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A Case of Hairfall

Written by Aradhana Chitra

Dr. Aradhana Chitra presents a case of hair loss solved with periodic table.

hair-loss-frontal.jpgName: Mr. R.

Age: 24 yrs

Date: 01-04-2015

Chief Complaint: Hairfall (Homeopathy for Hair Loss) since 2014


  • What is your problem?

I feel my hair is becoming thin. I want thickness of hair.

I have been using professional shampoo, Indulekha oil, it has not helped.

Thickness is more in the back but I want it in front.

  • Since when do you have this problem?

It’s been happening since quite some time. I want my hair to grow

  • What is your feeling about it?

It’s just that it does not look very good from front and then what people will think especially because I have been a son of a Film Star. So being a star’s son it’s expected that I also need to look good.

  • Have you been under any Stress?

Yes, Stress of my job is running over my head

  • Tell me about that.

Job is stressful especially because of the kind of job that I am in. I say this because, it’s not easy to get this kind of a job. This is the kind of job I always wanted. It feels nice to be selected in this company for this kind of job. Not all get this opportunity to be in this kind of work profile because it has the topmost certification in the world. I had always had a dream to be a part of this job. It is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. People dream to have this kind of job. If we talk about Bangalore as WIFI city then it is about us, it is about the network

  • What is your feeling having this job?

To be in such kind of job, you feel you have achieved the dream. It feels your life is settled. People are now seeing me getting obsessed with my job.

  • What makes you say that your job is stressful then?

I am just a beginner. I do not know at times what to do next. I have to satisfy my boss. He gives me a target and time limit. I need to show my work to the manager or elders at the end of the day and my work needs to be appreciated so when I am not able to do things and don’t know at times and it is in doubt, I feel miserable and I try to reach the level of my elder team members where I too would know everything and don’t feel dependent on others. Till I feel independent I keep having doubts. There will be a time when I can equalize myself to them.

  • What do you mean by equalize myself?

It is about the process of working. Now I am 60% dependent on my manager but gradually through the work process the dependence comes down.

  • Dependence means?

I want some help before I feel I can do something completely on my own. I need help to get a solution.

  • Help comes from?

Help comes from those who can guide you

  • Guide means?

Guide means someone who can help me and tell me what’s right or wrong, what path should I take next, how I can get the solution to my problem.

  • If you don’t get help, what will happen?

I get help but it takes some time. When I don’t get help I become anxious, I lose my patience and I also get fear that, what if I don’t satisfy the customer.

  • Satisfy Means?

It was dream to do this job and achieve success. I don’t want that black spot in my career. Even if I know the solution, I wait for the guidance to satisfy my manager

  • Guidance Means?

Learning a lot, learning new stuff, making my future bright, broadening my chances of career. Once I had fractured my hand. The movements were restricted. I used to think about it very much that I need exercise and build my muscles to be strong. Only if it comes back to normal activity, but all of sudden it happened that I was double minded, I got confused between my job and my body. My manager had called to resume my job. I did not know which one to choose. At this point somebody should guide you. I need some assistance to train me to get out of this.

  • What will happen if you don’t get the guidance?

I think what to do, what to do next. When you don’t get HELP from the colleagues, there are multiple routes, I will not know which route to follow and start finding out the other way. I get very confused. I think a lot of what else can I do

  • What will happen if you do things without guidance?

I don’t like trying. I think why they can’t help. Why can’t somebody even help or appreciate. I can do things on my own but I don’t want to waste time in finding solutions. Everybody is unique. My colleague is not ready to do research but I am ready to do research. I need help. If you teach me, it’s more easier for me. They should guide me in the right path. When you are into research you will be stuck somewhere. Then I ask someone for help. Whenever I am stuck I ask people. I will ask again and again.

  • What is the feeling when you say “Asking again and again”?

I don’t like doing it. I can do it myself by growing to their level but for that I need guidance. But people are not ready to help

  • How do you feel when people don’t help?

I get angry. I feel people are lacking in something. Even if they are educated they are not ready to help. They don’t have the feeling to help a colleague. I feel these people are not interested to encourage.

  • How do you feel when encouraged?

That moment is awesome. Feels that you are doing a right job. It can lift your pride. It helps in growing and learning. In quick success of time, you will be somewhere high.

  • What does high mean?

For me, being in this company is a big thing. My dream was to become or to be in a high post.

  • Which is that high post?


  • Why CEO?

You are in charge of a whole world. I don’t like to work under somebody. In this case, every person will be UNDER MY CONTROL.

Always since childhood, in whichever sports I take up the management position. I feel I am comfortable in managing people. I feel God has given me that power.

  • Do you believe in God?

Yes! I go outside to PREACH

I am a singer, I am a drummer. I guide around 60 Singers. I TEACH them. When I do something like that, my heart feels good.

  • How does it feel to manage people?

My Father is a Film Artist. He maintained the whole family. I had to become like him. There are 100 families in Bangalore. I feel, I should help all of them even though they are not my blood relatives.

  • What are the qualities of your father that you admire?


