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Homeopathy for Worms – Tapeworm, Roundworm, Pinworms

Human intestinal parasites are usually intestinal worms that live in the small or large intestine and use the stool or blood from intestinal wall as a source of food. Worms are intestinal parasites, which infest human beings as well as animals like cats, dogs etc. The common ones are roundworm, pinworm, tapeworm, hookworm etc.

Human intestinal parasites are usually intestinal worms that live in the small or large intestine and use the stool or blood from intestinal wall as a source of food. Worms are intestinal parasites, which infest human beings as well as animals like cats, dogs etc. The common ones are roundworm, pinworm, tapeworm, hookworm etc.

Symptoms of Intestinal Parasites in Humans Adults & Children

Tapeworm - human parasite


Parasites like worms and their waste products can reduce food absorbtion by causing inflammation of the intestinal wall. Food might also get slowed down in digestion resulting in excessive toxins, smelly farts, bad breath and bloating. Some bloodsucking worms leave leave open wounds resulting in darker feces. The loss of blood can cause iron deficiency, anemia and dizziness. Other symptoms caused by parasitic infections include:

Allergies, Many allergies in humans are caused by worm infections. Tissue becomes inflamed and reactions to foods are the result when eosinophils (white blood cells) are increased due to them. Extreme skin rashes with blisters and food allergies or sensitivities may result.

Hookworm parasite found in human intestine

Anemia, Worms leach nutrients from bodies causing anemia. When they are present in large numbers, they can create enough blood loss to cause anemia or iron deficiency in some people.

Constipation, Some worms can obstruct certain organs like the colon, liver and the bile duct, causing constipation and other problems.

Diarrhea, Most of the time diarrhea is nature’s way of removing toxins.

Roundworms - parasites in human intestines


Fatigue, Symptoms include tiredness, flu-like symptoms, apathy, depression and a lack of concentration.

Gas and Stomach Bloating, Some parasites live in the upper intestine, which can cause both gas and stomach bloating.

Immune Dysfunction, Worms in Humans depress the immune system by decreasing immunoglobulin A.

Nervousness, The waste products from parasites irritate the nervous system, resulting in anxiety and restlessness.

Other Signs & Symptom of Worms & Parasites in Children

Pinworms - parasites in human stomach and intestines


Blisters can appear on the inside of the lower lip, wiping of the nose, restlessness and grinding of the teeth at night, dark circles under the eyes, hyperactivity, bed wetting, headaches, sensitivity to light, twitching eyelids, gum, rectum, or nose bleeding are signs they may have worms & parasites.

Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment for Worms & Intestinal Parasites in Humans

Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using homeopathic medicine for wormsholistic approach. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat worms but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies are available to treat worms that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensations and modalities of the complaints.  For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. The following are remedies which are helpful in the treatment of worms :


Severe sneezing, with great itching and irritation in nostrils; excessive nausea and vomiting; tickling sensation at end of penis; ascarides.


Periodical pain in hepatic region and around the navel, with sickness at stomach, retching, vomiting of tough mucus; menses irregular, but always discharge of thick, black, coagulated blood, grayish-yellow color of face.


Convulsions from the irritation of worms, passes faeces and urine with the spasm; obstinate spasmodic strangury; hunger, but cannot get the food down; often (<) at night.


White tongue, excessive nausea with violent headache, diuresis and inclination to stool, and still increased appetite; tickling sensation at end of penis; ascarides.


Worm affections; foetid breath; pain in region of navel, (<) morning; dry cough; great appetite, slimy, coated tongue, bloated abdomen; periodical attacks of convulsions, which shake the whole body; chronic, painless diarrhoea, yellow, slimy stools, vomiting exhaustion.


Drowsiness, starting in sleep, grating of teeth; involuntary micturition and defaecation or dysuria; squinting.


Worms in little girls travel over perineum into vagina, great irritation and even masturbation.

Calcarea carb

Headache, dark rings around the eyes, pale, bloated face; thirst; thick, bloated belly; aching about the navel; diarrhoea; easy perspiration from motion, scrofulosis; tapeworm, ascarides, with hard stool; crawling in rectum, as from worms, itching at anus, as from pinworms.


Worm affections; constipation, ineffectual urging with pressure on bladder and rectum; frequent cutting pains in abdomen, especially at night; with flatulency and urging to stool; pale or yellowish color of face; scraping and burning in throat; secretion of frothy mucus from mouth and throat; dullness in head.


Pain in abdomen after eating, (<) at night; fulness of abdomen, pyrosis; pressure in stomach and retching; tremulous weakness all over.


