

Yes, and where IS Maria?  She’s got a lot of ‘splaining to do!

And as I’ve mentioned many times before, this show was the best part of my childhood.

It wasn’t much of a childhood was it?  But then again, what is?

So, the fact that its now 20 years old makes me feel kind of old.

Shana, you ARE old!  When are you going to grow up????

I’m all verklempt.  I was probably 8 or 9 years old when I started watching it.

You were 8.  But who’s counting?

Also, in November, “The Rugrats Movie” turned 20.  Did you know that E.G. Daily (the voice of Tommy Pickles) was also the voice of Buttercup on The Powerpuff Girls?

No way!  Somebody call the press!!!!

Mom, we ARE the press!  Also Tara Strong (the voice of Bubbles) was Baby Dil in The Rugrats, so its funny how my childhood intertwined with these two shows.

Yes, it’s fascinating.  I’m sure we’ve given our readers (or should I say, “reader”) a lot to chew on!  Can we start the Quiz now?

Just a minute, Mom, “Meet the Raisins” turned 30!

Now this show was worth watching!

Its a spoof on musical documentaries.

Very cleverly written.

“Meet the Raisins” is literally the greatest claymation project prior to “Wallace and Gromit”.   When I was little (maybe 5 years old) we used to have the soundtrack on CD and we have half a recording of it from the Disney Channel (its missing the beginning).  Also, random fact: a rendition of Daddy’s song, “Get a Job”, is on the soundtrack!

Yes, I seem to remember that.

For those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about…

And that would be everyone…

…here’s a clip from the show.  The “California Raisins” sing a wonderful rendition of “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” by Stevie Wonder.


Also I learned something very interesting.

What, pray tell, is it?

Guess who the producer of “Meet the Raisins” was?

OK, don’t tell me, don’t tell me… I’m usually very good at this.  Burt Reynolds?

No, Mom!  You’re way off!  It was Atlantic Records co-founder, Ahmet Ertegun!

Oh.  I was so close!  Anyway, Atlantic Records could conceivably be credited as being the label that started Rock ‘n’ Roll, with its veritable “Who’s Who” of recording artists, including: Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, The Drifters, The Coasters, Wilson Pickett….  (In fact, this gives me the excuse I need to play Ray Charles at the end of the Quiz!)  Speaking of  The Quiz….

Wait, Mom, I have a death to announce!  Randy Safuto (whose name is really Dominick, apparently) of Randy and the Rainbows, died last month. 

He apparently suffered a heart attack in May.  So sad.  Here’s his blockbuster hit, “Denise”, from 1963.

So sad that Randy Safuto died.  But his great song will live forever!

Now it’s time for the Quiz!!!  Who is it this time?

It’s…um…  Shana, go to and find a name for me!

Here’s one: Beth Truman.

Isn’t that President Harry Truman’s wife?

No, Mom; you’re thinking of Bess Truman.  This is Beth Truman!

Ohhhhhhhh…..  Well, that’s different.  Never mind!



Hi Elaine,

Hi “Beth”!

my friend “Eleanor” recommended I consult with you.  I just started a job as a flight attendant…

Oh!  Congratulations!

…and came home with what I think was a bladder infection.


No fever, just burning sensation while urinating and pain in my bladder.  I treated it with herbs and rest for a few days and got quite a bit better, but I’ve had to go on another flight and although I don’t have pain anymore, I have very frequent and uncomfortable urges to urinate, and it wakes me every two hours at night.

This is not good!

I started trying Cantharis based on what I read on the internet but I don’t know if it’s right.  I’m in a hotel away from home between flights, and I have three remedies with me.  I might be able to run out to a store and pick up something else if time permits.  Have to go to the airport at 6pm PST.  Any chance you can help me today?

I will need you to fill out the acute case questionnaire, which is on my website,


Name: “Beth Truman”


Age: 53




117 lbs


5’ 1”


Oct 27, 2018



  1. describe complaint


Frequent urge to urinate. Every 10-15 minutes.  Feels like it should gush out but the stream is very narrow, as if constricted.

