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A Brief Intervention in a Case of Kidney Failure

chronic renal failure

A brief intervention in a kidney failure case, using a remedy based on the symptoms: desire to do business and thirstlessness. The symptoms were taken from the patient’s daughter. The doctors thought the patient would die at any time. 

Note: The author lost track of this patient during treatment and was not able to report further progress. However, it is interesting as a brief intervention.

On 25th March 2014 my maid informed me that her mother aged 61 years, was not well and was in the hospital.  She had kidney failure and could not pass urine.  The doctors thought that she would die at any time. I did not see the patient and her symptoms were given me by her daughter. I worked the case from how it was given to me by her daughter.

Her symptoms were as follows:

Fear of death

Business wants to do


Kidney failure, water retention,


Noise averse to

Feet swelling, face swelling,

Appetite wanting

Fear thunderstorm


Meat aversion

Fanned desires to be

Loquacious, family oriented, dresses well, no anger, desires sweets and sour

The remedy Bryonia alb 30c was given on 29/3/2014.  The next day she had frequent urination, a good sign that the kidneys started functioning.  Her edema decreased.

On 1/4/14 she felt better with sleep.  After a week she was discharged and back to her business in the market on 17/4/14 to sell here wares.

Bry 30 C was repeated again on 20/5/17 when she was not feeling well and her daughter said she had high blood pressure (didn’t say how high). Again on 26/6/18 the remedy was repeated: Bry 30C as she was bed ridden and did not want to go out.  On 29/6/18 she went out by herself for a prayer meeting.  I wanted to present more medical reports for this case but could not manage to get them from the patient.

I have no follow up since I’ve not seen the patient and was not able to take an in-depth case.

I chose Bryonia on  “desire to do business”, and Clarks dictionary “nephritis” and  “thirstless”  and also Phataks description  “talks of business” .

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Julius Fernandes

Julius Fernandes: I am a science undergraduate student. I retired at 45 and developed a passion for Homeopathy in early 2000. I enrolled in Naturopathy and Homeopathy courses conducted by Fr Britto, a Jesuit priest. I learnt the basics of homeopathy, studying Kent’s Repertory, H A Roberts and the Organon. I’ve read Dr Prafull Vijayakar’s books and all of Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s books. My aim is to provide homeopathy to people who cannot afford expensive medical treatments.

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