Sudden rigidity with jerks, followed by great relaxation and weakness; convulsions and contortions of upper part of body and limbs; frequent hiccough and crying; pain in neck; vertigo and headache, dilated pupils; spasmodic drawing the head backward; tremor of hands; constriction of oesophagus; tonic contractions alternating with intermitting clonic spasms.


Restless sleep with rolling of eyes, dark rings around eyes; squinting; enlarged pupils; constant rubbing the nose; epistaxis, grinding and gnashing of teeth; face pale and cold, or red and hot; loathing of food, or great hunger; nausea, vomiting; pain in umbilical region; abdomen hard and distended; constipation; dry, hacking cough at night; feverishness; convulsive motions of head and limbs; itching of anus from pinworms.


Periodical headache often alternating with abdominal spasms and pulsations, constipation; passage of lumbrici with relief.


Bloated, swollen abdomen, with constipation, cough most troublesome about bedtime, and for a while after going to bed; intolerable itching all over body.


Loss of appetite or voraciousness at times; furred tongue; feverishness; foetid breath; bloated stomach; constipation or diarrhoea; emaciation, peevishness, wakefulness.


Pale, wretched complexion, easily flushing, itching at anus from pinworms, at night; involuntary micturition.


Gnawing and boring in bowels, aggravated by eating sweet things; constipation; loss of appetite; furred tongue, pale face, blue rings around eyes, itching of nose; irritable and cross.


Itching at anus from pin worms; convulsions, with loss of consciousness, and temporary inability to speak.


Convulsions resulting from worms; pain in umbilical region; cutting pain (<) by retracting the walls of the abdomen and by pressure; frequent urging to urinate (<) at night, diarrhoea without injury to appetite or digestion.


Indigestion; loathing; sleeplessness; weakness, with fainting; profuse and cold perspiration; emaciation; dull pain in bowels; bloatedness; constipation.


Arthritic pain and stiffness; chronic eruptions; wretched, dirty, pale earthy complexion; flatulence, bloating the stomach and abdomen; sensation of something crawling and moving in bowels and stomach; up and down; constipation.


Continuous greediness for eating, and still becomes steadily weaker; foetid breath; itching of anus; inflammation of vulva; sweat and round worms.


Dartings and shootings in rectum, causing children to cry out, they put their hands to the seat or wriggle about, and they appear to have worms.


Rolling of head in children; reflex irritation of the brain from disorders of bowels; grinding of teeth at night; copious salivation; offensive odor from mouth; tongue full and broad; with a pasty coat in centre; sour regurgitation of food; bloated abdomen, painful diarrhoea with screaming and grinding of teeth; prolapsus ani.


Vertigo, wavering before eyes, enlarged pupils, yellow complexion; grating of teeth; accumulation of water in mouth; changing appetite; gulping of watery fluid; vomiting; sensation of something moving in stomach; bloated bowels, colic, palpitation of heart; spasms; syncope; night colic.


Ascarides with intolerable pruritus ani.


Vomiting of round worms, or nausea and retching, with sensation of worm in pharynx; or in case of taenia, burning boring and whirling in umbilical region; accumulation of water in mouth; chilliness and sensitiveness to cold; sensation as if abdomen were sunken in; nervous symptoms from worms.


Nausea every morning before breakfast always better after breakfast, dilated pupils, squinting; pale face; smarting in nose; sensation of a worm rising in throat; BETTER AFTER EATING; or vomiting of all she takes, with sour rising like vinegar from stomach; pain in bowels; dry, hard cough at night, palpitation of heart.


Worm colic, with constipation or difficult stool, yellow hands, blue nails or with reddish, bloody stools; flatulence, much rumbling.


Creeping in nose, creeping and biting in rectum, passage of lumbrici ascarides and taenia; nausea before meals and faintness after dinner; restlessness at night.


Dull mind, pale face, sunken eyes; flushes of heat in face from movement; foetid breath; hunger, cannot eat enough, except in the evening, nausea after eating; gone feeling in epigastrium even after eating; profuse and pale urine, restlessness; the child moans during sleep or supplicates in a timid manner, (>) by lying on stomach.


Burning and tingling at the anus, with sensation as if ascarides were crawling about; passes segments of tapeworm; burning in rectum lessened by applying cold water; irritability and weakness of bowels; sharp appetite and thirst; has to take something at once; strange appetite after a square meal; foul breath; choking sensation; dry hacking cough; spasms and convulsions wakeful at night; screaming as if frightened; staring look, clenching of fingers; twitching in different parts of the body.


Terrible itching in anus from pinworms.