 This is following a possible bladder infection which started on Tuesday and which was treated with high doses of vitamin c, d-mannose, echinacea, and goldenseal, FIR sauna sessions, as well as lots of water and bed rest.

 After two to three days, I no longer felt burning while peeing or any pain in my bladder; however I am left with this frequent urge to urinate.

 The original infection came on the day after I got back from my trip.  Woke up in the morning with burning feeling while urinating and pain in lower abdomen.


  1. I believe the problem was caused by not drinking enough water while working in the airplane combined with few opportunities to go to the bathroom.  Also I ate more sugar and chocolate in the preceding days than I normally do.  I usually avoid sugar, chocolate and caffeine.


  1. Sensation: A sensation of pressure in my bladder and constriction.


  1. Concomitants: Droopy eyelids.  Also I have been gradually losing weight the last two months — a month of very stressful and intense training with little sleep, and then this first month of work. Eating a lot less.  I was overweight though and had been trying to lose weight prior.


  1. Location: Bladder and urethra


  1. Worse: Being on my feet a lot, being very busy, walking.  Pushing on my lower abdomen.  Stress.


Better: lying on my side, rest, eating a meal.  Sitting.


  1. I did have a little slightly wet cough start on the same day this all started, but it went away



  1. I’ve been feeling cold in general the last week, except for occasional hot flashes.  Was uncharacteristically irritable and rude the night before it started.  Better now though.


I feel sort of agitated and anxious about my new job.  Found myself pacing around the room today.


  1. What I’ve been saying: “I need help”.  “I need advice.”


  1. Pacing a bit


  1. Thirsty all the time.  Want gulps of cold water.  Not hungry but craving sweets and crunchy things.


  1. No fever


  1. No sweating except for during occasional hot flashes.  Only mild sweat.


  1. No odors


  1. When I have to urinate, it’s very urgent and feels almost painful.


  1. No official diagnosis.  Did not go to an MD


  1. I am both tired/ sleepy and nervous.  Feel sleep deprived.  But also cheerful and energetic around people.


  1. Tongue: Pink with a light greyish coating, especially toward the back of my tongue, rough or jagged line down the middle.


  1. ——


  1. Body temperature: Colder than normal


  1. N/A



Beth, can you see the repertory chart that I pasted below?  It says _______________ is in first place.  Try to buy the 30C potency.  Drop two pellets into half a bottle of water (small bottle).  Succuss the bottle 5 times before each dose.  A dose is a sip.  Take a dose every half hour until you’ve got the case under control, then move to once an hour, ultimately 3 times a day, then twice a day…in other words, as you get better, take less and less often.

I had to leave for the airport, but started trying the ______________ 30C in the water as you instructed.  I think I got an hour of that before I had to board my flight and start working.  I tried to take a sip every half hour after that, but I don’t think I managed to take it in such regular increments.  By the time I got home, I still had not finished the bottle.  Went to bed very late and am recovering and just getting going.  I felt much better this morning, no burning, not so frequent urination, but the urging is starting up again.  I meant to contact you earlier, but this flight attendant life is very new to me and I’m still adjusting and don’t have my act together.  Usually after a trip, all I can do is lay around all day the first day back!

I’m pretty sure the ______________ 30C helped me during the flight and at least until mid-morning.

I now have access to the 200C.

You won’t need it unless the 30C stops working.  Start taking it again as per yesterday.


November 1st:

Beth, how are you doing, are you OK now?

Hi Elaine!  Thanks for checking up on me.  I am much better now.  Was able to work a trip the last 3 days without having to dose.  Nearly 100% now.



OK, everybody, that’s it!  What was the remedy?  If you know, write to me at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

And for now, since I previously mentioned the great, pioneering Atlantic Records, here’s one of its biggest stars.  They say he invented Soul Music by combining gospel (the music of the black church) with the blues, and the rest is history!  Here he is in a very rare video from, I’m guessing, 1960.  Ray Charles and the Raelettes at the Newport Jazz Festival, “I Believe To My Soul”:


Bye, see you next time!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases and animal cases too!

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