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A Case of Disappearing Warts

Written by Rochelle Marsden

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This is a recent case of mine that shows just how fast homeopathy can work to the delight of the patient.

13th February 2007
Background: This 7 yr old girl presented as a slightly stocky child, with long blond hair and lots of gaps in her teeth. She had large lips and quite a few warts between her upper lip and nose and around her mouth.  She has very blue sclerotics. When she answered a question she was in deep thought with concentration about it first. She has had all her vaccinations with no adverse reactions.

Presenting complaint – warts

The warts started on her hands at age 4 and they came on her face 9 -10 months ago. The ones, mostly on the back of her hands are raised, flesh coloured and dry looking. Some have joined up. There are also some on her fingers and one growing down her nail. On her face they grow down with octopus like protrusions (filiform warts). They are more like very large skin tags.  The only thing mum has had success with is putting a plaster over them to drive out the oxygen when they do die. She has tried silver nitrate, tea tree, banana skin, Wartner, and herbal tablets which by the description sound like Thuja 6 which she took for 3 weeks. The doctor attempted to freeze off one but the child was in too much pain.

She has 3 Molluscum spots down her right side at about chest level.

In the past she had cauliflower like verrucas which went away on their own in 2 weeks.

“People talk about them and it bothers me because they say it again.”

She likes school and her favourite subject is Literacy. “I like writing about Greek Myths. I like Hercules best because he is different. I like the 12 labours and him fighting a lion with his bare hands.”

“I like fairy tales”

TV – “I like Spongebob and Squarepants as it is funny.”

“I am friendly, a bit funny and kind.”

Mum says she is very honest, sensitive, pensive, thoughtful and deep thinking. She is kind-hearted, generous and worries about things. She doesn’t like thinking people could be hurt or upset as this would bother her. She daydreams.

Daydreams – “About things I like, friends and family and having parties. I like parties as you don’t have to worry about things.”

Worries – “If someone was hurt and I know them I think what if I’ve hurt them? If I’ve been playing with them and they’ve gone off and I haven’t known why they have gone off.”

“If someone is upset I would go over and see if they wanted to play with me.”

She never says “no” when asked to help in the house but she is untidy.

Fears – spiders
–         going in haunted houses
–         the dark  (doesn’t want the door shut at night)
–         Something might happen to people she knows.

Food – pasta in tomato sauce, more savoury than sweet, spicy, likes oranges
Dislikes mushrooms, tender stem broccoli.

Drinks – orange juice -thirsty

Anger – not often and usually about her younger brother and a toy.

Sad – if falls over

Cry- wants cuddles except if in a mood with brother when she will storm off.

Illnesses – chickenpox, not many coughs and colds. Gets temperatures 3 or 4 times a year which seems to be after late nights. Last year she was in hospital for a night when she had severe vomiting with purple patches and a sore neck. They said it was vulva vaginitis but mother wasn’t convinced!!! She does get bouts of cystitis which go very quickly from drinking cranberry juice and lots of water.

“I go to clubs- tap, ballet and drama. Also after school club and sign language!

Temperature – feels the cold

Not frightened of thunderstorms

Company – seems happier with people around.

Starts easily

Dislikes arguing and confrontation, she tends to be a peacemaker.

Dreams – of Thumbelina or Goldilocks or Beauty and the Beast. “They are playing in a garden or going on a picnic.”

3 wishes – To have our dog trained to have a nicer garden
– To be tidy
– To be like Thumbelina

Birth – straight forward, breast fed for 3 days. Mum had a wart when she was pregnant on her finger which went as soon as she gave birth. The pregnancy was a surprise but both parents were very happy about it. Mum’s state of mind was shock, panic, excitement and happiness which she describes as very mixed emotions and the child’s arrival was the best thing to happen in both parents’ lives.

Walked – 13 months
Teeth – late 14 months
Talk – early 9 months

Sleep – at one point it was difficult to get to sleep for a couple of hours and she used to come down.

She used to want to know what food was made of.

Family Medical History
Dad – mild Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Grandparents – Hypertension, agoraphobia
Aunt – bowel cancer


On reading Causticum out of Catherine Coulter’s  book  “Homeopathic Sketches of Children’s Typesto Mum, she was most impressed that this was the correct remedy so I decided to start with this. Most significant to me was the fact of Mum’s wart on her finger during pregnancy which disappeared after the birth.   I also thought about Carcinosin because the blue sclerotics and family history and how mum described her.

Prescription– Causticum 30 , 3 doses in 24 hours provided there is no reaction to any of the doses. I dose like this with a 30 potency to make sure the remedy gets into the body and it doesn’t matter if one dose it antidoted with food, toothpaste etc.

Follow Up 1
21st March 2007
The warts on her face are going fast. There is an amazing improvement. Both Mum and the child are thrilled. The big ugly ones from over her lip have gone. There are a couple left that are ½ the size as they were.

The warts on her hand are going down. Mum says they are much flatter.

The wart on her eyelid has shrunk. The one that looks like a skin tag is still there.

Mum said that she has been more weepy

Acute – sickness and diarrhoea bug she had last week she caught from her brother. It didn’t last long and wasn’t treated. Her brother had it for twice as long.

There has been an issue at school. “I don’t like numeracy. We were playing a game of math bingo. All the boys were shouting out the answer and I didn’t know the answer and I was upset.” Mum continued to say that there was a lot of rowdiness in the class and the child went white in the face and burst out crying. She also told me that it was like a panic attack and that she was worried for her daughter as panic attacks ran in the family.

“Because it was so noisy my brain wouldn’t work.”

We did a lot of EFT on this problem + reframes and got the problem down to a 0.

No cystitis

She still had dry lips

Not thirsty

The Causticum has done very well. I decide to repeat because of the acute she has had and because Mum reckoned that she had reached a plateau in that the remaining warts weren’t changing any more. It is interesting that an acute illness she had caught resolved overnight whereas the same bug took 3 days and Arsenicum to resolve it in her brother who is yet to get a constitutional remedy. Mother who caught the same bug took Arsenicum 30 immediately and had no further problems.

Causticum 30 – one dose.

2nd May 2007
Her face looks amazingly clear. There is one wart still on the eyelid. There is the remains of the first wart to appear on her face below her nose.  The evidence of warts on her hands have nearly all gone and there are none by her nails now. A tiny wart/molluscum came up on her lower eyelid a few weeks ago but that is now much smaller.

Mum says that there was more change in the last 2 weeks than when I gave the last dose of the remedy 4 weeks ago.

She is generally happier and has no problems about numeracy lessons at school now. She was made star of the class in numeracy last ½ term because of this big improvement.

Her confidence is better with her swimming. She is not so easily put out generally and there have been no tears. There is an improved belief in herself.

The dry lips have improved.

She has her first communion on Sunday and mum was saying before she came for homeopathy how wonderful it would be if her face was better for this occasion.

The warts seem to be going in accordance with Hering’s Law as the first to arrive – those on her hands – are proving to be the last to go completely.
Mum thinks the remedy is still working so I don’t intend to repeat at this stage. I have told mum to tell me if any more warts or molluscum appear. She still has the original 3 under her arm and mum isn’t at all bothered about them!! It will be interesting to see if when the warts completely go these also go.

None at this moment.

August 2007

As of this moment the child’s skin is clear – no warts to be seen or even any evidence that they were there!!


Rochelle Marsden MSc RSHom MNWCH – Registered Homeopath and EFT (Advanced) Practitioner.
Rochelle practises in Southport, Merseyside, UK and her website can be viewed at

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