Worms Cases Cured with Homeopathic Medicine

A Family Discovers Homeopathy – by Diderik Finne

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  • I first learned of homeopathy in India. My agent was also a doctor who did it all for free including remedies. I, to this day 35 years later, still shake my head at how may times remedies have helped when nothing else did or was not even available. I consider homeopathic medicine to be the best overall medical approach to my personal health care. I have been sick only once in the last decade because I fight things off quickly with remedies and colloidal silver water.
    I was termed lactose intolerent until I took CS. Homeopathic remedies and CS water are the two most important personal health products I recommend for everyone.
    Ron Linker

    • I have parasites and have tried just about everything like from herbs to remedies, but they still exist. What kind of remedies did you try? What do you suggest? I don’t want them in me anymore and they make me paranoid because I can feel them crawling all the time. They have migrated to other parts of my body and I think I’m going to die. I don’t sleep very well and I often wake up during the night. I don’t eat any meat, dairy and try to stay away from solid food sometimes even veggies, instead I have been juicing all my veggies and fruits. I recently have been taking H202 hydrogen peroxite and epsom salt baths to detox and absorb as much oxygen as I can. I am a clean person and love people, but now I don’t feel confident anymore because I have a weird body odor. I have been trying to detox for several years now and also looking for other cures from parasites.

      Please help!!!!!


      • It is curable, worry not pl. Thuja and Arsenic alternately may serve the ourpose. Cina 200, Tuecrium, Filix, Spygelia, Granites, Thymol are also its proper treatment.

      • Please, please get medication! Some parasites don’t respond to herbal remedies, you can reduce the load but not eliminate them. Look up the abendazole protocol on cure zone, you chew the medication and take it with fat to make sure it absorbs properly. Good luck!

  • PS. Homeopathic is the national medicine of India. In addition, colloidal silver water is sold by the glass from a silver lined water tank pulled by oxcart through residental neighborhoods. Darius the Great included silver water tanks pulled by oxen on military campaigns with over a hundred thousand men drinking out of streams, ponds, wells and all sorts of comtaminated sources. Then they got a shot of silver water to settle their stomach down.

  • Hi, I know this sounds weird, but I am only 13, but today when I go to the the toliet, on my ……… there was a wiggly thing waving around, it wiggled for about 30 seconds and stopped moving, but I can tell it was alive, so i searched for worms in intestines and found that this was a pinworm, since it was tiny not like the others, but ever since today, I am really scared because I have a rash on my chin and i eat a lot, also I sneeze every morning and stops in the afternoon ( don’t know why ). So I am guessing its worms in my intestines, and saw all these videos on what to eat to stay healthy, but what can i do to remove the worms, or should i just ask my mum to go to a doctor with me. Also I am a lot smaller than the other year 13’s (I wear 10-11 year old clothes and they are big). OMG and i saw this video on youtube that many people die every year from worms, I don’t wanna die this young.
    This is so scary, can you advise me what to do cause I don’t know how I am going to tell my mum. But one time i accidently swallowed bad cheese (yuck) and i had stomach ache for like 2 days, but after that I’m fine, its the thing that was wiggling in my poop that I’m worried about. how would i know if i have more of those in my intestines, or if that was the only one. And one more thing, Im not sure i wet my bed, but every time i wake up my legs are all sticky. It could be sweat, but my bed isn’t wet when i wake up so i don’t know if i have that.

    • Dear Timothy,

      This is a very common problem. Millions of people have had it at one time or another. Nothing to be ashamed of. It is very easy to treat, and you should tell you mother immediately so you can see a doctor. There are both conventional and homeopathic medicines for this. A homeopathic doctor can treat this without side effects, very easily.
      Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here:
      Please let me know how you make out with this, or if you need further guidance. With the proper remedies you will be fine, no problem.
      You can reach me at [email protected]

      Alan V. Schmukler
      Editor- Hpathy.com

      • Hi I have the same problem as timothy and i am so very scared .i dont know what to do.Will they do surgery on mee? I dont what to do.Please help me!

        • I recommend not eating animal flesh or animal products like eggs or dairy, which parasites love. Being a Vegan and washing all fruits and vegetables (since meat-eaters are commonly farmers and handle fruits and vegetables themselves), while eating them living and raw, is the best way to have good nutrition to the point where parasites have no desire to be in your body. Experts confirm that plant proteins are complete. Everything can be obtained or created within the body from a plant-based diet.


          • Karen,

            These are minors and you have no right to reccomend a vegan diet to 13 year olds. They are still growing and developing, so reccomending cutting meat out of their diet is irresponsible. If their parents choose this option…fine. A parent may have the resources to research and buy protien enriched Vegan food, but a 13 yr old may not plan properly. And stop with the “animal flesh”, it’s meat, not the flesh of an equal. I love animals but I also know that if we don’t cull the forests of Texas then all the deer suffer from a lack of resources. God bless you, my vegan hippy friend.

