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A Case of Burping and Palpitation Treated with Bowel nosode- Dys Co

Dr. Tirtha Goradia’s finds a bowel nosode useful in an acute case.

Female patient age 73 yrs presented on 17/6/14 with:

C/C: Burping since 3 weeks since her return from a trip overseas. Loss of energy rated 8/10 and palpitations which the patient described as a “feeling of heart is jumping”.

Patient is on blood pressure medications. Patient was seen by GP and ECG was normal. Further investigations were advised which the patient refused and decided to take homoeopathic treatment. She gave very few symptoms in the first visit. The characteristic ones were:

Burping with no relief

Aversion warm water


Bowels soft

Chilly patient

Analysis: I decided to give Cinchona as an acute remedy based on the characteristic symptom: belching gives no relief and low energy levels.

Rx: Cinchona 30 x3 and follow up in 2 weeks.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Follow up: 8/7/14 : Burping slightly better but it returned when she stopped medications. This time the patient was much comfortable and it was possible to take a detailed case.

Additional information gained:


Appetite: Good

Craving: Nil

Aversions: Water In General Esp Warm

Thirst: Thirstless

Bowels:Soft, Not Formed

Urine: Nad

Sweat: Nad

Thermal: Chilly3

Menstrual/Female Complaints: Menopausal

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Living with her husband. Patient is reserved. Likes to keep herself busy. Came from poor family, worked for it and saved and made their living. Happy contented woman. Can make own decisions. She does not cry easily and does not lose temper easily.

My observation: Although patient appeared calm, there did seem to be underlying anxiety from the fact that she would call me often in regards to her health problem.



Analysis: Based on repertorisation I decided to give Pulsatilla 200.

Rx: Puls 200 liquid 5-6 drops daily.

Follow up: 22/07/14 : All symptoms were better for a while but then returned.

Stools not solid yet.

Analysis: I wanted to give more time to the remedy and as it had helped, did not want to change the remedy.

Rx: Continued Pulsatilla 200,  daily.

Follow up: 12/08/14 : Sensation of palpitation,  Nausea, reflux, bloating (basically symptoms of dyspepsia)

Stools soft


She has fibrillations and thinks it come from stomach (found this characteristic)

Additional information: Memory weak

Was quiet, shy when young

Nervous/anxious when at age of 16

Hesitant to face new people

On BP medications one tablet  50mg a day



Analysis: Based on anticipatory anxiety and dyspepsia, the patient’s words “fibrillations come from stomach”, I decided to give Argentum Nitricum 200 one dose.

Rx: Arg Nit 200M

Follow up: 9/09/14 : Energy levels better 8/10

Stools getting better

Palpitations occasional

Bloating still present

Dyspepsia still present although better

Analysis: As symptoms were getting better I continued with the same remedy

Rx: Argentum Nitricum 200 one dose

Follow up: 3/10/14 :  Patient better but then symptoms tend to return.

Analysis: From my knowledge of bowel nosodes, the fact that the client’s symptoms presented since the time she was back from overseas and stools never formed, I decided to give the bowel nosode:  Dys.Co.(Bach) and continue with the constitutional remedy.

Group remedies that are associated with Dys.Co (Bach) are Anacardium, Argentum Nitricum, Arsenic Album, Kalmia. (Allen’s Key Notes)

Patient symptom Dys.Co.(Bach) Symptom
Was quiet, shy when youngNervous/anxious during teensHesitant to face new people Anticipatory anxiety
Patient would give frequent calls in regards to her health Nervous tension
Shy and reserved shyness
Says has fibrillations and thinks come from stomach Stomach and heart area referral
Palpitations which the patient described as a “feeling of heart is jumping”. Palpitation
Heart palpitations associated with dyspepsia Nervous tension associated with digestive complaints

Rx: Dys Co 200 one dose

ArgNit 200 one dose

Follow up: 11/11/14 :  Burping much better.  Not much bloating,

Appetite normal. Thirst- normal, Sleep good, Energy levels low: 5/10

Analysis: As the bowel nosode along with associated constitutional remedy had done good, I decided to put her on SL.

Rx: SL

Follow-up 9/1/15

Patient much better. Occasionally needs a dose of Argentum Nitricum when there is return of old symptoms.

The case is an example of how effectively bowel nosodes can work when indicated.

About the author

Tirtha Goradia

Tirtha graduated as a Bachelor of Homoeopathic medicine in 1998 from the University of Mumbai, India. She has trained under some of the well known homoeopaths in the homoeopathic hospital and private clinics including Dr. Praful Vijaykar, Parle. Tirtha was paediatric house physician at Mumbai Homoeopathic hospital. Thereafter, she has also taught some medical subjects at some private health institutes. She had her private practice before coming to Perth, Australia. Tirtha has been practising homoeopathy for the last 8 years. She is AROH and AHA registered and a clinical supervisor at the homoeopathic clinic at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, Jandakot and a lecturer in homoeopathy.

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