He never speaks about someone else



He always says that God is watching over you. When I ask for something he tells me, “go sit and pray and you will get it.” For me everything should happen in the right situation.

  • What is dad’s position for you?


  • Why Maharaja? What does that mean to you?

He is over everything. He is guidance. He listens to someone’s pain and helps out. People see me as a BIG person as I am a son of a film artist but I feel I am working in a small company compared to my dad who is a film actor.

  • What do you like about the film industry?

I don’t like film industry. I have not watched many films. Film is not my liking

  • What is the difference between your job and film actor?

Nobody is there to control. Nothing like a public figure. You get the privacy. You don’t get this enjoyment in film industry. I can reach to a position where my dad is now, by staying in this stream itself.

  • What made you interested in this stream?

It’s been made as my interest. It is all about my future. Doing something for better. To grow in life.

  • What does growing mean?

Means to settle down in life.

  • Any other physical problem, that you suffer from?

I feel very very hungry. Because of the work I can not have food properly. I get irritated if I miss my breakfast. Just to get good feedback and to satisfy my job I just carry on without having anything. But I feel HUNGRY. I even have lack of sleep due to this work. Even if I want to sleep, I can’t sleep. Always I get up at 4 with hunger. I feel very hungry. After eating I feel better, even the stress level comes down. I have to sleep after eating



  • Guidance, need for
  • Appreciation, Want of
  • Angry, If ego is hurt, Feels insulted
  • Lack of confidence
  • Attention seeking



  • mind; DREAMS; guidance or advice, seeking (3) *
  • mind; DREAMS; guided, being (1) *
  • mind; HAUGHTY, pride (108) *
  • mind; CONFIDENCE; want of self (269) *
  • mind; CONFUSION of mind (662) *
  • generalities; FASTING, hunger; agg. (205)



Theme of the Case: Feel as if I am not appreciated by the very person whom I depend on for guidance while finding solutions, performance, and research.

Kingdom is MINERAL: As there is a feeling of inadequacy, dependence while performing his job which demands uniquenss, achievement, new research, and solutions.

His chief complaint is hair loss where he is bothered about the opinion what people would have and impression that he would create on others. Also the feeling of being in one of the best and highest paid companies points towards Sulphur (false ego and pride) and row 3 (issue of identity and what impression others have about me).

His feelings of not being able to deliver, confusion, dependence and need for help in his company during times of decision points to column 2 and special need for guidance, encouragement especially for the job ( structure/issue) which requires research, finding solutions, high performance points to ROW 5 . He wants to be CEO of his company, also like his FATHER –a FILM STAR, MAHARAJA, people who are famous, achievers, leaders, unique, high end performers , public figures and also his passion for teaching others, singing, points to people who have special skills and talents and then the NEED to GUIDE. Maharaja – his father who is a film star also GUIDE and teaches others, points to ROW 5, people who are leaders and talented guides and leads people . Also the feeling of being unappreciated, put down and condemned is SULPHUR and especially by those whom he depends on for guidance, performance in job, finding solutions, research, points towards STRONTIUM SULPH .



Did not have Strontium sulph 1M so gave Strontium sulph 30 /BD

The remedy for the case was STRONTIUM SULPH and Potency 1M as the case is much at a deeper level of experience.   I was not able to procure Strontium sulph 1m, so I chose to give Strontium sulph 30 repeatedly twice a day along with Strontium Carb 1M, as Strontium was the more important part of the salt and was available in 1m potency.



01/4/2015——- Strontium sulph 30/ BD…. Strontium carb 1m/ 4 powders once a week.

29/4/2015——- Hairfall reduced around 50% . repeated same as above.

28/5/2015——- hairfall stopped and hair texture feeling much better.

Strontium sulph 30 /BD and strontium carb 1M/2 powders once in 15 days .

26/6/2015——- hair feeling much better. Hair in front feeling much better in terms of texture and thickness………….. strontium sulph 30/OD and Strontium carb 1m/ 1 powder


7th August 2015 – The patient visited me again. His improvement still continues as his hair fall has completely stopped now. He finds the texture of his hair improving along with the thickness of it. He seemed quite happy and said that this improvement has made him more confident about himself in terms of his looks as well in his overall being. He feels less stressed now in terms of his work and is quite hopeful.

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Aradhana Chitra

Dr. Aradhana Chitra (BHMS, CCAH) has been an active homeopathic practitioner and has also been involved in education for over 20 yrs. As a practitioner, she consults at RxDx Teleradiology, a multi-specialty center in Bangalore, a charity clinic for the under privileged, as well as the nationwide clinic, a multi-center medical network across India. Dr. Chitra heads the Bangalore satellite center of “The Other Song” academy, a world renowned homeopathic research and education institution. She has successfully conducted advanced courses like CCAH, FCAH and Masters Program, held every year at the Bangalore satellite centre. She has also mentored doctors of “Dr. Batra’s Clinic”, by imparting specialist training and guiding them in solving difficult and complicated cases. She has treated cases related to autoimmune diseases like psoriasis, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, allergies, asthmas, bronchitis, eczema, migraines, osteoarthritis, psychological problems, OCD’s, Ulcerative colitis and others.


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