      • Dear Mr. Schmukler, I have a very large lump on my right parotid gland, and tapeworms in my stool, which I suspect have been there a long time since I’m 76 and was working in Nigeria 11 years ago. A surgeon has offered to cut the gland out and then have it inspected for parasites since stool samples have not convinced him I have this infection. I see them in my stool all the time and have photographed them. Is there a Hpathy remedy you think I could try since I really don’t think surgery will solve the real problem and may leave me with nerve damage to my face?
        Thank you for help. Ralph Goldstraw

  • hi
    i’ve been concerned about my weight lately. im only 18. iv been eating a lot more lately than what i usually do and i went on a website that told me symptoms and i fear that i might have worms ive been having diarrhea and as i said before about the eating but i fear its not the food making me chubby that its the thing ur stomach does when u starve urself. iv also been getting alot of extremely itchy spots on my body i went to the doctor a while ago but i dont agree with him anymore i think all this could b something more do u think i could have a hint of worms from this info???

    • oh also i had an anxiety attack recently and a little case of gas and bloating….i’m really concerned please offer your opinion.

  • hi, im 14 and a couple of months ago i found some sort of white worm around my anus so i looked it up and it looks exactly like pin worms and i realy want rid of it but i REALY don’t want to tell my mum is there anything i can buy online or eat that will make the worms go away. And is it true that if you fast for a week that they’ll go away ?

  • hi i feel like i might have some sort of worm or something but i have not seen any eggs and its starting to freak me out and what suck is i’m only 13 ……it just feels like there’s something there but there’s no signs or anything please help

    • Hi Shelton,

      A doctor can do a stool sample to see if there are worms. There are other things that can cause a sensation like that which have nothing to do with worms. Why not get checked out? If they find nothing and you still feel that sensation, then have your mom take you to a homeopath, who will fix it.

  • See a very good Naturopath / wholistic doctor!!!!!!!! They can help!! Im 29 and have been having digestive problems since i was 21.. Been to many coventional doctors and gastrointenstinal doctors and they just made me sicker from meds or putting me on laxatives because i have bad constipation.. I have been extremely fatigued, depressed, and have small bumps on the back of my arms (not to mention food allergies to dairy, beef and eggs) .. Finally I ventured into wholistic medicine and saw a very good naturopath/chiropractor!! Ive been on a parasite cleanse with 3 different herbal pills that caused no side effects but sleepiness for the first couple weeks.. TODAY week 9, I found a tapeworm. Finally some progress Please see a Naturopath or wholistic doctor! They can help you.. I can’t believe for all these years no one has even tested me or even thought I would have it! I have also been feeling great for the last 3 days!! I know I’m healing!! So dont give up..

  • For the last 3 months i have been fighting something that has the flu-like symptoms, am very tired, and all the other symptoms you described. All my doctor does is give me scripts for drugs that do not work. So i have been trying to fight it on my own. Yesterday after picking up the grandkids, i was so worn out that i laid down for awhile. I noticed the pain moved from one side to the other. The pain i have been having moves around, but it is usually on my right side just below my rib cage and it move from front to back. But yesterday evening, I FELT this thing move to the left side, same area. I have come to believe that it is worms. I would like to treat this myself, if possible. If not, need a REAL doctor in the OKC, area, one who believes in God’s way of doing things. Do you know of one

  • I’ve been eating a lot and I found worms in the toliet after using the restroom. Also, I’ve been gassy and exsasted all of the time. I’m freaked out and don’t know what to do.

  • I think it is too late for me, I guess because I had tests but they couldn’t find anything. The thing is they don’t care either. Once I mentioned parasites they were just discuted. If it wasn’t parasites what the heck is it? They didn’t even try to help me find out it could bbe a number of things… rotten (doctors)! Sorry but I know what I feel and I am not crazy. The thing is I just ate cheese and I felt something big go down my throat. after it. And I usually feel something moving in different parts of my body when I eat. Also when eating something would swell up so big that I couldn’t swallow. I felt like I was going to die it hurt so bad like a parasite swelled up to keep from go down. I also have awful itchy ears and yucky stuff that drys on them. the doctor gave me something a few different times but it doesn’t go away. Before this happened I was a thin happy pretty woman. My husband and I went to Mexico we were stupid we ate from some taco venders there I did not even know about parasites I didn’t know what you could get. and I was also attacked by theese huge mosquitos in and area with pig and chjicken farms. I am not crazy. But I should be, I have maintained a job in the face of everything and tried the best I could to raise my son . When I initially got sick I felt like I had something awful like meningitis or Malaria I was never one to go to or trust doctors so I tried to do things to get well on my own. But I had several symptoms. Something like that and like I had high blood pressure and strange feelings in my head like i cant describe it and blurred vission and sometimes I would feel like I was falling I thought I was dying. I also had pains in my rectum at 1st. My hand’s would go numb sometimes too and I had involuntary movement my fingers.. I tried to do things naturally juicing, my sister put soo much garlic in one time, I wished I was dead. I would have strange feeling like I was going to die my heart was misbeating and I just felt so strange. I think that people with that strange heart thing they say is all in their minds is parasitic related. I have never recovered or gotten rid of it all the way now it is worse. All my praying may have kept me a live but I guess the parasites just adapted to my body or vise versa and now I am worse in a different way cause I know now what it is Parasites. I can feel big worms moving in different parts of my body. My knees hurt I can feel them behind my knees and legs in my back and in my butt cheeks, I had something going on under my breats too! they said it was little bumps because of the heat I don’t think that doctors know anything I am starting to think that most illnesses are parasites and fungus and bacterium. I also have bump on the back of my head and my husband did too and he was having spasms all the time but they told him his thyroid was bad and when he took the stuff to kill his thyroid I think it killed his parasites. because it was radiation type of thing. He doesn’t believe me but he still wanted to be with me so he will probably get it all back. I have taken different things from the health food stores but I think it is too late for me these movement are big. And I had a couple bouts with my whole face swelling my lips my eyes. And hives so bad I couldn’t stand it. The hives and the swelling passed but I was having every night for 3 months. I don’t know if it was hatching in a certain part of my body? I hope I didn’t give this to my son and family. Nothing seems to be working. the only thing I think I did is hatch them with the black walnut and not kill them. One time I thought I saw something that looked like a fluke worm in the shower. I had taken things to the doctor before but he acted like he hated me and was not concerned, if it wasn’t bad enough I had to be shamed and treated badly too. The one that I found turned red as it dried. I had it but was to ashamed to go back to the doctor. I know it is worms because when I feel something and hit it, it stops moving and the pain stops too. Also when I do pound around my ribs or areas where I know they are I can feel almost a vibrating feeling. And now as I am writing I can feel that this thing has retracted back into my throat becasue it is hurting and I can feel a strange feeling. When I went to the emergency room they charged me one thousand dollars to tell me no one has parasites in this area, they are retarded, I didn’t know this before but if you have animals you can have parasites especially if you don’t deworm them regularly. Because if they lick you they could have licked eggs and hatched and go through your skin. Why did God make these things? I think it is not a blessing to know the truth I wish I didn’t it is a nightmare a living nightmare. I pray every night GOD will heal me. I don’t have a lot of money but I am going to get red pine needle oil and another batch of parasite herbs and diatamacious earth also I will try oregono this time. I really can’t stand it anymore. but the thing in the throat is so horrible a way to die when it swells up it hurts so bad and is so horrible. I never know when it is going to strike. I am so clean but my diet has suffered here and there but I still can’t believe this happened to me . If I was clean I am not anymore. I am going to stop all sugar meat and dairy now. Wish me luck. If you know anything else let me know. Maybe I should stop eatting all togethter.

    • Hi michelle.

      I use the following:
      1) 35% food h202 (it helps me a lot)-
      2) enemas or magnesium peroxide to keep things moving.
      3) paraherb to help with the killing of the parasites and blood cleansing.

      Im in South africa but im sure you can find similar products in your country(just make sure they quality)

      Remember that they wont die or leave your body without a fight….but you are stronger!
      Dont ever give up. wish you all the best.

      • Hi Tracy and Michelle

        I have the same problem. Full of worms. I do a megadose of coQ10 and i passed 2 tape worms and one horrible long ascaris that I actually had to pull out of my anus.

        Following the coQ10, one travelled up to my throat and just sits there now and move from side to side and waits for food. I have sharp pains in my guts especially at night from them trying to hang on.

        I am doing some enemas with magnesum sulphate which has helped as I got a full blown blockage.

        I went to the ER and to look at my throat and they were extremely uninterested – insisting I had reflux and giving me mylanta.

        On Tuesday I am going to a chinese doctor who I saw some time ago about shingles who seem to take things in his stride. I hope he listens to me.

        It is a nightmare and I feel like I am dying. I know the feeling girls, I really do.

        • Stumbled upon this post, but I want to let anyone know who feels hopeless about parasites, especially worms. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It works like nothing else, it is a God send. There are great health benefits as well, its miraculous! In 2006 I was diagnosed with “Fibromyalgia” after suffering with unexplained aches and pains, and just not feeling good. 2014 after taking 2 teaspoons of DE in a glass of water for two weeks, (one in the morn, one at night), I passed a tapeworm, and some other disturbing things, I feel so much better! Suspected parasites about 4 years ago, bought a parasite 10 day cleanse, nothing. Only the DE worked, I will never stop taking this “dirt”, vital to our health and cleanliness. Good luck, I hope this will help you.

    • Hi Michelle, reading your story made me so sad, I wanted to tell you about a program I am on. It has helped me tremendously, but it is only for those who are 100% dedicated to changing their health. Please go to this guy’s website and read everything you can!!! then find a doctor on his list, they can work with you via phone and best off all is that it is affordable!!! It may take you up to two years to fully recover, but it is worth it. It is hard and full of ups and downs, but I feel so much better in just the few months I have been on it. Good luck…here is the site. http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/NUT.%20BAL%20INTRO.htm
      and read this page too! Good luck and God bless you. http://drlwilson.com/Articles/PARASITES.HTM

  • Please help me I think I have pin worms in my nose and chin and neck. I clean with with peroxide and squeeze and put hydrocortison on also and antiobiotic cream and my nose is so sore! and they just keep coming through no matter what I do . I am so scared! I feel I am going to loose my mind! Please pray for me. Help!

  • Hi i’m new here, I recently got ringworm and although it’s fungal I also believe I have other worms. It all started when after being diagnosed with ringworm, I was looking up symptoms as I feel sick in the back of my throat as if there is something there and my nose was blocked. I used some tissue and pulled out what I think was a small worm about half an inch long, flat at one end and tapering to a point at the other. I told the doctor but she had a look up my nose and couldn’t see anything. I have had a continually runny nose since I removed this worm thing. On 2 occassions I have seen something protruding from the outer skin of my nose and then on my face but I didn’t want to touch them, by the time I went to the toilet for tissue and back to the bathroom they had gone so i’m none the wiser. I cough to clear my throat quite a few times a day and am trying to get rid of what comes up rather than swallowing it. It’s disgusting and I hope we can all find good health and peace soon.
    I am constantly tired as i’m only able to sleep for a few hours at a time, i’m just mentally and physically worn out.
    All the best to you all

  • ok so… im so scared,my new puppy has had worms for ages i got told to be careful but ever since iv found white things in my waste,my mum said it wasn’t worms but im really hungry all the time,i hate
    thinking about having living worms wiggling inside it makes me sick and feel weird,somebody please tell me its not worms! i dont think i have any other symptoms but

    • Hi Jade,
      There are medicines for worms in dogs and so there’s no reason for your puppy to suffer with that “for ages”. A good veterinarian can cure that quickly. As to whether you have worms, that’s something a doctor can determine, and that’s treatable also. Rather than worry, visit a doctor and then you can relax.

  • Hi I just realized how serious this is.I’ve had these issues for years I just kept believing that God would heal me and I’d be okay.I can feel movement at night and the other night I felt the strangest pain in my abdomin going to my ribcage.All my abdomin muscles tightened.I don’t know why.Mybe they are so bg that they are taking over my body.I know how I couldv’e gotten them cause I worked in a kennel and in a day care.Between the two of those there are many opportunities to get infected.Almost every human on the planet has some kind of parasite living in or on them.I tried to starve them to death stopped drinking water.apparently the little suckers are much more resiliant than that.My doctor took it very seriously and said to give a stool sample.It didn’t go well so I just gave up on it.I have children that are having these symtoms as well.I read the previous posts and now I’m taking them in and asking for the meds to cure us rater than trying to figure out if we have them.We’ve all had an endoscopy and colonoscopy.They said we were allergic to glutten.So I took us off the diet.Now my daughter,4 has circles under her eyes and says she feels like throwing up all the time.she’s constantly coughing and she’s very thin.she barely eats.I don’t want us to die this way.It hurts when we breath and I can’t bear to watch her suffer.Ijust know this is whats wrong because when I prayed the Lord kept leading me to this.So I finally got up enough courage to look it up.Scary to think something is living in you.Whenever I watch and nature channels it’s normal to see some parasite living on an animal.heww!! Now I feel like the animal.We need a cure fast we get out of the military in two weeks and have no medical coverage.And we aren’t well off so any suggestions?P.S. God Loves and cares of us all and he won’t let us go.Jesus please heal and protect your people in your holy name.AMEN.And all of God’s people say,AMEN.Iam the Lord your God maker of heaven and earth, is there anything too hard for me? Oh Michell from earlier our name means Who is like God.It comes from Micheal the archangel.Hang in there, God’s not through with you yet.

    • Hi Michelle, yes the lord want to heal you Exodus 23:25, you need parasites detox if you are interested I know how to do it and you will be very surprised what will come out and then to take the sample to the LAB. I know what that means but the Lord is so merciful he loves you so.

      Blessings indeed

  • I have these tiny blackdots bout the size of a pin they are on my face and when they appear itch badley lso around my anus and vaginal area iv noticed when whiping also nose and ears itch. Also there is what looks like a hair from those areas as well anywhere fro 1/4 in to maybe 3″ longsome almost look clear or white i havesuper dry skin now and bumps on my legs and my for arms it feels like something crawling around undermy skin what possibly could this be scares me and i do have 2 cats and a pit wich ive had for 12 and 15 years and never experienced anything like this until the last month..how do i get rid of this and should i be worried?ive read alot of different arylticals but nothing that has all the above decribed symptoms.. help before i go crazy!!!

      • I’ve heard of it and it deserves more investigation. Some have speculated that it it related to Chemtrails as the fibers contain similar substances. Could be related to GMO foods.

    • Hi Stacy ,
      I have been dealing with this same issue for awhile now. I know u posted this a while ago have u found any help in your situation r a diagnosis? Any info u have greatly appreciated.

  • There is pin worm medicine at any pharmacy. They are small white thin worms that make your butt ich. Or you can try to tape them and bring to your doctor to treat. You can try Ear Nose and throat doctor if you feel something in your throat. You can ask your primary doctor to do a stool sample for intestinal parasites and most human ones can be found like Giardia and treated easily. If you have a parasite from a dog like biting lice or demodex in your lashes or hairs use dog or cat shampoo that kill biting lice and use all over every shower until it goes away. You need to wash your bedding and pillows in bleach and hot water daily and wash your clothes and change clothes and socks and shoes often, until it goes away and put cat or dog flea, tick and must say LICE powder all over your floors bedding couches and chairs and vaccum and dust often. You can show a dermatologist skin bumbs, boils or leisions and they can give you Clindamyacin which will work on many parasites. You can change diet to eliminate wheat gleutin, carbs and sugars and add Apple Cider Vinegar daily, on all you greens, wash veggies with this too. You can eat a lot of yogart or take a pill with these live good bacteria, garlic cloves (cooked a little)once a day as well. However, you really need to bring in symptoms to a doctor to test for scabies, rashes, etc and get the Ivermectin if that is what it is. No other cure for scabies. Ask for a full blood test to see if you have excessive white blood cells. That could mean you have parasites or worms. If still not cured go to a Natropathic doctor. Have your vet test and treat your pets for worms, mange, ringworm, or ear mites, fur parasites or echto-parasites which are biting lice (also called walking dander) or demodex. Humans can get this if your under stress and your immune system is low. Take animals to groomers for baths. Don’t do it yourself until you are sure the pets are free of these things. They are contageious to humans despite medical doctors thinking!

  • best simple method to decrease the strength of parasites from human belly, you should eat some sweaty thing like apple, sweets, about at 4 pm to 5 pm. this time is proper to collect parasites in your belly because this time a man’s belly remains empty. after eating some sweets you should take the medicines anti parasites. In this situation the parasites will be collected to eat sweets from your belly. then the medicine will be more effective to kill parasites.

  • Do I have parasites in my body , I’m 3o but what worries me is that for the past 3years I have been weighing between 54 and57 so is this healthy
    For someone of my age and 1more thing is that I drink coffee and only eat 1 meal at night if I try anything during the day I throw up so bad so is it becoz of worms or what
    Looking forward for your help

  • Hi,
    I think I have parasites, 5 years ago my mother took a sample for me to the LAB and found I was having eggs. I come to my familiar doctor and tested me and it was negative. – Last year a teacher doctor from a homeopathic Academy told me I do have parasites in my gallbladder because my right shoulder is frozen and painful. I when for a surgery and still frozen; that thing is after surgery I woke up with dried cough and phlegm in my throat it is already 4 months and I still coughing. I feel something in my throat also something move under my skin all around my body, muscle tingling, itchy dry ears, many food sensitives, gluten free, lactose free, pork allergy, and some green leaves. Now I am planning to see a homeopathic Holistic and to have those kind of test call Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) parasites test at the same time they will recommended homeopathic remedies to kill the parasites if the test come out positive, EDS test detect over 300 kind of parasites.

    After I be tested I will come back to tell perhaps I can help someone else with this info

    • Hi, I come back to give some information perhaps is helpful to someone. I when for a test call EDS and come out I do have roundworm, hookworm, giardia, and tapeworm that is why I am very sick so the Holistic put me on a remedy black-walnut wormwood and clove plus Bicom Treatment that electrocute the worms inside. I only had one treatment I feel a little better but I don’t know how many treatment I will need.

      I gave up with Medical doctor’s they are not helping me at all, the LAB know nothing about parasites so for me they are be-hind, I know more and the Lab the parasites EDS test is showing are the one I been seen in the toilet for long time ago.

      Happy cleanse to all of you – parasites are the roots of all sickness – take a good care of yourself.

  • hi there, for the last 12 months i was convened i was dieing with cancer, the pain i had was so bad. I got every test done know to man and every test came back clear, the pain i had was along the lower part of my abdomen and on my left side and a bloating sensation it was extremely painfull , at one stage i taught i was going mad the doctor kept telling me it was all in my head. i went to a homeopathy doctor and she put me on wormwood and blackwalnut medicine it worked but it took a long time to get rid off the parasites. i am felling ok now thank god…

    • Hi,

      Wanted to see how you are doing now. I just went to a doctor that put me on the same type meds.


  • My son talks about stomach pain often and a marker size thing moving up and down his throat. He is also a very nervous kind of person. Needs to drink milk often and graves sweets, and wets the bed. Are these signs of worms or something else?

  • I worm in stomach for 5years now! i eat more than 3times at night I have taken so many worm medicine but it dose not response what shall I do now please help me .

  • We need to collectively go after these doctors and medical institutions because they are letting us suffer unnecessarily… I have dealt with a bunch of these true to God idiots and they have left me and my children to suffer… I feel them everywhere especially in abundance around my knees and legs…

  • hi there is something moving in my stomach for 5years now! I have taken every medicine but I still fill it in me I use to eat 4time at night’please tell me what shall I do?

  • I thought that I was going CRAZY. Everybody told me I WAS CRAZY!!! Thank God for this site. This is what’s going on I have white thread looking worms in my face and everybody come out crazy when I see that it roundworm or something like that tips of my fingers feel like they have splinters in them what’s best solution to get rid of them please help me

  • Please I need help in have this worm moving in my body from childhood now is getting worse he moved all over my body both in my teeth and my brain

  • I have a large parasite on the right side of my head. It becomes very active and extremely painful throughout the night. It seems like it does everything to keep me from sleeping. It is very big must be a tapeworm or leach. Seems to find a spot to suck on my head. Worse when I eat something with sugar. Desperately need help and I can find a doctor who will take me seriously they won’t even diagnose or run any tests. None of the regular alternative meds work, no parasite cleansing has worked herb wise, like black walnut. Cloves. None of the rx meds have worked. I want to try homeopathic meds. Need suggestions as to which ones. Thanks! Oh yeah it poofs itself up very big and feels like my head is going to explode them it pops and goes back down. Does this all night.

    • Oy vey! This sounds horrendous! I can’t believe you can’t find a doctor to take you seriously because you’d think it could be removed surgically if you can tell exactly where it is. But it seems like more and more doctors simply want to write a perfunctory Rx and collect their money! My first thought is, it may be sugar-dependent since you say it’s worse when you eat anything with sugar. You might consider going on a juice fast, deprive it of its food so it starves to death. But don’t worry, YOU won’t starve to death, just the parasites which are often dependent on junk food. I would say juice mostly vegetables with an apple which is low-glycemic and will keep the juice from tasting bitter–and vegetables often are bitter by themselves. You’ll need to buy a juicer. Go on youtube and type in “Juicing” so you can see examples of other people doing it. Also, I read all the comments on this thread and this was the one I found the most promising so I’ll re-post it now:

      January 4, 2015 at 10:57 pm

      Stumbled upon this post, but I want to let anyone know who feels hopeless about parasites, especially worms. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It works like nothing else, it is a God send. There are great health benefits as well, its miraculous! In 2006 I was diagnosed with “Fibromyalgia” after suffering with unexplained aches and pains, and just not feeling good. 2014 after taking 2 teaspoons of DE in a glass of water for two weeks, (one in the morn, one at night), I passed a tapeworm, and some other disturbing things, I feel so much better! Suspected parasites about 4 years ago, bought a parasite 10 day cleanse, nothing. Only the DE worked, I will never stop taking this “dirt”, vital to our health and cleanliness. Good luck, I hope this will help you.

  • I am PABITRA CHOWDHURI age 27.6 , single, blood group O+ , blood test and pressure normal , form INDIA WEST BENGAL . I eat proper timely & drink water properly , no drink alcohol or smoke and any thing dengerous for health, not love eat suger. I am so thin I want to try always fatty & increase my body weight but alas I am fail everyday ! now a days my sleep proper not well at night, now a days find so many hookwarm are spread with my potty , what can I do ??

  • Cina in potency is not worms remedy but cerebro spinal convulsion seen as jerking of limbs esp fingers,Echokinesis catatonic Schizophrenia imitates movement of others,action on intestines for relief from worms is only indirect indicated by William Burt.Burt suggests for worms santonium alkaloid 1x tds.wether worms or no worms Cina is semi maniac.Raue pathology master worms create umbilical pain ravenous appetite thus intestinal irritation also irritates brain, there is no harm in going modern allopathic treatment to kill worms and later have constitutional treatment through homeopathy.extracted north american journal 1909 page 533.

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